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** This giveaway is closed.  Congratulations to the winner, Brooke Morrow!  **

This post is sponsored by Arhaus.  As always, all opinions and words are honest and my own.  (And you’re going to want to stick around, because this is one of the biggest giveaways I’ve ever hosted!)

Shopping for a sofa can be an intimidating process, especially if you’re buying it online, which is fairly typical these days.  Even if you are fortunate enough to see the piece in person, it’s usually not the exact piece.  You’re still customizing the fabric, finishes, and perhaps even the configuration.  You don’t know with 100% certainty that the piece will work until it’s sitting in the space.  BUT, there is a lot of leg work you can do upfront to greatly increase your chances of success and get the odds close to 100%.

So, let’s talk about customizing a sofa!

If you currently have a sofa in the room, that will give you a great point of reference.  Since we were ordering an L-shaped sectional that was similar in size and shape to our existing sectional, we compared the measurements of the Arhaus Outerbanks Sectional to the piece we currently have in the room.  How it would fit in the room was the first thing that needed to be considered.  If it was way too big, then I needed to look at other options or configurations.  In this case, the Outerbanks Sectional was just slightly larger than our current sectional.  It was going to be a good fit in the room.

The second measurement that I wanted to look at was the depth.  To me, a deep sofa usually means a comfortable sofa.  I like to curl my legs up under me and snuggle into the back.  I also like the option of adding pillows if I want more back support.  If a sofa seat is too shallow, then it takes away some of those options.  Again, I could compare the depth measurement to our current sectional as well as other pieces of furniture in our house.

Sebastian was so helpful when it came to measuring!

I told him to sit, so he came over to me and sat…about a foot away from my camera lens.

Anyway, the final measurements that we needed to look at were the openings and doorways from the porch to our living room.  There are few things worse in the decorating world and than buying a piece of furniture, eagerly awaiting its arrival, and then you can’t fit it inside your house!  Arhaus has a great Measurement Guide for all different furniture types to help customers avoid some common measuring mistakes.  If you can’t find a specific measurement for the piece you are considering online, then you can chat with one of their design consultants online or on the phone.

If you don’t have an existing sofa to compare it to, then try comparing it to the depth and height of a chair.  You can also tape off the measurements on the floor of the room.  Consider traffic paths, the scale of the room (ceiling height), and how this new piece will work with existing pieces in the room.

Once you are confident that the piece of furniture will be a good fit for your room, it’s time to pick out fabrics and finishes.  Arhaus offers a wide variety of upholstery fabric from neutrals to florals to geometrics and everything in-between.  Over 800 different fabric options!

(This fabric stash is what dreams are made of!)

And beyond selecting the fabric, you can select the finish on the legs, the finish on the nailhead trim, and even the spacing of nailhead trim.  Details make a room, so it’s nice that you can pick out the exact details that will finish the piece and your room off perfectly.

Now that our sofa was selected and all of the finishes, fabric, and details were chosen, that information was sent by Arhaus to their team in North Carolina so that our sectional could be custom made just for us.  The same families have been upholstering Arhaus furniture by hand since the 1980s!  That says a lot about a company.

“Our employees are forward-thinking storytellers – eager creatives and thinkers united under the same common banner: our mission to make Arhaus your home.”

Through this ordering process, I learned that the spring system on the Outerbanks sofa is 8-way hand-tied! This technique is the gold standard in the furniture business and is very hard to come across in today’s furniture market. The 8-way hand-tie technique ensures that weight is evenly distributed on the sofa. This is not commonly used anymore because it is time-consuming and has to be done by hand!

I love that the inside of my Outerbanks sofa is just as well-made as the outside.  I know it’s made to last, and will be a part of my home for many years to come.

If you’re in the market for a piece of upholstery, now is a great time to order from Arhaus.  November is upholstery month!  That means…

  • You can save up to 40% on upholstery
  • If you purchase a Sofa or Sectional, Get 50% Off a Regular Price Rug
  • SAME AS STOCK – Custom Upholstery for No Additional Cost
  • During the month of November, Arhaus will plant one tree for every purchase, in partnership with American Forests! These specific trees are going to help restore fire-damaged areas of California.

I love purchasing from and partnering with companies that seek out compelling ways to give back locally and globally.

So, let’s talk about this giveaway.  This is a major giveaway!  Arhaus will be giving away your choice between the Outerbanks Sofa OR the Outerbanks Chair, whatever will fit best in your home.  The winner can customize their pick in all of the ways I mentioned in this post – take their pick out of 800 fabrics, select the wood finish on the legs, and customize the details of the nailhead trim!

Pretty awesome giveaway, right?

*** This giveaway is closed. ***

To enter, hop over to THIS PHOTO on Instagram and follow the instructions…

In response to feedback from my readers, we are allowing entries on this blog post as well as Instagram.  Just take a look at the fabric options available on the Outerbanks Sofa and Chair and leave a comment letting me know what you might pick if you win!  You can enter here and on Instagram for more chances to win!

Good luck!

Customizing a sofa & arhaus giveaway

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631 Comments on “Customizing a sofa & arhaus giveaway”

    1. I can’t decide between Howell Coal and Team Oyster. Love them both, beautiful sofa and fantastic giveaway!

  1. Love Jennings Lake, but hubby and I compromised on Tune Pewter. Beautiful piece in lots of different fabrics.

  2. I would love the sofa in Jennings Maple or Tybee Dune. Both are beautiful neutrals, and will look stylish for years to come. I learned the hard way after purchasing a plaid sofa in the 90’s that neutral is better!

  3. Beautiful! I would pick the sofa in Jennings Navy – I’m picturing it with my wood floors and light walls and I’m in love already!

  4. The Outerbanks Sofa in Theater Stream – what a lovely way to while away an overcast Sunday afternoon 🙂

  5. What a wonderful giveaway! If I won, I think I might choose the sofa in tybee storm. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Mineral or Denim is probably what I would have to go with because we live on a farm with lots of red dirt and 2 dogs. I don’t let them on the furniture but they do rub against it! In and ideal world I like the Oyster and lighter blue color.😊

  7. Team Oyster. I love Tyrol Royal but that was only available on the chair and I really really need a new sofa. My Domain sofa is circa 1990’s and it is on it’s last leg. 🙂

  8. I would love to snuggle up in the outerbanks sofa in the tune mineral color! So warm and cozy in that color ❤️

  9. I’d choose Jennings maple. Thank you so much for the chance to enter. I’m not on Facebook or Instagram either.

  10. I’d choose Thelma Indigo for the sofa, or Tirol Royal for the chair. Arhaus furniture is so beautiful! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  11. What beautiful furniture!! I love the color “Thema Indigo” for the couch. Hope it’s not too late to enter the giveaway!

  12. Team Quartz on the Outerbanks sofa, a perfect change from the same sectional sofa for 34 (OMG) years! May the odds be ever in my favor!

  13. First, a big Thank You for opening this to Blog followers who don’t Instagram! I’m Team Oyster all the way!

  14. I love a saddle brown leather, but I don’t think that is an option. Perhaps Downy Earth? All dreamy…

  15. So many choices! I’ve never picked a sofa and basically designed it from scratch, but oh how much fun that would be!! I’m loving Chalet Oyster and would just absolutely die if I won this!

  16. The choices are amazing! It would be hard to decide, but I really liked team oatmeal and theatre night. What a great gift to win.

  17. Tybee night! I’ve spent many on that dreamy, quirky island, and I think this color would be the perfect grounding piece for my funky, farmhouse, folk art, frenchy style!

  18. I really love the darker shades so Deso Navy and Graceland indigo are the colors I loved so 💖 beautiful 🤩

  19. I like Jennings Cement. It’s the same color as our pup so it would be very dog friendly! 🐾Thank you for such a nice giveaway 😀

  20. The chair in Graceland Storm. A chair would fit in our 929sf rehab. Yes, 929sf. Pray for me!🙂

  21. So many colors to choose from. I love the moto juniper, team mineral and vida steel. If I had to only choose one though….it would probably be the vida steel.

  22. Love the sofa! So many colors to choose from… I would definitely want to go with something light. Maybe oyster! Gorgeous!

  23. Love the fabric you picked, but think I would select Oyster for a couch for me. Thanks for offering this give away. Great company to work with.

  24. Love this couch! I’m really liking the nail head trim. It `would look stunning in my family room in the Brosh copper. Can’t wait to see your room with your new blue check couch, what a statement piece.

  25. This would be amazing to win! Hard to pick a color but with 4 kids would need to not go to light. Maybe team shale?

  26. Thank you for this opportunity! I think if I were to win, I know chances are quite slim, but just in case, I would love the Thelma linen for the chair! Thank you again!

  27. Thelma onex is what catches my eye. Decades ago we had an eight way hand tied couch, your going to love yours too! Thank you Marian and Arhaus for a chance on this awesome giveaway.

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