Guest Room Makeover Reveal & $500 giveaway

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Annie Selke (Pine Cone Hill & Dash & Albert).  All words and opinions are honest and my own.

The guest room is finally done and I am so happy with how it turned out!!  I went out on a limb in this room a few different ways.  One of them was the color palette.  I strayed from my typical blues, greens, grays, and whites, and went with beige, cream, and yellow with a touch of blue.  The other decision that stretched me was wallpapering an entire room.  I’ve done a small bathroom before, but tackling an entire bedroom was a new challenge for me.  A guest room is a great place to experiment, though, and this was a successful experiment in my opinion!

Here is how the room looked before…

It had a good foundation and bones, but it was just a boring box.

My mom, who was visiting when we worked on the guest room, and I started by installing chair rail and picture frame molding around the entire room.  This added some architectural interest to the room along with a touch of classic elegance.  I couldn’t believe how easy and inexpensive it was and now I want to do it in almost every room!  You can find a tutorial on how to install it HERE.

We then installed the Antigua Oak wallpaper above the chair rail.  It’s an unpasted wallpaper and I was a little nervous about that, but I found I preferred it to pre-pasted paper.  You can read my tips on selecting wallpaper HERE, my tutorial for hanging it HERE, and my wallpaper paste comparison post HERE.

This one-two combination on the walls definitely made the biggest difference in the space and fixed the boring box issue.

For the decor, I wanted an eclectic, European feel.  I didn’t want everything to match perfectly, but to have a sense of history and that it was all collected over time.

The antique dresser is a much better scale to use as a side table in this room.  I bought it for $150 at a local antique mall.  The dresser may end up painted at some point, but I’m leaving it as is for now.

The antique baby dress is a family piece and I mounted and framed it myself in a frame I already had.  You can see the tutorial for framing a baby dress HERE.

I painted the doors Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore, which is the color I’ve used on all of the interior doors in the house.  I like how it makes a typical six-panel door look a bit more custom and it makes the trim pop.

I found the German doe antlers at Junk Bonanza and bought the vintage German oil paintings off of Etsy a few years ago.

I ended up using sheer curtains behind the closet doors.  They block the view of the stored stuff (which isn’t particularly pretty) and look fitting with the style of the room.

The chandelier is an antique and was purchased at Junk Bonanza last year for $125.

I hung a collection of ironstone platters and plates over the bed.  It adds some height and texture without detracting from or competing with the wallpaper pattern.  (For those worried about platters falling off the wall, I’ve hung them on the walls over beds for years and have never had one fall.)

I reupholstered the bed in Adams Ticking Gold Indoor/Outdoor fabric.  You can see the tutorial on how I did that HERE.

The gold bedding is from Pine Cone Hill, but it was retired a few years ago.  I purchased the white pillowcases with the crochet trim at an antique market in Lucca, Italy last fall.  The cream bolster pillow with blue stripes is the Ibiza Decorative Pillow I got a few years ago.

The quilt on the bed is the Brussels Quilt in Ivory.  The guest room is in the basement, so it can get very cold down there and we need lots of blankets.  This is a nice, thick quilt that provides lots of warmth.  And the texture is just yummy!

I found the mirror at a local consignment shop for $60 as well as the dresser on the left side of the bed for $130.

This one might get painted as well, but I’m waiting until I am 100% sure I want to paint them.  For now,  I like the warmth of the wood.

The plantation shutters also add some architectural interest to the room and, of course, provide privacy and light control.  They are from Select Blinds.

The wing chair was free and I have had it and it’s twin for over 10 years.  I slipcovered it in antique hemp sheets a few years ago.  You can find the tutorial series on how to make a slipcover HERE.  I bought the portrait print of Jenny Lind at an antique store for $60.  I think I’m going to paint over it in clear gesso and then try to paint the same portrait in oils.  It’ll be a fun project to try!

An antique quilt is draped across the back of the chair to bring some blue to that corner of the room and the Bauble Chenille Ivory Throw is an extra blanket at the ready.

The 1800’s German wardrobe with the original mustard paint was the jumping off point for using yellow in this room.  I bought it last fall from a vendor I met at Gold Rush.  It wasn’t at the event, but the vendor had an antique Swedish desk that caught my attention, so I asked them if they had any European wardrobes.  They had this one in their stash and it was absolutely perfect.  I purchased it from them and they delivered it to me the next time they were coming through my area.  I use it to hold my shipping supplies for the oil paintings I sell online.

The antique splint basket was purchased a few years ago from one of my favorite antique stores in Carlisle, PA.

And that’s it!

To me, this room is a good example of pairing high-end pieces with bargains to create a beautiful, liveable space.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!

If you’d like to win some $500 shopping spree from Annie Selke (Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert), hop over to my Instagram to enter the giveaway…

Guest Room Makeover Reveal & $500 giveaway

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140 Comments on “Guest Room Makeover Reveal & $500 giveaway”

  1. This room is so good! That headboard upholstery is still my favorite element, but the way everything came together is beautiful!

  2. This room is absolutely beautiful, every little detail. Anyone would be lucky to be a guest here. I love how you pulled it all together.

  3. Simply beautiful! I love the warmth of the yellow tones. They warm things up especially in a basement room.

    1. Yes! It’s a cold room for most of the year, but it looks warm! (And we have lots of blankets, including a heated blanket.)

      1. You don’t use duvets Marion? They are very easy, cosy and European! Admittedly, they don’t look as good in a photo.

  4. Marian, what a beautiful guest room. Everything is so well put together and just looks wonderful together. Your guests will certainly love staying there.

  5. Of all the rooms you have decorated in your new house, this one is my absolute, hands down favorite. I love the wallpaper, the colors you’ve chosen, and of course, the lovely chair rail and picture molding. It’s such an elegant, warm
    and sophisticated room,

    1. I agree with Dolores! This room feels cozy, warm, and so inviting. I hope you decide to leave the small dressers unpainted – they’re gorgeous as they are!

  6. I love your blog and follow it consistently!

    The guest room is beautiful, I love the bed and the bedding and pillows are perfect. Great job!

  7. Very, very nice! Everything works together like a symphony. You mentioned that the room in the basement – just wondering where all the light is coming from in the window?

  8. WOW!!!! LOVE it all!!!!! May I be a guest in the guest room???!!! I can just imagine sleeping in coziness.
    Please don’t paint the dresser night stands. I think they would just blend in (if using Linen-color ) and now they have interest with the wood grain against the paneled walls.
    This room as well as all the others is just beautiful perfection!!! You have a gift!!!

  9. Beautiful! Guest rooms (and bathrooms) are good to be able to “stray” from the usual. Just a different facet of “you.” Love your home.

  10. You have knocked it out of the park! I will use your tutorial to install molding and beadboard wainscoting in my next home. The room is absolutely perfect and shoots off a feeling of welcome, comfort and of being a stable home. By stable home, I mean, it doesn’t look like Renovation Hardware or Pottery Barn, but like a well taken care of a long-time family home, as if it has strength and roots. I don’t know if I said that right; I haven’t had my coffee yet. It is extremely rare for a doe to have antlers; did you know that?

  11. This warmed my heart today! I just finished reading Bella Tuscany (the sequel to Under the Tuscan Sun). It’s been two years since I went to Italy, and this room just continued that wonderful European feeling!

  12. You inspire me. I have wallpaper picked out for our guest bathroom so hope it makes the impact I have pictured in my mind. Then I can move on to updating the guest bedroom!

  13. I love the fact that you used wallpaper. Hard to say what is my favorite just a great feeling for a guest room, very comforting. love it

  14. The colors really work. The dressers and wardrobe are gorgeous. You really pulled it all together.

  15. This room is incredible. And that wardrobe…LOVE IT!! The whole room looks so warm and comfortable.

  16. it looks wonderful! I never would pick the gold/mustard color but it works so well with the room. I am so glad you decided not to paint the nightstands/dressers. The honey gold oak works perfectly and the wood on them is beautiful. My favorite thing is the square trim boxes on the walls beneath the wainscotting. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Just gorgeous! Love that you left the dresser and night stand wood (and i am a painted furniture girl). Love everything. And yes paint over the jenny lind picture. Your art work is more beautiful. And i didn’t know there was a sequel to under the tuscan sun.That is my favorite movie. I watch it for the beautiful views of Italy

  18. Love everything about this room………all the furniture, wallpaper, bedding, pictures, mirror. Please don’t paint the furniture. It is perfect as it is.

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I’m going to leave them as is for now, but who knows if I’ll get an itch to paint them one of these days. 🙂

  19. Such a beautiful Guest Room, Marian! You did a wonderful job of putting all your personal touches in there. You are so talented and such a blessing to your readers! You always give us such great instructions for doing things on our own. Thanks, so much! Have a blessed week!

  20. Oh Marion I usually love everything you do but this is too busy for me! Glad you stretched and tried new colors and wallpaper and all of that works and is terrific! But there are too many things on the walls to have big patterned wallpaper and very obvious wood grain furniture plus elaborate mirror frame too in this room with china plates and baby dress and other art and end tables topped off with heavy lamps.
    I know you love every piece and each is terrific on its own but you need to edit this room down. I know you wanted a European look but my favorite rooms in Europe always have a few modern simple touches to lighten things up a bit. All the heaviness makes me feel dusty and over crowded even though it is spotless. Wallpaper in a large format engages the eye and doesn’t leave room for many other demanding visuals like heavily grained wood and multiple wall adornments. The eye needs places to rest. This room needs some quiet calm.
    A simpler framed mirror and unobtrusive wall mounted swing armed bed lamps and putting your mounted plates in another room may be enough. See what you think.
    You are immensely talented and I love that you try new things and learn all the time! I hope what I’m saying will inspire you further. Enjoy following you! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Nancy. I appreciate that we all have different tastes and this might look busy to some, but it looks cozy and homey to me. I agree that editing can improve a room greatly, but I carefully selected each piece and I’m happy with how the room feels.

    2. I appreciate the courage of your comment, Nancy, and it is nice to see an alternate viewpoint. It seems to be pretty much unanimous that the room is perfect as is. As someone who is aspiring toward minimalism, I am trying to be more objective about the decor I see (and have). While I do not necessarily agree that THIS room needs editing—or ANY of Marian’s; so many rooms I see on, say, Pinterest do need editing. But, ultimately, home decor is about what makes each of us comfortable in our own homes—along with our family and guests.

      It sounds like you have experience in home decor and travel; and I, for one, would love to chat more about this with you (if I knew how to contact you)!

  21. WOW!!! It’s beautiful. It feels warm and inviting as a guest room should. You may not get them to leave.
    Most guest rooms are cast-offs from the rest of the house – nothing special, but yours is so “welcoming”. LOVE the wallpaper

  22. Nancy…I have to disagree with you. We must all remember that our tastes are all different and we must celebrate each others creativity. This room continues the warmth that Marian has used to decorate her home. The only problem that I can see is… she is going to have a hard time getting her guests to leave!

  23. FANTASTICH! I love it. Wouldn’t change a thing! Stepping out of your blue comfort zone has been a triumph. I really adore the portrait too!

  24. Again my most favorite room in your house. I love love love the European feeling in the room…reminds me of our home in Ireland. I am a true blue and white girl and I love that mustard!

    Kudos a great job Marian

  25. you hit it out of the park. i love everything, seriously, everything. i wasn’t sure I’d reupholster a new(ish) bed but it is perfect in the stripe. i really love the wood tones included in the overall scheme. you are one busy gal to accomplish so much since your move.

  26. Beautiful and very European. You have the unique ability to pull a room
    together. I fall short but try.

  27. What is the beautiful floral fabric on the pillows on the bed and the chair? Your room is beautiful!

  28. I recognize the fabric on the pillows. I used to love the look of that fabric against your leather pottery barn couch. I still love the fabric. The room is very inspiring! Your style is always a breath of fresh air!

  29. The chair rail and picture frame on the walls just customize this beautiful room. It looks so inviting, as a guest room should. You make any guest feel special in this room, gonna be hard to make them leave, ha ha ha

  30. What a gorgeous room! I love every last detail.
    (But please don’t ever paint either of those bedside dressers.)

  31. This is stunning. It’s so calming and any guest would be lucky to spend the night in this beauty of a room!!! You really have an eye for decorating! Love it!

  32. Enjoyed the tour of your guest room. I liked it all except the animal horns. I know they are popular, just wouldn’t want them in my bedroom. A shared room might need something masculine.

    1. I understand they are not for everyone. I remember seeing them all over the place when I was a child in Germany, so they remind me of that.

  33. I think it looks lovely. It certainly isn’t too busy for me. I love to see a room full of cherished objects and walls with mirrors, art and decor. I love the frilly frame on the mirror paired with the plain lines of the framed baby dress. I have lots of wallpaper in many rooms from its last popular fashion. It comes in and out, but I don’t worry about trends. I decorate to please my eye, and I make my own rules. Gold and mustard have been languishing waiting for Marion to make everyone want them in their homes. Good job to you and your mom for making the room so restful and pretty.

  34. The completely unsolicted decorating advice about how you could ‘fix’ your guest bedroom gave me laugh. What the…?!
    Advice is worth what ever you pay for it.
    Painting over the Nancy Lind print sounds exciting! Would love to see some before, during and after shots in a post.

  35. The room is outstanding. I love the gold/mustard color in your quilt/shams. The molding and wallpaper are beautiful together. I would love to see your entire house in person – its so unique!

  36. How beautiful! I don’t think it could be any more cozy or beautiful! You have such good taste!

    I love the wallpaper, side table, framed baby dress, yellows, upholstered headboard and everything! Stunning!!

  37. This room is so elegant and cozy at the same time. I love how warm all the wood is, but I know I’ll love the dressers if you choose to pain them, too. I entered! I haven’t bought new bedding in an embarrassing amount of time.

  38. Your dining room makeover was my favorite until this one. This room is elegant but looks comfortable and cozy. It’s beautiful!

  39. This is beautiful. What I really love, besides everything, is it has me seriously considering wallpaper. I’m astonished => , but the feel is so comforting and lovely, I just think I might.

  40. The guest room looks very welcoming and warm. You have such a gift for combining pattern and texture and color. I would describe the room’s new look as timeless–my favorite.

    Marian, I can’t find where to enter the giveaway over on IG. Can you help me out? What do I click on?

    1. I linked to it in the post. Just go to my instagram page to the picture of the guest room. That is where you can enter.

  41. You have such a good eye; what you’ve done in a short time is make the bedroom look like it was collected and put together over many years – full of items that have personal meaning to you, bought in different places you’ve been to, items from now, from before, from around your own house! And it all flows and combines so beautifully! Have you considered adding crown molding or is that a decorating “no-no” for walls with wallpaper?

    1. Crown molding would be lovely in this room, but I don’t know if it’ll ever happen…at least not for a while. There are other rooms that I would rather put crown in (like our family room and master bedroom!) Maybe one day, though. It would look great.

  42. The room is so lovely. I have followed you for so many years, since you were an Annie Sloan stockest, and this is my first comment I have left. I love everything you do, it is your own style, which I think, all of your followers appreciate. Some of my rooms are a bit on the busy side, and I so love my bedroom, it has many patterns but it all works together. I have a thing about wall paper, a love/hate relationship after purchasing our 1935 cottage. Every room in the house had this paper, beige/gold with light green leaves. By paper, I mean, no primer on the sheetrock and at least 4 layers of paper, not peel able, glued paper in every room of the same pattern. It has all been removed and the walls have been textured, as the style changed. I love my textured walls, in a simple hand knock down Venetian variation. Having said all of that, the one thing I would do, as Elena M. said, is Crown Moulding. I think it is a architectural statement that is the connection between the ceiling and your beautiful chair rail and wainscot, that says, I’m finished. It would be, to my eye the finishing touch. To bring your eye from the chair rail up, and back down to me is very finished. Love your style.

  43. Every single detail makes that room so inviting. I would want that as my own bedroom-not just a guest room. So nice!!!

  44. This room is absolutely beautiful! I love how much the wallpaper adds to the room. The dressers and wardrobe add such a cozy feel. I appreciate how you take a picture and then describe each section of the room. Another room well done!!

  45. Great job on a big job, chickie. PLEASE try some blue/white platters, though. The white ones just melt into the overall blend. But then again, maybe that’s what you’re going for.

    1. I actually tried some blue and white platters, but they seemed to compete for attention a little too much. I do like how the white ones are subtle.

  46. You did an incredible job creating such a warm and beautiful guest bedroom Marian! I love the color scheme that you chose and the wallpaper truly completes the room! It’s so nice that you and your Mom enjoy doing projects together like this!

  47. I’ve been waiting for this post! The room is very very nice and your guests will never leave. And thanks for the reminder about the slipcover tutorial. I have two channel back chairs from my grandmother I cannot bear to part with but the upholstery is 70+ years old and very expensive to have done. This is the answer!

  48. Beautiful!!!! My colors………………….. So happy you didn’t paint over the beautiful woods.

  49. It looks great! I love the gold bedding and was sad to see that it is discontinued. I’ll keep an eye out for it on Etsy.

    I think the guest room came together brilliantly!

  50. This room is beautiful and cozy. It certainly does not have a “basement” feel at all. I love the warm woods and the patterns and colors. Don’t paint those dressers – they are beautiful!

  51. You have created another beautiful room. You are so talented in so many different avenues. Your blog became my favorite almost from the time you first started writing Miss Mustard Seed. Thanks for sharing. God Bless you.

  52. Love your guestroom! I gave up on wallpaper years ago but this is making me rethink it again!
    Can you tell me what the white is on the lower half of the room? If it is custom, can you share the formula?

  53. Love the room. I like the furniture in its present state. Would not paint it. The bedding is gorgeous and the wallpaper is beautiful.

  54. Marion your quest room is so well done! Such a prize. I love the warmth that the unpainted furniture gives to a basement room. I love painted furniture but for this room “no way”.

  55. Absolutely beautiful room! I love the bed upholstery and wallpaper together with the wood pieces. Just too many pillows for me.

    1. Ha, yes! There are a lot of pillows and it comes down to that I wanted to use all of those shams. 🙂 I remove several of them when guests come, so they aren’t overwhelmed with pillows!

  56. Absolutely lovely – our guest area is getting a major overhaul when this fall when we are empty-nesters and your cozy, warm and inviting room is inspiring me! I have several pieces in our guest area that will move to one of our college kids rooms and will than have a fresh look at what we can do to make it really inviting!

  57. Beautiful! Just missing crown molding, that would make it complete! I love the wood dressers and think it would be a crime to paint them!! Not every piece of wood has to be painted!

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