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A few months ago, I was browsing around on Etsy and found a simple linen dress that looked comfy, but stylish.  I ordered two.  They are now a wardrobe staple for me and I’ve added more linen dresses to the mix.

I also started working with that Etsy shop, Linenbees as a blog sponsor.

The shop is run by a mother-daughter team in Latvia and each garment is tailor-made for the buyer.  I love pulling something out of the package, knowing it will fit me perfectly.


One of my favorites right now is this simple black Linen Dress.  I paired it with some leggings and an 1800’s petticoat (isn’t that lace to-die-for?)  The boots are from Timberland and the necklace is Lucy’s Inspired.

A bit Little House on the Prairie?  Maybe.  But I feel good in it, so I’m okay if some people think it’s eccentric.  I am “artsy” after all and you can get away with a lot under that label!

I was painting in this outfit the other day, so I also wore the Linen Pinafore Apron.  I love this style of apron and the fact that it generously covers what I’m wearing.


And Linenbees has started making home decor linens as well.  I got some Heavy Linen Striped Tea Towels from their new line…

And some linen pillow cases with lace trim

Everything is beautiful and so well made.

And, they are offering a giveaway!  100 Euros (or the equivalent in your currency) to spend in their shop!

To enter, just visit the Linenbees Etsy shop and browse around.  Come back to this post and leave a comment letting me know what you would buy with 100 Euros (it equals about $120 USD).

The giveaway will close Friday, October 13, 2017, at midnight PST.

Good luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Linenbees.  I received products from their shop in exchange for this post.  I am a customer as well and shop from them regularly.  All words and opinions are my own.


Linenbees Giveaway

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1,012 Comments on “Linenbees Giveaway”

  1. The maxi dress in rhat beautiful blue! What a great find this company is. Love that you added the lace slip, too!

  2. It is extremely difficult to pick just one thing! I’d pick the long linen dress with short sleeves. I am so short, 4”11 and I’ve never owned a long dress that was made for me! How amazing! What a greatness giveaway! Thank you!

  3. I would live to buy the linen shirt w the high neck. I work with young children and antiques. It would be a comfy , classy natural look for school and for the shop. A splurge of happiness and comfort!

  4. The linen shirt with a ruffle caught my eye. I would never have found this shop on my own. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity for the giveaway. However I might just have to splurge on this tunic.

  5. Love the linen button up blouse with ruffle, although there are so many things of their things I would love to wear!

  6. The white linen curtains, light linen top, and linen jacket with ruffles have all stolen my heart! Swoon.

  7. I love the Linen Maxi Dress. I rarely buy clothes, especially new ones, so this would be fun to have in my wardrobe and I would probably have a hard time not wearing it every day!

    Lovely line!

  8. There was so many lovely items in their shop! I loved the linen maxi dress in melange teal, the loose linen tunic top, the gauzy linen tunic coverup & the rustic linen top! I’d definitely buy one of those!

  9. It would take hours to decide…the linen jacket, white wrap shawl, linen scarf, burlap pillow covers…..Their items are beautiful as well as the name of the shop Linenbees. PERFECT! Thank you for sharing.
    Small world…a few weeks ago I ordered a Halloween item from an ETSY business in Latvia. My first thought was where in the world is Latvia? And now I know 🙂

  10. I would have a very hard time deciding but I’m leaning toward the v-neck tunic or one of the gorgeous throws!!! I’m following them now, great ideas for gifts!

  11. Love the Linen jacket with ruffles or the Linen tunic dress. I do love the pillowcases you have in the post with the lace but did not see any in the shop. Thanks for sharing,

  12. I want everything! But I’d buy either the linenmaxi dress or the loose linen dress to start with. How lovely is all of their stuff?!?? Thanks for introducing me to a new fave!

  13. The lovely linen strap dress is just darling…I think my two girls and I could share. All good things 🙂

  14. I especially love the Elegant Linen Tunic! These clothes are really fun, and I love that they’re not form fitting. Thanks for introducing us to them!

  15. I’d choose the loose tunic dress, but there are soooo many lovely things in the shop! So happy you introduced them to us.

  16. Linen Midi Skirt in mustard is Sooooo cute! Love your page! I am a hairstylist up in MN here and I would love to wear this in the salon, always looking for fun things.

  17. Amazing stuff! It would be so hard to choose, but I’d begin with the same dress you’re wearing in your pictures. And go from there! I love this style.

  18. I’m going to buy the loose linen tunic with shirred collar and if I win I will buy the linen dress or the towels or the lovely wrap… Or another tunic shirt or dress! Thanks for sharing as I have found another lovely stay shop to buy from.. I love their work!

  19. Wow – beautiful items. Love the loose linen dress or light linen top – in a blue or the grey/ brown. Would share with my daughter, who would love this shop!

  20. Most definitely, the tartan checkered table cloth in 120×54…….that is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

  21. Ooooh! So many pretty things. I love the ruffled wraps, midi tunic dress and boho tops…oh and the same apron you have!

  22. I love love love linen! All those lovely accessories-scarves, placemats, curtains oh my! Pillows too! I’ve tried on linen clothing in stores and never loved in on me though. I don’t know, maybe a jacket? But definitely those pillow cases!

  23. How cute! I don’t wear linen much. I love the mustard shirt with the peter pan collar and I love the linen colored jacket. Such cute stuff!

  24. Loving the Ruana wrap from linen. Looking forward to wrapping myself that on a cold fall day.

  25. Ever since I saw you post something about Linenbee a while ago, I’ve been following them and I love everything!! I would love one of their maxi dresses – I can just picture wearing it on a warm summer day by the beach! 🙂

  26. Can I just have one of everything? If I hag to choose, I’d pick the cute striped jacket with the deep ruffles at the bottom and on the sleeves.

  27. It would be a hard choice since I love so many items, but the linen tunic….ahhh the details, especially the sweet little tie on the back!!

  28. Soooo dreamy…… love it all! I would love to have a few of those sleeveless tops to wear under my cardigans. OR the Japanese style apron with those nice, big pockets ❤️ OR I could be a good daughter and get the amazing long nightgown for my mom. Though, I really like the long sleeve tunic as well. So hard to choose! It’s all beautiful!!

  29. Loved the natural linen strap dress as well as the light linen elegant blouse. What an awesome shop and sense of style!

  30. It’s all so beautiful! I would have to choose between the tunic, long linen dress with short sleeves, sleeveless pinafore dress, or the white linen throw. It’s all so gorgeous!

  31. The Wide Legged Linen Pants are amazing. I had a pair I made in the 70’s and lived in them. Thanks for sharing this beautiful shop.

  32. Loose Linen Tunic with Beautiful Shirring, Womens Tunic, Plus Size Clothing, Linen Tunic Dress, Womens Tunic, Plus size Tunic, Green Tunic, I love this.

  33. I love the loose linen cardigan in natural taupe. I really need to start a wish list, there are so many things I would love to order.

  34. I’m a sucker for the white linen lace-edged pillowcases–would love to put my head on these at night and dream away.

  35. I would love to don the Grey Linen Tunic, with grey boots and cozy boot socks!
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  36. I would get the linen tunic, so cute over jeans and boots. Then i would get the linen waffle towels which look fantastic and would work so well here in the desert. I basically love everything! What gorgeous pieces.

  37. Oh my what lovely things to wear! I like the autumn dress and the striped summer dress and the winter dress and a winter shirt with long sleeves. So many!

  38. Love love the natural tone kitchen towels, and the Retro-inspired Tablecloth is one of a kind. Great blog sponsor, beautiful products!

  39. That is a tough choice between a red tablecloth I have always wanted and an apron. Maybe I need both!

  40. You look amazing in your linen outfit. Thank you for sharing. I actually pulled together a similar outfit yesterday after seeing your post. Mine was a vintage white strappy nightgown I bought in Germany, a gray chunky cardigan, gray polka dot Lena leggings from Farmhouse Frocks, and my Frye boots. I would get a gray linen dress/tunic to get your authentic look. I will certainly fall down the linen rabbit whole after that. My wish list from Linenbees quickly grew to about 20 pieces. Love Love Love

  41. What’s not to love! Oh my golly! Beautiful garments. I would have a hard time deciding. I loved the green midi dress, and the stripped dress. I also loved the white ruffled jacket and the many scarfs. Thank you for the information on this site. I will shop there.

  42. Wow! What a great shop! I like the top and dress w/ the ties on the sleeves and the top w/ the tie on the neck. Love the scarves and all of the household items! It would be so difficult to choose1

  43. I think it might be easier to choose what I wouldn’t want!!! Gorgeous shop! I love the scarfs, blankets, towels, tablecloths, pillowcases, and well just about everything!!! Each item would be a treasure. Scarfs could also be a table runner during the holidays. So cute and I love the colors too.

  44. I love everything in their shop!!! What a great find! I would get the loose tunic dress! Seeing how adorable it looks on you Marian! 😉

  45. Wow, it would definitely be the button up maxi dress. How cute! Can’t believe they customize for your measurements. I’ve definitely added this store to my Etsy favorites.

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