How to Crochet a farmhouse dishcloth for absolute beginners…

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Just so you don’t miss it, I’m giving away a set of three of these dishcloths towards the bottom of this (rather long) post!

  Ever since I started showing my crocheted dishcloths, I’ve been asked by readers and followers if I could share a tutorial for how to make them.  Since I’m a beginner myself, I have been directing them to YouTube to find tutorials from people who have been doing this for a lot longer than I have!  But, I’ve learned over the years that blogging is about sharing my journey and what I’ve learned along the way.  And I’ve also learned that my audience wants to learn from me.  And I get that!  I like learning from people I know and trust.  Maybe I helped you make a slipcover for the first time or planted the seed that you could start a business.  So, why not teach you what I’ve learned about crochet?  Maybe I’ll teach it in a way that will click for someone who has wanted to learn, but hasn’t found the right teacher.

Crochet a dishcloth | miss mustard seed |

So, I came up with a simple pattern that uses two common stitches – single crochet and treble crochet (US terms).  Both are handy for different reasons.  The single crochet is nice because it’s simple and fairly tight/closed.  The treble is a good stitch to learn because it’s very open and covers a lot of ground.  Creating a pattern with these two stitches gives the dishcloth an interesting texture and pattern.  The dishcloth also looks more complicated than it is, which will make us beginner crocheters feel very accomplished.

Crochet a dishcloth | miss mustard seed |

For this tutorial, you will need…


Crochet a dishcloth | miss mustard seed |

This video is on the long side because I wanted to chat through some basics and things I’ve learned.  I also want to offer some encouragement, so you don’t rip out your stitches if they are wonky.  Just keep going!  Those stitches will be an indicator of how much you improve.  I also wanted to teach everything slowly and repetitively for absolute beginners.

In this video, I show how to…

  • make a slip knot around the hook to start
  • make a foundation chain
  • single crochet
  • treble crochet
  • turn your work to make rows
  • weave in your ends and finish

See, you’ll be able to do a lot just from learning this one dishcloth!

And here is the tutorial…  (I’m so sorry that the focus is sometimes a little behind where I’m working.  You can still see what I’m doing, but I’m very fastidious about focus, so it bums me out!  I’ll do better next time.)

You can also download the written PDF pattern HERE.

farmhouse crochet dishcloth tutorial beginner

And, since I had to make three of these to create this tutorial, I thought I would offer them up as a thank you GIVEAWAY for my subscribers!  If you’d like to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment letting know you have subscribed or you already do.

The giveaway will close Friday, January 24, 2020, at midnight PST.  A winner will be randomly selected and announced the following week.  International entries are welcome.

Crochet a dishcloth | miss mustard seed |

For those who want some crochet dishcloths without making one, I sourced a few handmade options on Etsy…

In other crochet news, my mom asked me to make a potholder similar to a pair my great-grandmother made for her almost 50 years ago!  They are her favorite and she has used them regularly for half a century!  I think that speaks to their durability.  They are made out of chunky white cotton in a tight stitch, so this is what I came up with…

It’s a pretty close match!  They were very simple to make and I’ve already enjoyed using mine.  (You can see that it’s already getting dirty!)  I need to make another one, so I’ll have a pair.  I’ll share how I made them in a future post.

Crochet a dishcloth | miss mustard seed |

Thanks for always encouraging me as I try new things!  It’s exciting to me when you’re inspired to learn along…

How to Crochet a farmhouse dishcloth for absolute beginners…

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221 Comments on “How to Crochet a farmhouse dishcloth for absolute beginners…”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Love following your blog everyday from wherever I am living in the world – VA, Israel, KS. Subscribed for some time now and find your blog so helpful and inspiring.

    1. I have been subscribed for a while now. I think you are such an inspiration. Thank you! Yes….I would love be entered on the giveaway. Your dish clothes turned out so nice!!!

      1. I am subscribed. You have inspired me to crochet again! I love the dishcloths! I like a thinner dish cloth and I think I this is what I’m looking for.

  2. Thanks for this post, I learned to crochet 40 years ago from my aunt! This post inspires me to return to this lovely hobby. I am looking forward to crocheting some dish cloths, love the cream color! Is there anything you cannot do! Always inspired by your blog and IG feed. Thanks

  3. Already subscribe… This makes me want to try to learn again. I failed many years ago & was too discouraged to try again. I think I could do it with your explanations. I appreciated so much the time you invested into this!!

  4. I was so inspired by your first crochet post that I went to Joann’s Fabrics and bought some Sugar and Cream in Ecru and whipped out a dishcloth (all double crochet) and a potholder (two squares of single crochet joined). I liked the dishcloth so much but decided that the Ecru would show a lot of stains (I cook a LOT!). Joann’s had a medium grey color of Sugar and Cream so I bought that for future dishcloths and maybe another potholder. My great aunt showed me how to crochet when I was 9 and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Thank you for your posts. They are always so inspiring. I’ve been so wanting to try crocheting since you introduced us to it. This tutorial will definitely help me. I’ve been a subscriber for a while, and I have to say, your blog is my very favorite! I’m always excited when I see one in my inbox. Thanks for giving so much of yourself to us.

  6. Hi Marian…I’m already a subscriber. I’ve been taking knitting classes and decided knitting is not for me…too slow and tedious. So it is back to practicing crochet. Oh I hope to win the adorable dishcloths! Thanks for your posts…I’ve been a fan for years!

  7. I’ve been a Subscriber for many years. It has been a long time since I crocheted anything. You have inspired me to try it again. I am left handed so it’s a little trickier. I am looking forward to making a dishcloth and some pot holders.

  8. I purchased the rosewood hooks, the book, and just got the yarn from Amazon! I can’t wait to start this.

  9. I’m already subscribed to your blog…and look forward to your projects and seeing your decorating style/home. This looks fun! and useful. Thank you!

  10. So happy for your crochet video! I’ve been wanting to do this for along time and you were the inspiration needed!

  11. Love the crocheted dishcloths. I’m going to try making some but would love to have the three you are giving away to get me started. Love your blog.

  12. I am a long time subscriber and love to crochet – you are doing great. I grew up in Minnesota – just outside Rochester – so really enjoy all your Minnesota adventures!

  13. You had me at potholders! Love your blog and your insightful approach. I’ve subscribed for the better part of a year now!

  14. If you go back and Single crochet around the whole square, it kind of evens it up and makes it look more finished. I love your ideas and you are an inspiration to me.

  15. I just love the look of these! I’m alreadh a new subscriber as of recent. I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet and think this would be a good start. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Love your blog and your tutorials. I faithfully follow your story! Even have and read your book. Such an inspiration to many!

  17. So excited to learn to crochet. I’ve wanted to for years. My mom is having surgery Thursday so I plan to crochet while I wait for her. Thank you tons for the video tutorial.

  18. I loved your tutorial on learning to crochet the dish towels! I grew up watching my Mama knit and crochet everything. She tried to teach me both. I did knit a sweater with her help and crocheted onto a kitchen towel to hang from your drawer handles….but it never felt comfortable to me.
    BUT today after watching you, I ordered the hooks, yarn and stitch holders from Amazon! Should be here tomorrow! I’m determined to master these dish cloths! So I will be watching your tutorial in my sleep!! Wish me luck!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  19. Hi! Thanks for the tutorial, I love having small crochet projects to keep me busy in the evenings. I have just subscribed and look forward to following along xo

  20. I am already subscribed but would be so excited to win the giveaway. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about 10 but I did not keep up this skill. However, after reading about your journey with crochet, I have been thinking about picking up the crochet hook again. You have been a wonderful inspiration and reminder of wonderful memories!

  21. I’m inspired by your instructions. I tried to learn to knit many years ago and I was too stressed at the time to be relaxed/ so my stitches were so tight that my project was curly!!!! I am going to give the crochet process a chance – I’m older and more relaxed so maybe it will work better for me. I enjoy your posts so much.

  22. I have followed your blog since you started. I have enjoyed following your journey. I actually have crocheted for years, but it would be fun to win your dishcloths. They have turned out so cute. I will have to make some either way.

  23. Everything you do is so inspiring! Very classic. I already subscribe and have for years! I would love to win your handwork!
    Thank you
    Patricia Dearborn

  24. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial and for encouraging those of us who feel intimidated to even take the first step. My grandmother was a seamstress and could sew, crochet, or knit literally anything. I so wish I inherently had her skill and craftsmanship but I suppose even she was a beginner at some point.

  25. My Grandma taught me to crochet when I was a teenager, but I haven’t done anything in over 35 years. So when I read your posts about you learning to crochet, I was inspired to reconnect with it. I received cotton yarn, a book of basics & wooden crochet hooks for Christmas from my husband & kids. Wow, it’s harder than I remember & the book is confusing but I managed to do 2 very simple, odd shaped dishcloths. Now, I’m making a date with myself to follow along with your tutorial this weekend to learn from you. Thank you Marion for sharing this tutorial at this time!

  26. Oh thank you! My daughter taught herself how to crochet and is so good at it.

    I think I need to learn this and REALLY appreciate the tutorial video!!! I need to do that!!

    I LOVE the yarn you picked – it is perfect for dish clothes!

    Love to win them – wow, they’d go with my all-neutral off-white ivory beige home perfectly. : – )
    I have been a follower for a long time.


  27. I’ve been a subscriber for many years. Your blog is my absolute favorite mainly because of your love for antiques and your eye for detail. I’d love to win!!!

  28. Been a subscriber for YEARS. Thank you for being such an inspiration. And I love handmade dishcloths. They are truly my fave.

  29. I’ve been a subscriber of your blog for years. I can’t even remember how long. I’ve bought your books, shopped in your online shop, bought your paint, paint brushes and numerous other items. I’m definitely a fan. Have restored furniture using your videos as gyides. Now I’m going to start crocheting again. All thanks to you. Oh how i hope to win a dishcloth!

  30. I used to crochet my mother in law dish clothes for either Christmas or her birthday. You see a few years ago I ended up with this pink and white cotton yarn. It was on clearance for dirt cheap and I wanted something to do on long car rides. Well we moved and I couldn’t find my crochet hooks. This weekend I FINALLY found them again…. it was perfect timing as I was down with sinusitis. Honestly it was going back and reading your posts on your progress that encouraged me to get back. So thank you!!! It’s fun learning along with you!!! So thanks from a long time subscriber!

  31. I’m a current subscriber. Love following your IG and reading your blog. You are incredibly talented. I mean is there anything you can’t do?! 💙

  32. OH GOODNESS!!!
    I shopGoodwill all the time and one of the items I look for are homemade dishcloths. I have several treasured dishcloths all faded and yucky. I need new ones. I use them instead of paper towels. Saving me lots of money.
    I checked both books out at the library and gave it a try. But I am all thumbs. However, they are both green.
    I have been a subscriber for years. When I Lived in a small town in Iowa I could find these at goodwill and garage sales but Portland, Oregon just doesn’t have the same homey items.

  33. Thank you for the crochet cloth give away and tutorial & instructions on making them.Just love the simplicity of them.

  34. I absolutely loved the video — so helpful! I have been a subscriber for years and am always so inspired by your creativity.

  35. Love your tutorial for the dishcloths. I love them this color. Where do you find the large spool of yarn. I am making these for everyone I know. Thank s

    1. I got the large spool at Hobby Lobby. (In our store it’s on an endcap in the yarn section.)

      1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your quick response to my questions. At 76 I have learned it is smart to ask the best. Thanks you

  36. Love these & I think I may have to try to make some! I’ve been a subscriber and would love to win these! I so enjoy your encouragement to keep learning!

  37. Hi Marion
    I am already a subscriber.
    I have 2 of these dishcloths given to my by a friend. I really like them. Do you have any tips on how to keep them from getting stains? I know they can be washed w/stain remover etc, but they get dingy after awhile. I don’t use bleach (septic) but that would help some it know.
    Thanks for the tutorial. I will go get supplies and try it out.

    1. Can you use Oxiclean? You can also try boiling them! That’s the old fashioned way of getting whites white!

  38. I subscribed. I have been following you for years💕You taught me how to upholster, to make slipcovers, to use chalk and milk paint and so much more! Thanks for teaching me to crochet! It has been on my todo list for three years— so with your help this is the year!

  39. I am so happy you are reviving crochet! It is a wonderful art. You are making it “hip” again….it’s not just for old ladies!!!
    I have been making these for years so I just skipped through the video but, I do want to add a tip my granny taught me:

    For new crocheters that basic foundation chain row can be very hard to figure out. Plus most newbies are rather “tight” at first. Soooooo, when starting out, to make everything easier, start the beginning foundation chain row in a hook one size up!!! It really helps and works out great !!!!
    I am AMAZED at how quickly you picked it up!!!! As you do everything!!! Keep going and sharing!!!

  40. I’ve been following you for a long while now. Look forward to your emails and the no nonsense explanations/tutorials

  41. Perfect timing! I am working on dishcloths with mixed success. (The new kitty is enjoying watching the process!) I have been a longtime subscriber, and while I have dropped many of my blog subscriptions, I look forward to your posts and have learned a great deal from you. After I master the dishcloths, I will be using your slipcover tutorials. Thank you!

  42. I can’t wait to pick up my crochet hook and make some myself! Thank you for the tutorial, my daughter has been wanting to learn how, this will be fun to do together!!

  43. Already a subscriber. Thanks for the tutorial! I have such a time getting tings square so your marker tip is wonderful!

  44. I have subscribed to your blog for years! You are inspirational and usually send me down the rabbit hole of decorating/crafting, which I love. Thank you for all you do with this blog/creative world. I too would love to receive your dishcloths.

  45. Marian, I’ve been a subscriber for awhile now, and I’d love to win these dishcloths.
    I’m going to give this crochet thing a go even though I have no talent for sewing
    or anything textile related. Thanks for posting the instructions.

  46. Thank you for sharing all that you do! Your tutorials are inspirational. I next want to learn to crochet the dishclothes and then teach my daughters in law.

  47. I admire that you can do this. My mom crocheted beautifully. I can merely crochet a chain from here to China. It’s the thing I never picked up successfully but I can sew and love needlework.
    Long time reader and subscriber, I’d use these dishcloths!

  48. I love this! My older daughter does wonderful crocheting. She makes beautiful baby blankets, scarves, hats, etc. She even made a beach outfit for her niece’s American Girl doll. I would love to surprise her & make a dishcloth from your video. I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing this!

  49. The timing on this couldn’t be more perfect! I’ve recently been put on some stringent activity restrictions, and have dusted off my crochet hooks! Thank you so much from a long time, happy subscriber!

  50. I am a subscriber and would love a dishcloth or two!
    I tried my hand at crochet and being a lefty, it is hard!
    Thank you for your inspirational posts and for sharing!

  51. These are just lovely! Thank you for sharing! I’ve been signed up following for quite awhile now! 💙

  52. You inspired me to learn and I have already made three for myself. It’s funny, the next project I wanted to do was combine the stitches I have already learned. I’m going to follow your pattern. Thanks for that!

    Question, I never received the email with the weekly planner email. How can I get that?

    Help, please!

  53. Marion, I have been a subscriber for a long time and you are amazing and always inspirational. I am always excited to see what your newest creative ideas are. I haven’t crocheted since my dear mom taught me to make a granny square throw blanket years ago, but I am going to see if these old arthritic hands can do it. Your encouragement always makes everything seem possible. Thank you. Sandy

  54. I am a long time subscriber and thoroughly enjoy following each chapter of your creative life.
    Thanks for inspiring me to return to crochet after learning (a single crochet stitch only!) many decades ago! I learn best by being shown – so your tutorial is exactly what I needed to get started again!

  55. Where to begin – I guess with what would seem like an obvious question-so you use dishcloths to wash dishes?
    I love everything you do , there is a certain comfort in watching your Instagram and newsletter posts . You seem to put everything right with the world -thank you Mia Mustardseed -you are a mentor indeed.

    1. I actually use brushes to wash my dishes normally and I use these dishcloths to wipe down my counters, the sink, etc.

  56. Love the post. I’ve been a long time subscriber. I’m a knitter and have completed dozens of dishcloths. I have never learned how to crochet, but your post has my considering making the leap!

  57. Hi!
    Thanks for the video. I did some crochet many, many years ago. My grandmother taught me. Also to knit. But I haven’t done for years 🙂 I’m thinking of taking some light lessons to refresh.
    I’d love to be so lucky to win those lovely dishcloths.

  58. I subscribed. So cute…love the potholders too. My Mom taught me how to crochet MANY years ago. I made a few afghan blankets that I still have. But…I haven’t crocheted since. Hoping that this will help dust off the cobwebs in my brain and remind me how much I liked doing it. I like keeping my hands busy…these will make fun little gifts too.

  59. Signed up! Can’t wait to give your tutorial a go. I know the basics of knitting but I’ve tried several times to get the hang of crochet and find it quite confusing. Wish me luck!

  60. I have been subscribed and I love these simple dishcloths😊 My grandmother taught me to crochet, but I love your refresher video.

  61. I’ve loved being a subscriber for several years and enjoy reading your daily posts! These are beautiful and are a hobby that I’d love to pick up some day!

  62. I just subscribed and am so excited to have found you! I just began crocheting over Christmas and my Mother In Law says there is nothing like crocheted dish clothes 🙂 I’m so excited to try and make these! Thank you!

  63. I’m already a subscriber and always look forward to you next post. I’m definitely going to try the dish cloth. I think that is a good beginning. Since I’m a sewer first, I’ve got a pattern to make a kitting/crochet bag to carry along for this portable craft. Thanks for all you share.

  64. Thank you! I started and finished my first dishcloth tonight. I subscribed to your newsletter because I can’t wait to learn more. I got this awesome china cabinet for free the other day and I want to paint it. I’ve never painted before but I hear you are the one I need to learn from so that’s my next endeavor! 🙂

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