writing a book | the photography

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I’ve written a few posts about the experience I had writing my book and it’s been a while since the last one.  I thought it was about time I picked it up again. When the reality of a book offer from Thomas Nelson was right around the corner, it needed to be decided if I would do the photography or … Read More

Writing a Book | Acknowledgements

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Since today is a day of Thanksgiving here in the US, I thought it was a good time to combine saying thanks and sharing just a little more about the book-writing process in one post.  I had already turned in the final manuscript and my editor, Michelle, asked me to write my acknowledgements.  Oh…I hadn’t even thought about that!  I … Read More

Today is THE day!

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Today is a big day!  Not only is it election day here in the US, which affects a lot of people, but it’s a big day for me personally.  Today is the official release date of my book, Inspired You.  The book has actually been available for a couple of weeks, but now it’s widely available and the e-book is … Read More

the world tour!

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I’m being a bit facetious with that title.  Or perhaps hopelessly optimistic.  The amazing thing about this blog journey is that it always surprises me.  I think, “Oh, such-and-such would be pretty far-fetched, so it probably won’t happen.”  But then it does in some unexpected and amazing way.  So, will my book end up taking me on a world tour?  Who knows. … Read More

writing a book | how it happened

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Despite the fact that I just wrote a book I feel like I’m totally the wrong person to give advice to an aspiring author on how to get published.  I thought it might be helpful, though, or at least interesting, for me to share my experience and the process.  So, here we go… I’ve shared before that I’ve never thought … Read More

from blogger to author

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 November 17, 2010, I put it out there – I said I was going to start working on a book and just see where it took me. In November 2011, I had a book contract in hand from Thomas Nelson.  In November 2012, I’ll be at my first book signing.  Totally insane.  I finally have my book, Inspired You, in … Read More