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I have been bursting to share more details about my new book with you and today is finally the day!

For those who missed my announcement earlier this year, I wrote a book last Spring/Summer about customizing a typical suburban home – whether it’s an apartment, townhouse, or a single-family home, I’m sharing ideas and projects to transform those beige walls and builder-grade finishes to something that is uniquely yours.

antique typewriter | feels like home book announcement | miss mustard seed

I have to step back a minute and thank you, my readers for the idea behind this book.  When I moved to Minnesota, I had dreams of finding a quaint 100-year-old Minnesota farmhouse.  After an extensive search, I realized that a suburban home that was in a neighborhood and close to the boys’ school and Jeff’s work was going to be the very best thing for this season of life.  I remember feeling like my blog audience would be disappointed that I wasn’t going to be taking them on a journey to fix up some cool old house.  I would be sharing the very typical journey of adding character and my personal touch to a beige suburban home with a two-story foyer and builder-grade finishes.  What I thought would be boring was received with enthusiasm.  I can’t tell you how many messages and e-mails I received from readers who were so excited to see my decorating style implemented in a home that looks very similar to theirs.

That response prompted me to put together a book proposal which was picked up by the Worthy Books imprint of the Hachette Book Group last spring.  And, after over a year of hard work, the book is finally ready to unveil!

My dear blog readers, I’d love to introduce you to Feels Like Home…

Feels Like Home Book | Miss Mustard Seed | #feelslikehomebook

This book is all about making your house, whatever the quirks, challenges, and limitations, feel like your home.  I believe a home should fit like a well-tailored suit, but feel like a comfy pair of jammies and this book is all about that transformation process.  In over 300 pages of content and hundreds of photos of inspiring, yet very typical family homes, I share tips, exercises, examples, before & afters, and step-by-step projects.  It is packed full of encouragement and ideas no matter what your decorating aesthetic or budget is.  This book is not about emulating my style but embracing and implementing your own.

And, I have to say, I feel like this book is some of the best work I’ve ever done.  The words flowed out of me and never at any time did this project feel like a drain or something I had to push through to get to the finish line.  The entire creative process was filled with joy and I really hope that is evident and contagious to those who read it.

here are kind words from a few talented folks about feels like home

“Whether it’s her interiors or her art, Marian’s work epitomizes timeless style rooted in authenticity, great taste, and casual elegance. Everything is inviting and comfy, while elevated and approachable at the same time.”

—Brian Patrick Flynn, interior designer HGTV Dream Home

“With Feels Like Home, Marian has gifted us the ultimate design handbook with sound advice, simplified tutorials, and yes, her trademark gorgeous photography.”

—Mary Kay Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of The Fixer Upper; Hissy Fit; Hello, Summer; and The Newcomer

“Regardless of what feels like home to you, this is a resource, a handbook, and an inspirational guide to help you create exactly what feels like your home for you and those that will share it with you.”

—Jo Packham, creator and editor in chief of Women Create magazines

I pretty much melted into a little puddle every time I read an endorsement someone graciously took the time to write.

The official release of Feels Like Home is September 7, 2021, but it is available for preorder now.  Here are places where you can order it now…

Where to Buy

If you own a small shop and are interested in carrying the book, please send me an e-mail at marian@missmustardseed.com and I can give you the information for ordering the book wholesale.

And, we will be offering some amazing freebies, bonus content, and giveaways for those who preorder the book!  All of that fun stuff will be launching this summer, so hold onto your order confirmation info and you will still qualify to receive the goodies and enter to win the prize packages.

thank you giveaway

As a thank you for providing the inspiration for writing this book, I wanted to offer a giveaway with this announcement.  I will be giving away one $250 Etsy Gift card to help one of my readers make their house feel a little more like home.  Etsy is one of my favorite places to buy unique antiques and handmade items from creatives, artists, and makers.

To enter, just leave a comment on this blog post letting me know what feels like home to you.  (For an additional entry, you can leave a comment on today’s Instagram post HERE.)

Is it a style, a color palette, things that evoke memories or remind you of a place, is it an ideal you are aspiring to, a comfy chair, a well-used dining table, a view of a lake?  I am so excited to hear what feels like home to you…

The giveaway is open to readers worldwide and will close Monday, April 19, 2021, at midnight PST.

I’ll be sharing more details on the process of writing and photographing this book over the coming weeks including nailing down the cover, shooting in local homes, and I’ll share some photos and content that didn’t make it past the editing process.  Until then, here’s a little preview of some of the homes featured…


  1. Cheryl Thomas

    Home is where my family is. My own bed and bathroom. A collection of found objects like bird nests and acorns, rusty industrial treasures that can be repurposed as wall art. Paintings by local artists, something black in every room, velvet whenever possible. These speak home to me.

    • Linda Napier

      Home is where the gallery of mismatched frames are filled with family history and my parents look like 1950’s Hollywood movie stars.

    • Linda

      Home is where the mess that I share with my kids and family is. 😊. It means we are living and enjoying each other’s company.

  2. Karen

    Home is my source of love and inspiration through family and friends. It is where I find beauty in the souls of people and in the soul of my home developed over time.

    • Margaret Heinkel

      My favorite place in my home is my bedroom!

    • Amy

      Bright oriental rugs, lots of blue and white ceramics, and a good dose of live plants feel like home to me.

    • Mary Alice

      Very excited for you new book – Congratulations. What feels like home is being comfortable, incorporating new furniture with old, family momentos & pictures. I also have many plants! Thanks for your inspiration!

      • Kidron

        Blue and white, natural linen, and antiques make me feel happy — that’s why I love your blog! I really look forward to getting your book.

  3. Carrie

    Dear Marian
    Congratulations on your new book, and thanks for this opportunity to celebrate with you!
    When I think of ‘home’, I think of the place where I have arranged everything to serve well as the stage for my children, grandchildren, extended family and friends to gather in good times and bad. It’s also my retreat when I prefer to be alone, p

  4. Jodie Felten

    My grandson put it perfectly one day. “Your house has a certain smell and feel to it. It was at your other house too…it just feels like you.”
    I took that as the greatest compliment. I think what he was trying to say was that it felt like home, and home is the place that says “you”.

    • Jody K

      I know I’m home when I see my bright blue door. I enter and am greeted by my cats, see my gallery wall of family pictures, and sink into my down-cushioned sofa to read another chapter of my current book. I am surrounded by my nature collections, my plants in my Red Wing crocks, and the memories made in my home of the last 43 years! Can’t wait to get more inspiration from your new book. Congratulations, Marian!

  5. Jenny R.

    Sitting around the kitchen table with the people I love, exploring the flower garden with my daughter, or relaxing on the porch or back deck with a good book is what feels like home to me.


    Home is good food, family, a homemade quilt hanging on the wall, meaningful treasures collected over the years, good books, a fire when it’s cold outside, a cat curled in a lap, and peace.

    • Susan

      So exciting Marian!!
      We have been busy transforming a beige builder basic into our “home”. It is a project, but one that is filled with love and sweat equity. I know your book will be filled with inspiration… I can’t wait to read it!
      Wishing you and the book great success!

    • Kris Fisher

      Well said! I totally agree with you. Spending time together in different spaces provides choices as to how rooms feel by what people do with in them.

  7. Anne

    Excited for you and your new book! What makes my house a home to me is seeing my family and our furry four legged kids being so comfortable living among all my antiques. Antiques have become our everyday items throughout the home. And yes the dogs water and food bowls are ironstone!

  8. Kimbra

    Oh man this hits, well, home! We made the decision to sell our house 5 years ago so my husband could leave his career. I never knew how renting would affect my heart. I’ve learned in the 2 homes we’ve rented that I’m in control of making these 4 walls feel like ours and a home. It’s a journey but I know I’ll be blessed by your book! Can’t wait!

  9. Marylisa

    saw your post on IG and it’s very exciting. I wish you great success with this next chapter and I hope others will get as much inspiration as I have from your help.

  10. Sharon Dobbs

    Boy I needed this book years ago. As a military wife moving all the time and all over the world and never knowing what type of home we would live in, this would have helped so much!
    Instead I just always believed that we would have an evolving decor depending on where we live.
    I have to have this book!

  11. Leanne Nugent

    Home is where my creations are around me and whether that’s my girls, my lifelong love of making quilts and stitching I realise without these things around me it’s just a house. It makes me also realise if I move then these things come too to make my next house my home.

  12. Carlotta Lee

    I’m excited about your book! I’ve been following your blog for several years & appreciate you being true to yourself. I think that smelling something cooking on the stove or something baking in the oven makes it feel like home to me. Having pictures of my family in each room makes it feel like home. 😊

  13. Conny

    Home is : my cat sleeping on my lap, enjoying my tea with some homemade brownies, looking at my living and see the beautiful little things I bought in thriftshops and antique markets. Home is where I feel comfortable and content. Being grateful with the things I have and not fussing about the things I don’t have.

    • Heather Benton

      After spending almost a year travelling in Europe and staying in numerous Air BnBs, the one thing that made me feel like home and helped me settle in to a new environment (no matter the country) was the process of preparing a meal and sitting around the table together. But I will say that after arriving home in Canada, nothing felt more like home than putting my head down on my own pillow.

  14. Carol Ezovski

    A fire in the fireplace, my cat in my lap, and a good book in my hands!

    • Diana Jordan

      Dog, Polish pottery, books, crap that I collect, a few quirky pieces, quilts quilts and more quilts.

  15. Linda

    Home is sun on the balcony, a clean and comfortable bed, and a cake in the oven.

  16. Bridget

    Whilst waiting for a home in a mansion of glory above, home is shared experiences here, joys, sorrows, entertaining, caring and cherishing, it is where we can drop the camouflage of respectability and be our unique selves, be brought up by our children, it’s where we can get things wrong sometimes, experiment and grow, it’s where we read, pray, study and prove the Heavenly Father’s loving care day by day

  17. Kristina Falk

    Home is a feeling not a space, it’s the collection of things that gives your family a place to be comfortable and feel loved and protected. Home is like a hug.

    • Lynda

      To me a home is an embrace love and refuge. A giant hug!!! I love being with family and friends making them feel loved and and cared for.

  18. Colleen

    Military wife here! Home to me is my husband and kids! But I love your work and would love a copy of your new book!

  19. Melissa

    Lots of books and plants by the windows!

  20. Teresa

    Congratulations!! 🎉
    As a Navy wife for 25 years and constantly moving, I found that home is where the people you love are. Military housing isn’t easy but I liked decorating with things that reminded me of our travels and good memories.
    Good luck with your book!

  21. Janet Tluchak

    Home is the place, scent, feeling when you walk through the door and give a sigh of relief that you are home. Your home. No where else you would rather be. ” Home is the nicest word there is.”

  22. Mary Gontarek

    It is really quite simple. Home is the place that I love best.
    I can’t wait for your new book!

  23. RobinY

    Happy Pending Book Release! Home is everyone tucked into their cotton and linen bedding after a long day of doing life together.

  24. Erinn

    In my memory home is defined by textures and scents. As we live in a semi-tropical climate it’s difficult to maintain traditionally “cozy” spaces so I have made “cool” spaces.. I do try to be intentional about first impressions when on walks through our front door.

  25. Judeth

    Home to me is the day I found my 100 year old fixer upper. I saw an ad for it, the place was empty but the light coming in through the windows got me. I have been make my little house my own for the last 18 years. People always ask why don’t your sell but how could I it is my happy place. Like the song says ” the house that built me”.

  26. Mary H

    Home is my refuge. It is where I feel safe. It is where I create–my books, my little watercolor/art studio, my garden, my sewing room, and my big beautiful kitchen where I cook comforting meals for the people I love and cherish. Home is my happy.

  27. Theresa Guetlich

    It feels like home when my family is around. Sure I love a well-put together home that has been curated over the years but nothing feels better than when I am sharing that home with family.

  28. Beth

    You… and that lovely right-sided part of your brain. Saturday mornings with my coffee and your website, painting tutorials etc. can bring my mind completely home after a hard week at work. Thank you. Thank you. You are a gift. I can’t wait for your book.❤️

  29. Jillian

    Home is a comforting place and safe zone. Where I can spend time with my family to create memories while surrounded by beautiful antiques with a history of their own. Ironstone that is stained or chipped or a black and white photo of my grandma and mom with the corner curled as it hangs from an old shutter tells a story that is unique only to us. Thank you Marian for serving as a true inspiration for home decor.

  30. Kayce Ogburn

    It feels like home to me when I have a wonderful book beside my chair to pick up and enjoy each time I sit down.
    I am so excited to purchase yours. Matter of fact, I will be buying my niece and daughter on as well.

  31. Nancy Joldersma

    After leaving our dream home of 26 years, I found that my grief was quickly remedied by making our new old fixer-upper an extension of what our family loved the most….large kitchen for cooking and entertaining; cozy living room with a fireplace, and a large upstairs to welcome kids and grandkids home. Life is full of unexpected turns and challenges, but when we focus on the positive, it becomes a beautiful journey. Thanks for this opportunity for me to pen this.

  32. Kaycee F

    Congratulations, your new book it sounds wonderful and I am excited to purchase it! To me home feels like things that are familiar, items passed down through generations to be cherished and enjoyed. Be it a textiles, furniture, artwork or a recipe, these are home to me.

  33. Sally Christiansen

    Home means comfort to me, not a showplace that you are afraid to sit down in but someplace comfortable with the people you love.

  34. Marti Masson

    Home is my family, all sitting at the antique table my grandmother found and refinished 50 years ago and using the linens given as gifts to my husband’s Scottish ancesters during WW I and brought to the USA in the 1920s. Creating memories with my daughter so she can instill new meaning to these special pieces in her home one day. I anxiously await your new book to help us on that path.
    Congratulate you on your success!

  35. Nicola Long

    Home is a cozy, warm comfortable place made by the collection of furniture, books, knick knacks and other treasures found at estate sales, auctions and from family. Looking forward to your new book!

  36. Tonya

    Home: feather your nest with all things found and collected and sharing them with family.

  37. Anne Roberts

    Home is where in amongst the everyday, I manage to dream, have all sorts of interactions with family members and occasionally even manage to accomplish something creative 🥰

  38. Kelly

    Sitting on my screened in porch at the end of the day.

  39. Pam

    Home is…a bright and cozy place filled with family and friends.

  40. Kay

    Home is where I feel comfortable.

  41. Laurie Blaylock

    When my parents passes away, I inherited many of their things. My home now incorporates those passed down things and provides many memories for my family. That is what home means to me.

  42. Danae Stromberg

    Home is when my children and grandchildren come over for dinner on Sundays. Home is deciding where to place tresured items, Home is where I feel loved.

  43. Mary Kaiser

    Home to me is some place that when you walk into your home that you see the things that you have and have placed there. Home is about the scent that your home has and the satisfaction that your home is what it is because you have collected and made it what it is, comfortable like a hug when you get home! Thank you for the chance to win an Etsy gift card, I love Etsy also!

  44. Jonelle

    Home is where my family gathers. Grandmas dishes adorn the table, moms glass pitcher and thrift store serving platter. We gather and enjoy the peacefulness of our eclectic home

  45. Amanda Dalton

    Home is where my people are! It’s where I feel most comfortable to be myself. It’s where I’m surrounded by some of my favorite things: comfy chairs, cozy blankets, & collected treasures! There’s no place like HOME! 💓

  46. Michelle

    Home is where my coffee pot is.

  47. Lisa Yablonski

    Home is family, a place when you pull up in your driveway your shoulders relax and you sign and say yes, let’s go in and relax. Home is where I cozy up with a good book, cup of tea, candles lite, and the smell of a good meal. Home is where your treasures are!

  48. Lisa

    How very exciting! I have been a collector of ironstone and all things blue and white for over 4 decades and it remains my constant love still. Sitting in my cozy little brick Tudor filled with love and memories attached to the treasures that speak to me, my family, our 2 kitties…how could home not be my favorite place to be?!

  49. Kim

    Home to me is where all my beautiful treasures are arranged in the way I like best and home is my quiet refuge from the world.

  50. Denise Kaeb

    Home is my refuge with sentimental pieces that bring special memories to mind and of course, beautiful, colorful pieces that bring pleasure to my eyes! A place where I can rest my soul!

  51. Veronica R.

    Sundays after church feels like home, when its a place we gather and enjoy rather than a place we operate from throughout the week.

  52. Darcy

    Wellll…my answer is a bit different. Home for me is wherever my husband and children are. He is my touchstone. We recently moved & he has been so wonderful in the chaos of this season, in being right by my side, in a new place that does not yet feel like home.

  53. Julie Fritz

    Oh my goodness, what a thought-provoking prompt. Home to me feels like peace. A gift from the Lord. It feels tidy in that everything has a spot, yet collected. It’s where I might find myself gazing upon an object that’s pretty or interesting. Home feels safe. The walls within which I can have a hard conversation or “curl up cozy” on the couch. Home is catered to those who live within it but also hospitable and accommodating to any who enter. It marks seasons of life whether it be your forever home or a transitional one. Everyone needs a home. Isn’t a home such a picture of Christ in a way? Thank you, Marian for your business, your passions, and your words! This blog has been such a treat.

  54. Jilann

    Very excited for your new book! Congratulations!
    Home to me is a fireplace, cozy chairs .pillows, blankets, and beautiful milk painted furniture and windows looking out to growing gardens of flowers and farmland. You inspired me to paint and that is home to me too. Family close by and a kitchen full of good food and tangerine and lemon essential oils flowing from my diffuser! Ahh! 🏡 home

  55. Cora Chemidlin

    Home is where I am surrounded by familiar furniture and decor that was once in my beloved parents’ or grandparents’ homes. I am, along with my 3 sisters, the keeper of precious heirlooms, filled with memories. I am reminded of my beloved mother when I look into her antique mirror, fondly remember my dear aunt when I look at her childhood desk, that was also my childhood desk. I appreciate the great-grandmother I never met when I use her antique silverware. Family ties us together with their love, and when they leave us, their treasured objects can keep their memories alive and provide great comfort.


    The definition of a home certainly starts with four walls that provide shelter from the elements. But above an beyond those basic shelter requirements is ART. Every room in my home–even the “junk” room–has hand made art in it. Some I made myself, many pieces are made by family members and, of course, some art I have purchased. It is those pieces of art that make me cherish the rooms in my home.

  57. Jennifer

    Your book looks lovely Marian! I will be glad to have it handy to look at allll the time! That is one thing I love about Home-having all my decor books I’ve collected including some I’ve purchased on your recommendation. Home to me means where I feel most myself, comfortable and able to enjoy all my favorites-my family and pets at the top of the list.

  58. Char

    Home to me is comfort, surrounded by things collected and passed down over 50 years. A welcoming place that suits my husband and me and doesn’t necessarily follow current trends. Also a compliment when a grandest-daughter actually wants something you are willing to give up.

    Thank you, Marian, for the ideas you have passed to me and others, and your enthusiasm in all you do.

  59. Rhonda Copeland

    I love your blog! I’m drawn to blue and white and vintage and you are an inspiration.
    Home to me is comfort. To be surrounded by the people you love and who love you in a place that is restful and beautiful.
    Thanks for all the encouraging post

  60. Joy

    Home is reading a good book curled up by a fire and surrounded by the art and handcrafts I have collected in my travels.

  61. Gina

    Congratulations Marian! Home to me has open spaces for entertaining, but with cozy nooks for reading and conversation. A warm, inviting color palate that helps the soul breathe. I love furnishings that invite one to sit and stay awhile.

  62. Jill Valeri

    It feels like home to have something in every room that connects to a memory or my family’s history. I have furniture, art, accessories and books that all make me feel connected to my family and create a feeling of home.

  63. Julie Diane Hansen

    Home is a place filled with people and reminders of all things loved.

  64. Victoria

    Lamp, blanket, cushions. Lower lighting and somewhere to snuggle is what makes something comfortable and homey for me.

  65. Penny

    Home: One of the loveliest words I know! To me, Home is anywhere with my husband of almost 44 years. Home for the past 40 of those years has been here on our farm in a very rural area, so living here–on a farm way out in the country–is also Home to me.

  66. Toni

    I love having my handmade quilts throughout my home. Congrats on your book – I am going to order one!

  67. Rose C.

    Having moved from a large house to a small one and from one country to another, I have decided that home is about making the current space as comfortable and peaceful as possible for my family. Handmade art, comfort food, family traditions, loving acceptance and enthusiasm for the new adventures. I love to read your blog because you validate these ideas for me even when my space and belongings are ephemeral. My values and opportunity to express them are not! Thank you and congratulations on your new book!

  68. meg

    Someone once visited my house and their comment later was “you just want to curl up with a cup of tea and read a good book in every room”. That is what home is to me – somewhere warm, welcoming, cozy, relaxing – where anyone can feel at home – but most especially my loved ones can feel like they have entered an oasis of security and love.

  69. Taria

    An acquaintance walked into my home and said ‘your home is full of things you love’. That was the nicest thing anyone has said about my home. Another friend said my house was really like a home. Not a furniture
    showroom. Besides people and pets I love my sewing machine makes a place feel like home to me. I am a quilter.

  70. Kimberly Stewart

    Home is my dad’s chair. It’s old, ratty looking and too big for our living room but it will always have a place in my home. We will begin looking for a new house soon and the chair is most definitely coming with me.

  71. Robin

    Can’t wait. Family memorabilia of those I miss and those that still with me. Things other people have loved before.

  72. Donna Comstock

    How wonderful this book looks..so like the ‘you’ that I’ve come to know on your blog. I’ve been quietly following you for years. Bravo on all of your successes!

  73. Alicia Nagy

    Congratulations Marion on your book! For me, Feels like home is a warm, safe haven where my family and friends gather near. My comfort and peaceful rest where I can refresh my spirit!

  74. Jaime

    What feels like home to me: definitely the people who fill it who you love and who love you back. The saying is ‘a house doesn’t make it a home but the people’. I don’t want to go into a house that contains people I am not comfortable with, no matter how clean or beautiful it is. I grew up in a small run down mobile home on a small farm where in the winter I got ice on my windows, in the inside, and I would see my breath in the morning and no air conditioning in the summer…but…it was home and where my family lived and my brother and I were loved, safe, and taken care of. That is home, the family and loved ones you share your space with.

    • Laura

      LOVE this…so true!

  75. Cindy M DeMay

    Home is on my farm with my cows grazing, my chickens free ranging, my pigs racing each other back and forth in their pen and my good old farm dog nurturing them all and protecting them. And of course all with my husband Farmer Drew <3
    Thank you for gifting

  76. Sharon

    Home is walking in the front door and knowing you belong there.

    Congratulations on the creation of your new book.

  77. Sue

    Home is my cozy, safe place filled with my collected treasures making it comfortable for family and all who enter it with things that make me happy.

  78. Taffy White-Pritulsky

    Our family’s motto is “Home is where the Navy sends you” as a proud Navy wife with lot’s of moves behind me, opening that first box and bringing our lives into a standard base house was still a thrill after 28 years! my blue and white color scheme have been a staple as well as my Mom’s antiques and quilts.

  79. teresa

    What feels like home to me is filling it up with things that bring back memories!

  80. Vickie Moore

    Home is where my family is gathered. My home is influenced by my momma’s best friend whose lovely Southern home always made me relax and say aaaahhh – in the midst of crystal and breakables and antiques. Little children were welcomed to grab a peppermint out of her Waterford biscuit jar. Gracious and welcoming. THAT is home to me

  81. Cathy H.

    Congratulations on your new book! I love your style. Home, for me, needs to be filled with things that mean something, or evoke memories or peaceful feelings. It needs to feel inviting and comfy for family and friends.

  82. amy Mogish

    Just feels like Home….I just adore your first book, it still inspires, I am positive this will be another go-to favorite of mine! Congrats!

  83. Bonnie F

    Feels like home . . . when I walk in the door after a day at work and my cats are there to greet me and I finish up the day just ‘puttering’ or settling in with a good book or a movie on TV.

  84. Lisa DeGrenier

    Home is the place that holds the memories of my children growing up, family gatherings, dinners with friends, and celebratory events such as birthday parties, grad parties, baby showers, and of course, holidays.

  85. Ellette Day

    I just got home last night after being gone for 2 weeks and I had to say out loud “Hi home, I missed you!” That was of course after I told my husband I missed him! Home is comfort and love and always ready to welcome others.

  86. Lou Ann Wilkerson

    It doesn’t make a difference what size house you have, whether it is brand new with all the newest appliances, bangs and whistles or old with imperfections and character (what I prefer). What makes a house a home are the memories and decorating it to your tastes to make you feel warm and safe.

  87. Shelley

    Home is where I enjoy my Ironstone, transferware, Fiestaware, with family and friends. Surrounded by vintage baskets, stools comfy furniture and memento’s. Home is where my Children gather making a great meal together and sit and reminisce and dream. Home is where I am at my best.

  88. Leslie Dudley Corbell

    Home is familiarity and acceptance. A place where I am nurtured and refreshed.

  89. Cheryl Jarl

    I just said to my husband the other night, “now our house feels like home again”. We’ve been remodeling since last August and had some time delays with Covid. Being able to have a cute rug at each entrance again, the furniture arranged and styled, cooking in the new kitchen, and enjoying our home and time together.

  90. Greta Eisenhauer

    Had a gathering of neighbors a couple of years ago and one told me that my house feels so cosy and welcoming. I knew then I had achieved what I’d set out to do. Made me so happy.

  91. Tina Gaither

    Home – I love a soft cozy throw snuggled up on the sofa hanging out with my family 🙂

  92. Lee

    I am so excited for this new book!!!! Home for me is a cozy blanket, snuggled on the couch with the fire glowing, and the ambiance of a candle in the background (and maybe a glass of wine)!

  93. Laura

    The “hardscape” of home is a comfortable chair or sofa, big enough to curl up in, with a table nearby of the perfect height to easily place a drink, and a lamp just bright enough to read. This setup allows the “landscape” of life to flourish: Reading to a child curled up in a loving lap, exchanging the day’s offerings with a loved one over a glass of wine, catching up with a friend over a phone call, or getting lost in a good book. So many meaningful moments happen at home, heightened by the creature comforts we choose to encourage them.

  94. Lindsay Frey

    Home for me is a place with family and fur babies and all the treasures I have collected along with memories. It is a place where I see the amazing artwork created by my talented friends hanging on the walls.

    Congrats on the book!

  95. btree44

    Hi Marian! Home is my sweet family, all of our kids gathered together, usually after a meal, sitting with my husband watching them laugh and talk.
    Your book looks wonderful! Can’t wait to read and look at the beautiful pictures!

  96. Rachel Stone

    Congratulations, Marian!

    This book look entirely delicious & completely helpful. Your photography is always inspiring as well. I’m looking forward to flipping through each & every page!

    What feels like home to me are corner lamps emitting soft light, worn sofas in our favorite colors, cushy pillows, soft throws, and a crackling fire.


  97. Betty Bashaw

    Hi Marian. So excited for you! Home is where we and our grown children come together and gather for football games, game nights, big laughs, sad cries, or a simple talk on the couch. The kitchen brings forth tempting aromas and tasty treats. We’ve recently downsized, but home is still the most important place. Touches of life keep things simple and cozy. Photos, family heirlooms, plants, throws and books. Our home is here for us. Not to look picture perfect, or to follow trends. But to serve us, both physically and emotionally. It is the most important place in my world.

  98. PJ

    Home is where friends and family are welcome. It is a place of comfort with good food, great books, and cozy furniture. There is nothing too precious here, so go ahead and put your feet up if you like. The view from home includes perennial gardens, vegetable gardens, hay fields, and a brook. Let’s enjoy a cup of tea in my reading room or a chilled drink on the screened porch.

  99. Michelle Holland

    Blessings on your new book! I love reading your blog!
    What makes me feel at home is our blue and white collection (which includes lots of flow blue) that my husband and I have collected together over many years. It not only looks beautiful it reminds me of our adventures together!

  100. Lynne Galey

    What feels like home to me? I like mis-matched things. I have never owned matching dishes, furnitures sets, lamps, etc. l love things that are eclectic, yet artistically put together. My cozy home style doesn’t appeal to everyone, and that’s ok with me!


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