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Unless you follow me on Instagram, when you last saw the milk paint landscape mural in the dining room, it was just getting started with the watery Lucketts Green base for the land.  Well, Friday it was hot as the blazes here in Rochester, MN (heat index of 104), so we all hung out inside and I had a lot of time to work on the landscape mural.  I wasn’t planning on being able to finish it, but the work went quicker than I expected and the boys were content for long stretches, so I got it all done!

And here it is…

landscape mural | milk paint | miss mustard seed

(Remember that the furniture isn’t done, yet!)

landscape mural | milk paint | miss mustard seed

(Or the butler’s pantry!  You can see it finished HERE.)

landscape mural | milk paint | miss mustard seed

landscape mural | milk paint | miss mustard seed

landscape mural | milk paint | miss mustard seed

As I shared in my first post about the mural, this was inspired by Susan Harter’s mural style mixed with a hint of Rufus Porter in the folk-feeling of the trees.

I am so pleased with how it turned out.  It’s soft and has a custom look that’s elegant, but not too fussy.  It’s just what this dining room needed to make it special.  While we don’t use the dining room a lot, it is a room that you can see from the foyer, kitchen, stairs, etc., so I want it to catch your eye from those sight lines.

As I shared in my previous post, I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint for this mural, which was a bit of an experiment.  I’ve painted with it plenty, of course, but nothing on this large scale with these specific techniques.  Since I was sort of making it up and testing ideas as I went along, I didn’t film or photograph a full tutorial, but only stopped to snap photos here and there.  It’s something, but not quite enough to make a comprehensive tutorial.  I am planning to go back, though, and film some brush strokes that made up the trees, grasses, etc. and also share how I got the look of the soft gray sky.  So, just hang tight for that if you want to replicate this and you need a bit of direction.  I’ll also share the details of the color recipes for each element.

As a flyover, I used Lucketts Green, Boxwood, Linen, Kitchen Scale, and Shutter Gray.  I did add a bit of acrylics to the milk paint for the tree trunks (Burnt Umber added to Linen and Lucketts Green) and some foreground grasses (French Ultramarine and Cadmium Yellow to Lucketts Green and Boxwood) to get the colors a little stronger.

More details on the how-to of the mural soon.

Until then, it’s given me great motivation to finish the rest of the dining room.  First off, I will finally be refinishing and painting the table.  I actually have a date with one of my friends from church who needs to refinish a table as well.  She has never done it before, so I invited her to bring hers over and we can refinish our tables together.

I also removed the doors of the primitive hutch  and I will be repainting it, to give it a cleaner look.  I love this piece, but the distressed paint finish and the color don’t work in this house, sadly.  I thought about selling it and buying a different hutch, but I already have this one and the shape and size are good for that location.  It just needs some tweaking.

primitive blue hutch | milk paint | miss mustard seed

I’ll also be working on the butler’s pantry, putting a cord cover on the chandelier and hopefully finding a mirror to hang over the buffet.  I’m not sure if the buffet might be painted or if I’ll swap it out for something else.  It depends on how it looks once everything else is done.  The size is right, though, so I’d like to make it work.

landscape mural | milk paint | miss mustard seed

I’m also contemplating the side chairs.  They have been raw for a few years and I’m not sure I want to paint or stain them, but they sort of blend in with the floor right now.  Maybe they just need a cushion?  Maybe swap them out for chairs you can actually sit in without fear of falling through the cane?

All things to think about, but now that the landscape mural is done, this room is well on the way…

milk paint landscape mural | reveal

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135 Comments on “milk paint landscape mural | reveal”

  1. WOW! This is beyond words. I know I’ll watch the tutorial, but there is no way I could never paint a mural. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. So beautiful! The mural makes me feel like I’m in a story book in the best way possible! 🙂 such a special room… I loved the preview of the painted hutch!

  3. Wow is right! This is a showstopper, Marian. I would be sitting in that room all day LOL. The colors are so serene and dreamy. Just beautiful.

  4. That is so soft & lovely! Dinner in your dining room will be so special, even if it’s Spaghetti O’s! Your talents continue to amaze; thanks for making me think (for half a second) that I too, could replicate that!

  5. Now everyone in your area will want a mural like this on one of their walls—–yes so beautiful. What a talent you have. I would love to be able to draw/paint like this—-choosing colors would be hard even if I could achieve.

  6. It really turned out beautiful! I love the colors and the softness of it. I also love the buffet color with it. I have always wanted a mural with my home painted in the background. I think this is probably my favorite project of yours!

    Regarding a mirror, you might want to check out Anthropologie’s Primrose mirror in gold. It has a beautiful vintage look that might look wonderful in here and it comes in larger sizes.

    I also checked out Susan’s mural wallpapers. They are exquisite as well.

  7. Oh WOW, so awesome…. i am very much looking forward to the tutorial on the brushstrokes. This is something I might want to try out in our “wintergarden” (that´s how we call it in germany). It´s like your studio space, only built like a half-timbered house like we have a lot here in europe. We only use the room in spring, summer and fall as long as it´s warm enough ´cause it´s a cold room, but I think a mural like that would be super super beautiful for the wall spaces between the laid open timber beams.

  8. Oh, wow, Marian, it’s beautiful! (Knew it would be.) God has certainly gifted you with artistic talent. I so enjoy how you just go for it, you inspire me. You may be getting asked to do similar work for homes in your area… perhaps your own line of wallpaper is in the future?

  9. This is stunning! I love how you just go for it, and it always turns out so, so well. When I think of all you have done to your house in just a year, I’m blown away. Pretty soon there will be nothing left to do…but if that happens and you get bored, my house is only an hour from you 😉

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! wow, you did a fantastic job and it’s definitely an eye-catcher. I like the cabinet without doors, can’t wait to see how you paint it. You’re getting a lot of great projects done!

  11. Absolutely beautiful.I have seen some homes featured in magazines, huge million dollar ones, and this mural is prettier than any of those.

  12. Lovely! Please do a little tutorial when you make your chandelier’s cord cover? I’ve been trying to figure one out for my own use. Thanks!

  13. This is absolutely beautiful and is giving me inspiration for a wall in my dining room. (Although mine will have to be wallpaper, I can’t paint). It really took that room to a whole different level.

  14. I love the softness of your chosen colors. It’s just lovely. Please don’t ever part with the hutch. We had one in the kitchen of our old house. The people who purchased the home from us begged us to leave it for them and since it was their first home and they had a tight budget I did. A few months later a friend told me they broke the cabinet apart and tossed it.

  15. I knew it would be beautiful but…..this is beyond….so so pretty, you must be kiddy at how beautiful it is. I can’t stop looking at it and the new colour of the hutch, perfect.

  16. Wow, Marian, this is just gorgeous! You are so talented!
    I have a hutch I want to paint, so I can’t wait for the details when you paint yours. I love following you on Instagram and reading your blog. Thanks for sharing all your projects with us!

  17. oh wow, you have once again displayed your talent and brilliance! I did go look at the blog you linked to and said you were inspired by and they are also magnificent! But you did an equally stunning job and I am beyond envious of such a room!!

  18. Beautiful. You have come full circle as murals was your first thought for your business way back when. This is stunning. Mom

  19. Beautiful!
    What if you switched out the chairs along the wall for something more on a bench style…..?

  20. I wouldn’t put anything over the buffet, it’s gorgeous with just the mural there. It gives your eye a chance to look off into the distance and wonder what is there.

  21. Stunning Marian. I love murals in dining rooms. My friend has a hand painted one (by a professional) and I envy it whenever I am in the room. How perfect for this room. You’re inspirational. Love following your journey.
    Best. Debbie

  22. You never cease to amaze me! This is simply gorgeous!! It’s a so creative and beautiful! And it shows off the versatility of your paint line. Bravo!

  23. Everybody already used up all the good words, but I’ll just add that this is the kind of room treatment that will still be there decades from now because who would ever DREAM of painting over it!? You have turned an ordinary run-of-the-mill room into the perfect jewel in the center of your house!

  24. Marian this is absolutely gorgeous! I would never leave my dining room if it looked like this!
    As far as your other furniture…. with the hutch painted and the table painted, I might suggest leaving the buffet alone – it’s wood tone is playing very nicely with the trunks of the trees (at least on my computer screen!). Also it’s a bit of a feng shui thing… not too much of any one element. Can’t wait to see what you do with it all!!

  25. Beautiful! It literally brought tears to my eyes! How did you get it done so quickly! Kudos to you! Look forward to seeing your technique and tutorial! Thank you! Heidi from Ohio

  26. I love those cane chairs and would gladly take them off your hands if I didn’t live hundreds of miles away! Cushions would definitely resolve concern over crashing through the cane, though….

    And that mural – absolutely gorgeous. I think what I love most now is that you have so many options for that butler’s pantry redo. Before, all I saw was white or blue, but now I see green or pale yellow or bleached or even a pattern background… man, the options are almost endless.

    Some days reading your blog is like waking up on Christmas morning and finding that one thing you’ve been wanting for months and months… I love how confident you’ve become in your skill as an artist. Look what you did!

  27. The mural is exquisite! I’d refinish the table, put cushions in those beautiful as they are chairs and call it a day…

  28. That is the most beautiful wall treatment I have seen in my life. You inspire me to try this in my hall.

  29. Your mural looks lovely.

    Question: From what I have read on your website, a major property of milk paint is that it will flake off of furniture pieces to the extent that you have to seal the paint to stop the flaking process. Now I read that you used milk paint to paint a mural on your dining room walls. How are you going to prevent this milk paint from flaking off the walls?

  30. Just simply stunningly! Your vision for this room is spot on and the mural is perfect for the room. I love the current buffet and the raw chairs with cushions will be lovely. Gosh- it just looks incredible!!

  31. So beautiful and elegant! Looks very French country and reminds me of painted murals that I’ve seen at bed and breakfasts in beautiful Gettysburg! Such talent!

  32. Marian
    This is truly lovely….so soft….just wonderful. Reminds me of Europe

    Please do post some pointers when you can….I didn’t know you could mix milk paint with acrylic…

    Again magnifico

  33. Oh my goodness! Marian, I LOVE it! That is absolutely beautiful and exactly the statement your room needed. I am envious and wish I had a place for something like that!

    Not that you asked, but I would recommend painting the frame to look similar to the other chairs at your table. You could leave the caning natural and put a lightweight plywood piece on the seat and cover it or make a cute skirt similar to the others.

  34. Well it is just excellent. How you just whip these things out so fast I’ll never know. Be prepared for locals requesting your services once they see it!

  35. You’ve done some beautiful work through the years….but this is my all time, forever, favorite!! Stunning!! Simple Elegance! It’s what I love most about your style!! Thank you for sharing!!

  36. Hurrah! I’m so glad you went for it and did it yourself. It’s really lovely. What a great combo of Rufus Porter and a little bit of my style and a whole lot of your own peerless look! So fun to see that your did it with your milk paint, too! And you painted it so quickly! Fabulous all around.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. This is such a gracious comment and a lovely endorsement of your talent, Marian. Susan, you are a class act! Your wallpapers are to die for, and one of these days when I get my dream home, they will be used in my bedroom. I already know what the whole thing is going to look like, and a mural of your papers are a major element, probably THE major element! Surely the foundation that the room will be built around!

  37. It’s absolutely gorgeous, I love your soft touch!
    I’ve studied and researched Rufus Porter for years, and have collected lots of info because I gravitate towards and love the time period they were in 1700’s to 1800’s, love the styles of that beautiful era!
    OF INTEREST…check out Jonathan D. Poor, Rufus Porter taught him! he was a nephew and apprenticed.
    Jonathan’s works are quite beautiful, and very similar to Rufus Porter you almost can’t tell them apart, but in my opinion I’d say Jonathan D. Poor was a bit more refined & detailed…( but I do love both of their work, so similar!)
    I’ve painted smaller scale works after Rufus Porter, never so soft as this, but I LOVE this look, you accomplished one of my fav’s. and also, another favorite (same softness because it’s monochromatic) is Martha Stewart’s wall mural like a Rufus Porter style all the way up her staircase in her house at Turkey Hill….always loved it, also monochromatic but busier…more details. If you google “Turkey Hill stair case mural Martha Stewart” it comes up. Martha Stewart/Marian Parsons….in the same sentence, yep..! Beautiful classic work Marian!!!

  38. Your talents, style, and tastes in decorating just blow me out of the water! The mural is stunning, and you should be so happy with the way it turned out. A masterpiece for sure!!!

  39. Breath taking gorgeous!!!!!! You are so very talented!!!!!! …..and you seem to be such a nice person too!!!
    This is truly AMAZING!!!!!! You are a modern day Michelangelo!!!! Hey….what about clouds on the ceiling!!???
    My vote is to NOT refinish the buffet. The tone is lovely with the mural as well as maybe too many painted (color)
    pieces in the room. It also appears to have quartered-sawed wood which is very special and shouldn’t be covered up.
    Love all you do….keep going!!!!

  40. Please don’t paint the buffet — or the table. The two pieces go together so well and provide relief from all the other painted surfaces. I know you love paint, and you do it so well, but sometimes it’s best to let the wood shine!

    Good job on the mural!

  41. Rufus would be proud………. I love the softness of your colors. I like the cained chairs just as they are.
    A nice cushion would be nice too.

    Rufus too worked very quickly moving on to the next house and the next neighborhood. He mixed his own
    paints as well.

  42. the mural is absolutely perfect — as you say – suits your style! Re: your side chairs: they really draw the eye into the corner with the tree in the mural — love the idea of leaving as is but just adding a cushion. Can’t wait to see future developments

  43. This is by far my favorite of a lot of favorites you have done. I’m gob-smacked! Are you keeping the sideboard that color- it would lend itself to a dark stain which might be more in keeping with the mural. Either way- the room is wonderful- good for you!

  44. My upholsterer (I do not have your skills) – is an artist – I come to her with half cocked ideas all the time and she always finds a way to make them work better than I could’ve imagined – I have a few cane bottomed pieces and she actually made me loose cushions that actually have a board in the bottom – she measures carefully to make sure it fits on the wood frame of the seat bottoms – voila, cane bottom chairs and benches you can actually sit on –

  45. GORGEOUS – I wish I knew how to paint! You could sit in the dining room and just dream the day away. Can you come to my house?

    Gina in Southern California

  46. I always thought your milk paint colors would work great for a mural like this. I have been a fan of Rufus Porter for many years and always wanted a room I could paint his style mural in but never did have one. It is the perfect touch to your dining room. I am so glad you did this and shared it.

  47. A most EXTRAORDINARY “folk feel” mural. Tracy’s idea for a board in the cushion of side chair is surely worth considering. And, I favor a mirror over the unpainted buffet because it will become a lovely finishing touch. You’re my inspiration on Camano Island.

  48. OMG it is fabulous and magical! Your talent never ceases to amaze me! It makes your dining room and house extraordinary. I cannot say enough so enough said. BEAUTIFUL…..

  49. Wow! Wow! Wow! You are so talented! It is exactly what this room needed. I love those chairs but you really should either fix them or get new side chairs that you can use!

  50. Love the mural. I would paint the buffer and definitely add cushions to the chairs. Love your designs, been a fan for years.

  51. Beautiful job, Marian!

    I love those side chairs–the shape and color are so elegant. But I see what you mean about the caned seats not being suited for much use. Pillows would be nice, both for color and protection of the seats, but I don’t see a place on the chairs where you could tie the pillows on so they aren’t always sliding off. Maybe you’d have to make a tie that went clear around the chair back and tied. I’ll be interested to see what you decide.

  52. WOW!!! What you did is over the top BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s just BEAUTIFUL! No other words I can find. What a talent you are!! Congrats…. you should feel proud of such a wonderful room!!

  53. Amazing, soft, quiet, & non-busy in Miss Mustard Seed COLOR! Yet it does everything you described before we could see it. ‘Love your brain & imagination!

  54. Marian, what a lovely job you did in painting that gorgeous mural. It’s just so beautiful! How nice it will be to sit in your dining room, while having a meal together with family and friends, and just enjoy those lovely surroundings! God has given you such a wonderful gift! You are truly amazing! May God continue to bless you and make you a blessing to all those who read your posts! Thanks, once again, for sharing your gorgeous mural with us. Blessings! Have a great week!

  55. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Love it!! I think a cushion in a colour from the mural would tie the cane chairs to the floor and mural beautifully. I understand the desire for a mirror over the buffet, BUT it would cover the beautiful mural! Agree – tweaking the hutch colour would help it complement the new room decor. Wondering…are there any trees, grasses, etc. hiding behind the hutch. If so, maybe you’d like to show them off too. You are so talented, and an incredible inspiration – thank you!

  56. This is so perfect! I’m in awe. Your interior design just keeps getting better and better. I didn’t know it was possible.

  57. From 18th century murals I’ve seen on DIY shows, it appears your mural needs more green interesting middle-ground action. You have forefront and background. Middle seems missing? Just a thot. It will be fabulous when. I stand in awe at your talent.

  58. Your room is soooo beautiful I can’t imagine that I am even saying this. Please don’t take it wrong, but have you ever thought of painting the switch plate and outlet covers to make them disappear? That and lamp cords are just a my problem. I really love all of your work. Color me a big fan.

  59. Oh my goodness! that is amazingly beautiful. You did a wonderful job. I envy your painting ability. God bless.

  60. Marian,
    There are no words left to describe your wall mural. It reminds me of early Americana, but also Europe. Lovely colors and subject matter without being too busy. The eye travels from one item to the next without being overwhelmed. Love it! Super job.


  61. Marian, the room is just gorgeous with that mural! You did an amazing job. I’d LOVE to know how you achieved that “soft focus” look to it, it makes everything so dreamy, almost like one has been kidnapped by the fae and taken to their world. The colors are just so pretty, your color “recipe” would be much appreciated. I *love* that you used your own milk paints to create this beautiful work! Did you use bonding agent?

    I’m with other who’ve said to keep the buffet in its natural state. It’s a beautiful piece as-is and I think it looks lovely with the “wood elements” in the mural. The cane chair would be perfect with seat cushions, I like the idea up-thread of using a fabric covered thin piece of plywood over the cane to reinforce the seat area.

  62. Hi Maria, just stunning! You are so talented. I could never do this, but if you ever come out with wallpaper murals, that I could do!

  63. Wow, you certainly finished that project quickly! And it looks wonderful.
    I’m partial to painted furniture, but that buffet looks very pretty just the way it is. Maybe a light colored table runner on the buffet top would lighten it up.
    I like the blue cupboard, have blue and white china, so I think it looks very pretty in your home, at least in the photos. It will be a lovely dining room to linger over dinner!

  64. The mural looks lovely. I love the hutch and would sell the buffet before I would sell the hutch.

  65. I like the way you do things when it’s comes to you. Such a beautiful wall. The mural is so calming. Can’t wait to see the next thing you magically transform into something beautiful!

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