Fabric Wall Treatment

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Today was a jam-packed DIY filled day and I have pretty pictures to show for it…


I got my fabric yesterday and I couldn’t wait to play with it…well, work with it.  It is my job after all.  This project was something I wanted to do anyway, but it was for an HGTV.com tutorial, so it got bumped up the list.  Don’t ask me how I did this project, yet.  I wrote a full tutorial and it will be available soon (a few weeks probably) and I’ll link to it when it’s live.

So, can you start to see my vision come to life from the bones of the room I showed a few weeks ago?   






I love how the wall treatment works with the bed.



…and the chandelier is just waiting patiently on the chair that’s waiting patiently as well.   One thing at a time.


I’ve had company lately as I’ve been working on my projects.  She’s my neighbor’s cat, but we used to play with her and her kittens when they were strays.  She comes around now and then to visit.



Yes, my Christmas tree is still out on my deck.  I just dragged it out and left it there and there it still sits.  It might be a fortunate thing since I’m working on Christmas projects and it might be a good thing to have a tree in the background for some of the photo shoots.  Of course, that means I have to haul it off the deck and put lights on it again…

Anyway, I also did some research to figure out what kind of curtains I want to make for the bedroom.  This is for a tutorial as well and, since I’ve written several curtain tutorials, I want to bring something new to this one.



I think I’ve settled on what I want to do.

I did take a few minutes in the day to throw some leftover veggies into tortillas for a quick lunch…


 …and I even took time to take a picture of it.

The afternoon was spent writing articles and editing photos.  My mom then came over when she was done with work and helped me paint the wood planks for the bedroom ceiling (also for a tutorial.)

I’ve been ultra productive the past few days, even for me, but I get to slow down a little tomorrow for a haircut.  Am I the only one who thinks that’s a big treat?  I just get to sit there and I don’t feel like I have to plow through my to-do list or get up to get anyone a snack.

will do some more work on tutorials and the ceiling fan is coming down, hallelujah, so there will still be plenty going on.  

Before I sign off, I’ll leave you with this…


   Just because I love it so much.

Fabric Wall Treatment

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169 Comments on “Fabric Wall Treatment”

  1. AMAZING ! I love the bed and it all just came together, didn’t it ? Can’t wait to see the chandelier hanging. Looks really nice!

  2. love, love, love. the color of that fabric is so rich looking. it appears to be a deep spruce or indigo. very nice. can’t wait to see the chair done and the chandy hung. have fun!

  3. Marian,
    You wear me out just describing your day. You bedroom looks divine!!! I can’t wait to see the rest.

  4. This is ah-mazing! Gorgeous! Can’t wait for the tutorials. Love the fabrics, love the colors, love the textures. Well done.

  5. You really get right to it, don’t you? I’m ashamed that I’ve had a bench in my kitchen for six weeks waiting for its second coat of Tricycle. I’ll do it tomorrow. Promise. Ann

  6. It is absolutely beautiful – the wall treatment and the whole room! When you said ‘plow through my to-do list’ it made me wonder if your organized system was simply lists and lists…have you already talked about this? How DO you keep track of all the details of your life?

  7. Gasp! That is gorgeous! I am almost in tears with room envy! Haha! I must confess, when I do something gorgeous in my own home, I often say in jest, “Take that, Mustard Seed!” I most assuredly would “take that, Mustard Seed.” You give me so much inspiration. So beautiful! Can’t wait for all the HGTV tutorials! Enjoy your haircut tomorrow. That is definitely something I look forward to. My stylist puts me in a trance with her scalp massages!

  8. You have instantly made me feel better…I thought I was the only one with Christmas stuff still hanging around. LOVE the fabric and the RH bed. Beautiful!

  9. I love the color, the design, the way it looks with the furniture, and especially that it is fabric, not wallpaper. 🙂

  10. Gorgeous! Love the fabric and can’t wait to read your tutorial. I’m heading to the hairdresser tomorrow too for a cut and highlights. I also look forward to not having to get anyone a snack and the possibility of reading my book club book.

  11. Beauty! I pitched the idea of upholstering a wall in our house to DH. He thinks I’ve lost it; can’t see my vision – YET. 🙂 Looking forward to the tutorial. Did you apply Scotchguard to the fabric?

  12. WOW! what a dramatic difference. It’s lovely on all levels. I just wanna stare at it…I can’t imagine how wonderful it looks in person, it gives the room a very warm and cozy feel, but yet it’s very classy! Great job!

  13. I’ve got a swath of fabric I’m getting ready to apply to the wall behind my bed — once I figure out which wall it’s going to end up on! Great job, as always (and love the little boxwood)!

  14. Your room is magnificent Marion!! I absolutely love the fabric on your wall. I can’t wait for the tutorial on how to do it!
    You have inspired me once again! Thank you!!

  15. Oh you matched up the pattern perfectly! That’s hard. I bet you used starch, my favorite application for fabric treatment on walls. Yes, getting your hair done is a treat. Unless you want a wonky haircut, you have to sit still, and do nothing.

  16. Beautiful. I’ve heard of the starch technique before and you’ve inspired me to do a wall! Just one question – Is there a way to hang plates etc., without poking holes in the fabric?

    I bought your book and read it in one day! You have quite your own ministry, Marion. I was freed- up when I finished reading your book. Thanks for all of the reminders.

  17. That wall fabric is absolutely gorgeous! And i am intrigued by the mention of planks for the ceiling since I’ve been cosidering something similar in our house. Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  18. It looks beautiful! And allthough your post is about the fabric, your nightstand mostly caught my eye. It’s beautiful like that, and I could never paint that. Maybe you would? You inspired me to think about a wall fabric in my bedroom.

  19. I always get to my hair cuts 10 minutes early so I can sit on the couch and read a magazine for an extra little bit…..then I found out that annoys the stylist because she’s supposed to come get me as soon as I get there so I’m cutting into her break time!!! sigh, can’t a girl get a little extra relaxing time?!?!?

    I love how your room is shaping up, lots of inspiration for me because my room is, of course, the last on the list at our house 🙂

  20. That looks great, looking forward to the tutorial!!! And the bed is perfect, thinking you may not be painting it. 🙂 Enjoy your pamper day!

  21. I’ll bet there is just a huge grin on your face when you climb under those covers at night. You probably had to get new PJ’s just to feel worthy enough for that bed. I love it! I also love you and everything you stand for. You truly are an inspiration in every way.

  22. Our master bedroom is in desperate need of some decorating. It seems to become the place for cast off furniture and odds and ends that don’t really have a home. Your pictures are inspiring! Life to the full, Melissa

  23. Oh goodness, that is one lovely bedroom you are creating! What a restful space…..
    How I wish you would come to my house and work your magic!

  24. I love the fabric and the bed……It is amazing how the fabric lights up the room….was it difficult to do?? I am working with a client at the moment…and thinking this might be a solution for her bedroom

  25. I love it!!! Can’t wait to look at the tutorial. I’ve always wanted to put some burlap on a wall somewhere in my house. May be I can. Susan

  26. OK, I’ll confess I did have tears…in appreciation of a wonderful transformation (even though it’s not completely done) and imagining how overjoyed you must be with the results thus far. Maybe the tears come from the need to do something that satisfying in my own home/life. Yes, I’d love to see a post highlighting how you keep yourself and your household organized, making time for work, children and God in each day.

  27. Oh my, this is so very beautiful! I think you have inspired me to do something with our master bedroom…

  28. Shut.the.front.door! It looks amazing! When you run out of rooms in your home to redo for promos and want to drive 40 minutes west, look me up! I can distinctively remember how I vowed to never put up wall paper in my house. But now, I am thinking a little bit of pattern could do a girl good. Wallpaper seems so permanent compared to paint. However, I do believe that as I get older (I’m in my early 30s) that I am becoming more confident in who I am and thus making bolder choices that clearly feel more ‘me’ (ie. choosing which tasks to spend my time doing (work, church, personal time), clothing, home decor…)

  29. LOVE the new look of your bedroom…
    Looking forward to the tutorial..
    Question waiting to be answered would be size of wall and fabric needed to cover it..
    Patiently waiting here in Western Pa…
    Have a great day and yes I too get excited when I can get my hair done..HaHa..

  30. How elegant it looks! This is so beautiful! Isn’t it funny how when it starts to come together you don’t want to stop until it’s done? Awesome Job!

  31. Your fabric wall is beautiful! I used the same fabric to upholster my dining chairs and I just love it.

  32. Your room is beautiful – LOVE that bed! And those lamps! I can’t wait to read about your bedding – please tell us about it soon! Love that little kitty!

  33. oh Marian this is sooooooo you! elegant and unique the fabric wall is such a great back drop for that drop dead gorgeous bed ;). every thing in this room really compliments each other, the bedding ,lamps , end tables, the bed, fabric wall and those plates .

  34. Guess what? My deck looks exactly like your deck: Christmas tree, grill, tree stand. We’re thinking of setting the tree ablaze in our fire pit as soon as the weather warms up!

  35. The room is coming along beautifully. Already soo much better. I can’t wait to see it all. You really have a gift for design and that you do it yourself, get your own hands dirty, makes it all the more beautiful. When I came upon this site a few months ago (through a milk paint blog post) I never thought it would have inspired, educated, and entertained me as much as it does. Yeah!!

  36. No, I don’t think the bedspread would’ve been too much…. LOL!!! 😉 Your vision is coming together beautifully! And no, you’re not the only person who thinks a haircut is a treat!

  37. I am drooling. When my mother-in-law moves out and I get into my space again I will try to create my own lovely space. I am in love with your lamps!

  38. Oh my! You just raised the “Miss Mustard Seed Gorgeous” bar several feet into GORGALICIOUS gorgeous. Cannot wait to see the rest when completed. Seriously, can’t wait so hurry!!! looking forward to the tutorials.

  39. Simply lovely! Looks like a decorators show home masterbedroom. That fabric is simply scrumptious on that wall. Looking foward to your tutorials when you are able to share.

    And no, you aren’t the only one who thinks getting her haircut is a treat. ; ) I always feel like a million bucks after I leave the salon. Yep, definitely a treat.

  40. Wow Marian! Your room is coming along so nicely! I just love the colors you have chosen and the fabric on the wall is just beautiful.

    I am in the process of redoing my daughter’s bedroom while she is away at college to surprise her. I was going to stencil the wall behind her bed, but now I am rethinking and might put up fabric!! You are awesome!

    By the way, It was a thrill to meet you at your church women’s conference!

  41. WOW!!!!! That fabric is fabulous in your bedroom – looks gorgeous with the bed, and I cannot wait for all of your upcoming tutorials because there are a lot of projects waiting patiently for me too!!!
    So glad I’m not the only one – I jump around the house doing whichever project I feel “ready” to do – I think my husband wonders why I don’t focus on one room at a time, but I have to work on something that I’m in the mood to do! So glad that you post pretty much every day, because I really need all of this inspiration and motivation!
    Thank you!

  42. Stunning, eveything looks great. Loving the fabric wall and the plates, oh yes the plates just add that special touch.

  43. Oooh, I’ve always wondered if one could put fabric on the walls similarly to wallpaper!! This looks amazing!! I must try my hand at it someday.

  44. I LOVE your new room. The fabric is BEAUTIFUL and your headboard, lamp, nightstands,…
    are FABULOUS !!! I LOVE it !!!

  45. I am so excited to see your tut for this! When you showed the fabric I was wondering how you were going to use such a large print and it is perfect! Looks so rich and inviting.

  46. Marion -First, no it is not silly to be excited about getting your hair done. It is a big treat to me too. and……WOW…..Your bedbroom (and hubs) looks absolutely GRAND. Just gorgeous. Grand work as always. Blessings Paula

  47. Wow… it just gets PRETTIER AND PRETTIER… hope I spelled that right.

    What a cute kitty! The tree isn’t so bad being out there… gives the birds a place to get out of the weather. So, see you’re doing a good thing after all!!


  48. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Will you use the same fabric for the window coverings??? So curious…..

  49. That is absoluutely gorgeous! You are so talented. I think having ones hair cut is the biggest treat ever. Can’t wait for the tutorials.

  50. Stunning!!! I can’t wait for the link to the tutorial – inspiring!!!
    I love how fabulous your bedside lamps look now with the new bed and fabric wall treatment.

  51. I LOVE the room! I think the kitty would look marvelous curled up on your bed in your next picture shoot! 🙂

  52. W….O….W….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your bedroom is absolutely STUNNING!!!

    Love the wall, the lamp, the bed….everything!
    ( including your lunch, it looks yummy!…..and the cat too! 🙂

  53. I love the wall treatment. I am also anxiously awaiting your tutorial on the ceiling. I want to put wood up on my ceiling in the family room to cover the awful popcorn ceiling that came with the house. I’ve seen some DIY info but can’t wait to see yours.

  54. That really made your room pop! Great color and I love the idea of fabic on the wall. Fingers crossed that you have an easy method 😉

  55. Marian, the fabric is gorgeous on the wall behind the bed. I also love the plates on the wall. Your eye is just amazing. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see the tutorials. (And I think the kitty liked it too!)

  56. WOW! That wall looks like it took A LOT of work. I would have been freaking out about matching the print with each 44″ or 54″ width section. Yikes! I do have one teensy-weensy suggestion ~ in each corner, I would give a tryout to covering the intersection of fabric and wall with a narrow inverted cove piece of trim….painted the same color of the walls or ? … can’t decide. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the tutorial for the supply list ~ I have used a can of spray adhesive before for fabric, but not to that scale. Great job!

    1. Yes, we’re actually going to do that. The drywall on those corners was a part of the addition, so it was pretty sloppy and crooked. We’re going to add a piece of trim to get it a nice, straight visual line.

  57. Am I the only one that thought those lamps looked like they were marble – from afar? They’re really beautiful! Love you fabric wall, and look forward to your ceiling tutorial!

  58. Absolutely beautiful. Never notice the lamps until they are posted behind this fabric wall. They are beautiful.

  59. Throwing my own “it’s gorgeous” into the mix. Love the color! Way back in the 80’s when I was a very young Officer’s wife in Fort Sill, OK, (another time and another name ago), some career Army wives opened a shop to showcase how to use fabric on just about anything (even countertops) to dress up ugly, tired military housing. Wow! The possibilities are endless! I bet your Mom tried it too. I’m looking forward to your tutorial and seeing the column for HGTV. Thanks for the preview.

  60. So Beautiful!!!!! And you MUST tell us about those lamps. I may have missed it, but I don’t remember seeing about those. I love, love the wall! karen

  61. Looks gorgeous. And now I get where you were going with the room. I bet it’s nice to work on projects for you for once. How nice that they can double as work projects as well. You must have been living right lately for that all to work out. Way to go. And thanks for reminding me that I need to schedule a haircut.

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