LED Christmas Tree Candle Hack

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Last year, I must admit that I was decorating for Christmas mostly because it was just the right time of year to start decorating for Christmas.  I only put a fraction of ornaments on our tree and I didn’t have the creative capacity to work through figuring out how this home would best be dressed for Christmas.  We had only lived here for a few months and so much of the home still didn’t feel like me.  It was hard to get past that.

This year, though, I feel the creative juices stirring and I am enjoying the process of trial and error.  I’m allowing the long pauses, where it looks like I’m just sitting in front of a pile of decorations, but the wheels are inwardly turning.  Sometimes the ideas that come out of those pauses prove to be stupid.  But, there are times when I have an idea and I’m so excited about it that almost nothing will derail me from its execution.

And I had one of those ideas this weekend.

As I’ve been putting Christmas decorations out, I’ve also been sorting. Since I didn’t fully decorate last year, I picked this and that out of bins and, when it was time to put it all away, I didn’t take any care to make sure it went in the right place.  Even before that, when we moved, Christmas stuff from the studio was merged with stuff from home.  If it’s already in a box…do I really need to go through and sort it all when I have an entire house to pack?  So, my Christmas bins are a disorganized mess.

Now that I’m no longer sick of packing and unpacking boxes, I’m taking the time to organize as I decorate.  I was gathering all of my candle clips, which had been divided into at least three different bins.  They happened to be in a pile on the floor in front of me as I was putting batteries into my LED Christmas candles from Balsam Hill.  While putting batteries into one of the candles, I inadvertently popped off the clip.  Now, it’s just a cream LED candle with a little green base that screws on the bottom to hold the battery in place.

I wonder…

I stuck a candle into one of the vintage-style candle clips (purchased HERE) from the pile in front of me.  It fit!  The candle is just a little on the big side, so it needed to be secured in place.  About ready to burst from my excitement over this discovery, I dashed to the studio for my handy hot glue gun.  A little dab of glue was just enough to hold the candle in place and they look so perfect!

It took something that was already cute and put it over the top.

I just can’t leave well enough alone…

LED Christmas Tree Candle Hack

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26 Comments on “LED Christmas Tree Candle Hack”

  1. I’ve been admiring the Balsum Hill candles and was tempted but once I saw your addition of the tin holders I ordered them. I can’t wait to add them to my tree. Thank you for the nudge.

  2. So cute! The tin holder as a vintage quality to them and they fit perfectly on your tree. I am headed to check them out now. Thanks for the inspiration. I am trying to get motivated to pull out the Christmas decorations.

    1. •Comes with a remote control and built-in timer (6 hours on, 18 hours off)
      •Each candle requires 1 AAA battery, while remote control requires 2 AAA batteries; not included

    2. They come with a remote control and they will also automatically shut off after a certain period of time.

      1. As soon as I posted question I looked it up and though, duh, yeah, remote. But thanks for answering! Such a good idea.

  3. Love the tin holder look! I also discovered that the candles fit into vintage glass low candle holders.

  4. Do you use candles in your windows? I am searching for window candles that look nice, cast a nice glow, aren’t too expensive, are battery operated and on timers.

  5. Oh Marion,
    I’m so glad to hear about you needed to adjust to your new home. I just moved (downsized) after 23 years in the house I loved. The stairs were getting to be too much, and I didn’t use half of the rooms in the house.

    But I cried when I got here and found that none of my furniture fit and the things I would need to get rid of…

    It still doesn’t feel like the old place but I’m doing my best to make it “me”…. what a horrible feeling it has been. I was amazed at the things you accomplished in such a short time in your new dwelling. So, I guess there’s hope for me yet! I hope.

    Thanks for your beautiful blog. I read you everyday!!

    Mary S in St. Louis

    1. Mary S-
      There is definitely hope! We downsized 2 months ago and I had the same feeling, “nothing” fit. And the boxes….However I’m feeling more like it’s home and I’ve thought outside the box- if I can’t make the piece useful and I don’t love it, it’s gone. I’ve put furniture in places that are different from our last home and it’s actually kind of fun. I’m not keeping it just to keep it. So be kind to yourself and take your time.
      Barb also in St. Louis 😊

    2. Oh, Mary! I’m so sorry. I’m sure it’s been hard to leave the home you loved for so many years. A new home is a challenge even under the best of circumstances. I’m learning many things that worked in my last house, don’t work in this one and it’s taking some time to figure it all out. If you made a beautiful home once, you can do it again! 🙂

  6. I got really nice window candles , battery operated on timers at my local Home Depot. They have a nice golden glow .

  7. Just ordered these candles! And earlier today I ordered a Balsam Hill tree. Can’t wait to try them all….

  8. i ordered a set of candles much like those last year after Christmas and got a good deal on them. however i did not care for the stark white and very bright light.so i painted them a light brown even the “flame” used just a cheap craft paint from wal mart. they look more old now and i realy love the look .nancy

  9. You can find candles for the window on QVC. I have two different types I ordered from them and they look great.

  10. Truly I am expected such kinds of the blog for celebrating the upcoming Christmas day. I have a lot of plan for decorating my house with different kinds of LED lights. Great thank you.

  11. Your tree looks gorgeous! I recently found those candles for our tree when I was talking to my Mom in Germany. She mentioned that she had bought new ones and that they were battery operated and on a remote. With an energetic and inqisitive young cat in the house who loves to chew on cords, I knew I had to have them. Before my Mom and I finished our phone conversation, I had ordered 2 sets AND a new tree:) They truly do look like the ones we always had on our tree in Germany. Love your hack. When I was very little, we actually had real candles on the tree and, of course the very same clip on holders. Merry Christmas. Frohe Weihnachten!

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