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When I was organizing my decorating book collection on the new bookshelf in my office, something struck me.  Most of the books were written by people who I now consider friends and professional acquaintances.  When I was first joining decorating book clubs 18+ years ago to start and grow a collection, I never would’ve guessed that.   And today, I am celebrating adding another book written by a friend to my shelf.  Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room is launching her new book, Dwelling, this week.

In full transparency, I haven’t had a chance to read it from cover to cover, but I took some time and hopped around to each chapter to do some skimming and quick reading.  What I love about this book is I was able to do that and still walk away with some encouragement and great ideas.

What I also like about this book is it focuses on what the home is all about.  Your home and the stuff that’s in it is there to serve you, your family, and, by extension, your guests.  If it’s not doing that, if it’s frustrating and stressful, it’s not serving its purpose.

Your home is not there to get likes on Instagram or to be magazine-worthy.  It’s not there to show off how much you have or don’t have.  It’s not simply a place to protect you from the elements.

It should serve you and, as Melissa puts it, it should nurture and inspire you and your family.

As her books always do, this one had me looking at my own house and thinking through my approach to certain rooms.

It’s obvious to me to make the studio a place that nurtures and inspires.  It has to be conducive to creativity or it wouldn’t be a very good studio.

But what about other rooms in the house?  I confess that sometimes I make choices based on what will look good or be photogenic or just what is my personal preference and I’m not necessarily looking at the big picture of wellness in our home and how each room can help or hinder that.

And what about the boy’s rooms?  I haven’t even gotten around to painting them, yet, and it seems like a low priority when trash and dirty clothes are left all over the floor.  Would they even care if the walls were painted? I think that’s the wrong question.  The right one might be, Would painting the walls make their room a place that nurtures and inspires them?

Maybe it would inspire them to put the trash and clothes in their proper place at least.  Kidding, but I’m thinking I should make painting their rooms a summer project.

I bet Dwelling will have you thinking about your own home and ways you can design it to nurture and inspire your family.

In order to celebrate this book launch, Melissa is offering up a copy of the book along with some home and self-care products she loves.  Details on the giveaway and how to enter are below. 

Good luck!


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Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post, but I did receive a complimentary copy of the book.  This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Helen

    I need this inspiration !


    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Colleen

    This is a great giveaway!

  4. Paige Green

    We are about to move and I like the idea of designing rooms that nurture our family. I have to say I’m better at doing this in my childrens’ room than I do my own. I just kind of throw my clothes all over the place and pretend like the mess doesn’t bother me because no one but family sees it….

  5. Anne

    I look forward to reading this new book. I love the word intentional. As I contemplate a new project or purchase, does it fit my goal to create a warm, inviting home? Making my kids’ rooms warm, inviting, and functional for them was a way that I showed my love for them…just like showing up for all of the sporting events,etc. They had a priority in my life and they knew it. (And no, they still didn’t keep their rooms clean 😂 but they got the message LOL)

    • Teri Eastman

      I am looking forward to reading this book!

  6. Michelle McInnis

    Thank you for this opportunity. I cannot wait to read the book!

  7. Faerie

    Would love this! Thank you for thinking of us.

  8. Jamie

    I would love to have this book to help inspire me to make my home to be more aligned with my vision that will nourish by body and soul.

  9. Cathy

    I love rethinking of how our home nourishes us and can help us live a healthier life! I need a bit of help!

  10. kim

    The book looks very inspiring. I need to order it! Thanks for sharing the post!

  11. Lisa

    I’ve been selling or getting rid of things that we don’t use or don’t serve a purpose in our house for the last 6 months. That has helped me have more of a sense of peace in our home. I’ve recently read your book and love, love, love, where you write: “Don’t allow a fear of falling to let you miss out on all the things you might enjoy. Yes, you might fall. Or you just might discover a hidden talent.” Reading that helped me to jump in to new projects that I’ve been putting off this week. 🙂

  12. Connie in GA

    Wow! Do I need this book! “…kick out the junk, live with greater simplicity…” is speaking to me. I really want to do this but need a big push. As always Marian, thanks for your inspiration.

  13. Margo

    The word dwelling has such broad connotations, both a noun and a verb, it depicts both our surroundings and the art of pondering upon something. What better name for a book about finding inspiration in our homes. The books sounds like a lot more than a book about decorating!

  14. Patty Soriano

    I am in the process of changing my home. It needs to be what I want it to be. And for so long, it has not. This is a beautiful, bountiful giveaway, and I am so appreciative for the chance. Thank you, Melissa and Marian

  15. Cheryl W

    As empty nesters, we’ve been on a mission to purge and simplify our home. This book would be very helpful in getting us closer to the finish line.

  16. Betty Bashaw

    I love the concept of this book. Our home should shelter, encourage, motivate, and serve our families. Thank you for offering this book to us!

    • Mary

      I have two of her previous books and would enjoy having this one too!

  17. Kathy

    I love your home and your style!

  18. Melissa

    At a time when the world seems to be moving so fast and furious, an evaluation of our home would most likely help ground us all.

  19. Rebecca M

    I would love this book!

  20. Krista

    What an interesting looking collection of fun items! I would read the book from cover to cover! Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Charlotte Delaire-Meyers

    My craft room definitely needs some inspiration.

  22. Pam

    The empty nest…to every season there’s a purpose. I love to hear others talk of the joy and the struggle as we find our new place in the world. But it really is a season to enjoy just dwelling at home a bit more.

  23. Dee Parker

    I do feel like my home is cluttered. I’d like to pare down to necessities and a few things that I just love.

  24. logan wilhelm

    Our focus changes as we get older, would like to incorporate some changes into my home. Need more comfort, ease of keeping clean and orderly. Sounds like there would be some good ideas for my family!

  25. Jolene

    I would like to create spaces that feel restful and cozy…spaces (even small ones) that speak peace to my soul. In fact, I would love for my whole house to be a place of peace to those who reside in it and those who visit it briefly or long term.

  26. Kim

    I love the idea of living intentionally in our homes. To not live by the “rules” but to live in our homes in a manner that suits our unique families. It is easy to loose sight of that intentionality when life gets busy and hectic. A book like this is a sweet reminder to sick with it and make our individual houses homes that fit our needs.

  27. Darla Thomas

    In the past few years, I usually TOTALLY and COMPLETELY agree with you on everything, so if you say it’s great, I would LOVE to curl up with it and let my mind soak up some inspiration for my home. Thank you!

  28. Doris K. Kuhn

    Four years after moving from a custom designed home to a one bedroom apartment, attached to my son’s home, still making choices of what I really need and what I can let go. Could use some new perspectives.

  29. Cindy

    I’d like to get rid of the clutter and have a less is more attitude.

  30. Nancy Dempsey

    Less clutter would bring so much peace and calm to my life, and I’m working on it!
    It’s hard but so freeing.
    Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  31. Ingrid

    It’s tough sorting through and disposing of sentimental belongings. However, the mind is restful when the surroundings are uncluttered.

  32. Buffie Wixon

    This book looks intriguing! Creating peace in my home is very important to me. I feel like home should nourish you, physically, emotionally, spiritually and creatively. It’s lovely to meet like minded friends.

  33. Judy

    Clutter is stressful !

  34. Rebecca Sargent

    Definitely need this. Ten years after my husband passed away, my daughter and I were discussing making time and space for me now, not me then or some dream or fantasy in the future. This is along the same line.

  35. Kathy

    We currently are downsizing due to empty nesters. I am homebound due to illness. I want to make my new home my “sanctuary”, a place that is warm and inviting. I can use all the advise possible. Love your blog.

  36. Jeanne Bell

    I love your home and the love that shows thru. That is the goal I want for my family, to always have a place of refuge.

  37. Sharon Dobbs

    So many of the comments are similar to mine. Empty nester, been decluttering a lifetime of “stuff”. I would love to read this book.

  38. Michele Gaydos

    really enjoy reading your posts! love your studio!

  39. Diane Schneider

    This looks just like the inspiration that I need!

  40. Susan

    I try to live mindfully, which seems to give me a peaceful life. Healthy choices lead to good health !0

  41. Pamela

    The heck with the book, as soon as I clapped eyes on that 20-drawer chest with the glass cabinet on top I became so enamored with it I can’t think of anything else. WHAT A TREASURE. Oh my! I would almost give my front teeth to make a find like that. I’m curious, I’m going to make a guess the two parts were not originally combined, they were not built to be paired together. That’s just a guest but there is something about the two that seem to each be their own individual unit. But it doesn’t matter, it’s PERFECT together. The things I can store in that. WOW……..I would love to know what sort of retail business or office or shop that lower cabinet was originally created for. That’s all I can think about now, that cabinet pair. Dang gone you, for years now I’m going to be watching for one or both of these pieces and won’t be content until I can find something along this line. It is just exactly the sort of thing I like. You do have the best luck at times finding the treasures you do. But I have to admit, I can’t quite figure out what the piece to the left was originally used for. Is it sort sort of easel? It’s interesting, but my true love is the cabinet. Sometimes, I’m better off not seeing things I fall in love with, it just drives me nuts, especially when its not something I can just go get if I want like a little accessory from IKEA.

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      This piece was originally two pieces. The bottom half was from a hardware store in Maryland and the top half was from the Wilder School in Minnesota! They work together perfectly, though.

  42. Kathleen

    I love reading decor books they are such a nice compliment to all the blogs I follow.

  43. Alexandria Smiley

    Thank you for sharing Melissa’s new book.

  44. JeanFB

    What a lovely package of goodies, and the book sounds so interesting! I’m currently trying to go through two spaces – my art room (which has up until now functioned more as a craft room, but which I would like to be more conducive to fine arts) and the attic – finally going through all those old boxes that haven’t been touched in years, and clearing out the clutter. Both of these things will hopefully clear my mind of clutter, too!

  45. Janet

    Looks like a book worth reading and learning from.

  46. L Bordelon

    I am in dire need of simplifying my home. My mother-in-law passed away a few years ago and a lot of her things ended up in my house. It is so hard to pare down what we want to keep and what should go. I need inspiration!

  47. Addie

    I would love to win the book and take an afternoon to sit back and enjoy it!!! All the giveaway gifts look great!!!

  48. Beth

    I can’t wait to read this book. I need to get better at taking time to pause. My mind lately has a non-stop to-do list and I need to slow things down.

  49. Johnna Throm

    I love Marian and her posts….so inspirational! I am SURE the Dwelling book will be inspirational as well!!! Looking forward to the read!!!!

  50. Elaine

    I could use some inspration and fresh ideas after surviving this long winter.

  51. Johnna Throm

    Just FYI…I’ve tried the links in the above post many times and different ways. They aren’t working and shows that I have “0 entries” in the “giveaway “. Let me know if there is a new opportunity to enter please.

  52. Jan

    This really speaks to my desire to make my home our refuge. I am definitely going to be purchasing to book to learn more

  53. Lori

    Oh my gosh, what an exciting giveaway. It looks like just the right inspiration for becoming more mindful.

  54. Dana

    Recent empty nesters here! Trying to get inspired to make those long put off changes a priority now that we have more time. Would love to have a copy of this book.

  55. Mimi Matthews

    I love the concept behind her book! Thanks for sharing.

  56. Rachel Hanson

    Over the years, my home has become more and more cluttered with “stuff.” I’m in the process of trying to decide what actually works in our little house, and what doesn’t. This sounds like a great book!

  57. Kandra Stukenborg

    Sounds like a great philosophy. I grow weary of the tendency I see on social media to make the home a showplace just to impress others. Thank you for the giveaway.

  58. Janna Solis

    I could really use some inspiration! I went back to work 2 1/2 years ago after being a stay-at-home mom for 15 years and now my house as turned upside down.

  59. Amanda Pennington

    I’d love to be encouraged in helping to shape our home to best serve those there and entering! There are so many goodies in the giveaway I’ve been itching to try as well.

  60. Lila

    Trying so hard to declutter all the rooms in my house plus the large garage. The kids are launched so now is definitely the time. I’m craving simplicity and airiness in my home but, for me, it’s so hard getting rid of so muc that brings back so many memories of the “young” years. This books looks lovely and inspiring.

  61. Nora

    I have been praying for a book to inspire me during a time when
    life has been very difficult. God knows. He will provide.
    Thank you for your lovely giveaway. I know it will go to the person
    who needs it most. <3

  62. Deborah Raney

    Great giveaway. I think the thing that would create the most peace for my family right now would be to downsize our belongings. We’re not hoarders, but we do have a lot of things and I’m learning that the fewer things we have, the more we appreciate what we do have.

  63. Marty

    Fantastic giveaway!

  64. Jeanne

    Creating a room that nurtures and inspires…now that truly is inspiring. And a wonderful giveaway too. Thanks.

  65. MaryAnne Hergert

    Thanks for the give-away. I love all the pretty things. Blue is my color.

  66. Deborah D

    Your ideas and decorating styles always inspires me.

  67. Phyllis Henry

    I know that I need to simplify the things I keep in my home in order to give myself a calmer space.

  68. Cathy Zuehlke

    About a year ago I embarked on a mission to declutter our home from top to bottom. (It is still a work in progress!) It would be wonderful to read a book that inspires me to then think about my home in a new way, as a place to nurture my family.

  69. Jeanne

    The book looks beautiful and I’d like it to be the start of my own design book collection!

  70. BeverlyO

    Right now my target area is the kitchen. I am working to update it bit by bit. What we are tackling right now are DIY projects like adding a book case to the island and finishing it off with beadboard, trim, new paint color, and new counter top. Next will be adding to the cabinets to take them to the ceiling – a much bigger project that won’t be DIY! We will also replace the double oven with a microwave/oven combo and adding new counter tops there. Our inheritance of an antique lazy Susan table and chairs prompted all the new changes. Now other pieces we inherited will prompt us to do a bit of cleaning out and giving away. We have lived with some of these treasures for a year and now we know how we want to edit. I had to clean out quickly to make room for some of these things and while I don’t regret the changes, I do wish I had taken more time to decide on a few of them! One can live with lots of things for a year but we now know we don’t want this to be a part of our forever home.

  71. Tomena Reed

    This is beautiful. I love being intentional in decor, but I need inspiration. Hopefully this book can help me with that.

  72. Ginger Marshall

    I started buying junk for resale about 6 years ago, I started by purchasing stuff I liked & moved to stuff I thought I would fix up & could make money on. But life is much busier than I anticipated. I have sold lots of stuff at a couple of Junk shows but they have been few & far between. Now the junk is literally taking over my home, my garage, my once beautiful & relaxing huge patio, the guest room & family room not to mention the living room & dining room…. I’m getting to the point that I have little energy to upcycle the stuff I had planned, let alone haul it all to a show & set it up. I need to have a clearance sale & reclaim my home! The first quote your shared from the book inspires me. It’s Spring & time to clean it all out!

  73. Sue

    The cover alone is inspiring. It’s a beautiful book. I would love to have it!

  74. Lynn Osborne

    My home is slowly getting to a place that it really suits me. Part of that is eliminating all the “stuff” that doesn’t suit me! Would love to win the book and other goodies!

  75. Brenda

    Would love to win this book. Such inspiration.

  76. Connie

    Ready to kick out the junk and Spring Houseclean!

  77. Ruth

    Loved the Inspired home, ready to go thru everything again!

  78. Amber Heywood

    I have been trying to make my dwelling more healthy spaces for good food and good exercise/

  79. Karyn Hinkley

    I need to take more time for myself like relaxing by reading or talking a walk.

  80. Mary

    I am trying to declutter my home, but going slowly. I would love to win this giveaway!

  81. Yvetta

    I’m working on clearing out the clutter to make my dwelling more functional and relaxing. We’ve lived here longer than we’ve lived anywhere, 20 years! This is almost overwhelming!

  82. Sandy Ross

    I am working on organization of paperwork esp. financial, so my husband and I don’t waste time looking for things, trying to remember on-line passwords, etc.

  83. Patti

    My husband recently retired and I went back to work. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can simplify, make our home more comfortable, and easier to care for. This book sounds like one to help me process the changes that need to be made.

  84. BetsyJ

    I NEED this book!! So much inspiration and insight on clearing out our living spaces and our minds.. Look forward to reading this!Hope I win 😎

  85. Linda A Charlton

    This post made me think. I choose items based on what I like and can afford. Some of these items, mostly the ones I chose based on affordability, do not serve me in reference to happiness and enjoyment. I wish I could just choose what I love.

  86. Erin P

    You and The Inspired Room combined are an explosion of drool-worthy inspiration! 😆 Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. E.S.

    This looks like exactly what I need to read! I am struggling to let go of more and more and give my family the nurture and love that really is a home.

  88. Carolyn

    I need to start with decluttering.

  89. Theresa

    I loved her first book, and this one looks just as beautiful!

  90. Caroline

    Melissa’s books are always thoughtful and encouraging. I can always use more of that!

  91. Anne

    Beautiful giveaway bundle ! Thanks for the opportunity to win…less is more !

  92. Lillace Christianson

    In need of some inspiration and guidance as I get this home ready to sell and settle into the next. And all the blues in the giveaway are gorgeous! Thanks, ladies!

  93. Carlotta

    This book sounds like something I wish I’d had when I first married, but I’m still willing to be open minded about my home. Sounds like she has her act together.

  94. Deb

    I love being encouraged and inspired! Looking forward to reading this book soon!

  95. Anita Roth

    I have read her book The inspired home! Loved it! She has such away of writing which I truly love.
    Just inspires you!❤️

  96. Kara

    What a joy to see such energy and entreprenureship expressed! Blessings on you both!

  97. C mobley

    This lovely giveaway is choked full of goodies and inspiration to get me started creating a more peaceful, calm, tranquil environment for my family. Having friends enjoy this newly created environment would be a wonderful space to share.

  98. Kristy B

    With my children getting older I feel the need to re-examine how we use our house and I feel the desire to work on our home. Not a full redecoration, just some extra attention.

  99. Mary

    Its time to simplify and weed out what no longer works, to promote peace and spark inspiration. This book could be the catalyst to happily ever after!!

  100. Kathryn

    Helllp me PLEASE!


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