but first, toilets

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Warning: This post contains pictures of toilets that some readers may find disturbing.  Reader discretion is advised.   If you know me at all, you know I am bursting to break out some paint in this new house!  But I’ve learned from a few moves that a place feels more like home once the toilets are cleaned to my satisfaction. … Read More

Master Bathroom Details & Reveal

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Yesterday, someone asked me about my master bathroom in a comment and I realized I have never shared the details on that makeover!  I finished the bathroom and immediately went on three trips in a row and then hopped right back into the school year routine.  Also, we haven’t finished it totally.  We did a lot of projects over the … Read More

Bathroom Vanity Top

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 I received a lot of questions about my antique dresser turned bathroom vanity, specifically the finish I used to protect the top from water. I stripped the existing finish, because I knew that wouldn’t stand up the way it needed to.  (You can check out my video tutorials on stripping furniture HERE and HERE.)  Once the finish was entirely removed … Read More

A little more of the master bathroom…

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You know how it is…  Traveling, craziness, busy, not enough sleep, over stimulated, all of that stuff.  Yeah, I’m feeling it.  I just finished Haven and, instead of flying home, I flew into Richmond to help my mom with some family stuff.  So, I’m in for a couple of days of hard work before I can finally go home and … Read More

Master Bathroom Preview

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Well, I was up until 1:00 in the morning, but it’s finished!  Well, most of it.  If it didn’t need to be in the photo shoot, it didn’t get done.  My motto over the past couple of weeks has been, “I’ll do it in the fall.”  It’s just been a crazy summer, but we’re getting through it.  My freelance articles … Read More

The Faucet & More

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Last weekend, it was the victory of installing a toilet.  This weekend, it was a faucet.  I am so stinking proud of my husband, who has just picked up plumbing skills along the way as projects required it.  It involved two mid-project trips to the hardware store and he had to rebuild the entire P trap to make everything fit, … Read More