the wasted space

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I’ve always thought of the formal living room in our house as a bit of a waste. The original part of our home was built in 1948 and this little room, right when you walk in the front door was the only living area.  Though it’s small, it was very well designed.  It’s opened to the dining room with a … Read More

Christmas tree 2.0, paper whites & a blue truck

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This year, I really took my time selecting the Parsons’ family Christmas tree of 2016.  It was the perfect height, fluffy, and full…just like I wanted. I was practically giddy as I put on over 1200 lights, the garland, and ornaments.  It looked beautiful. Here is how my glorious, perfect tree looked yesterday morning… The tree was totally dried out and … Read More

Christmas Living Room 2016

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I was trying to write this post last night and my mind was just mush!  I found myself in a mid-sentence daze and I finally surrendered and went to bed. So, now that it’s a new day, here is my living room dressed for the holiday season.  The living room is probably my favorite room to decorate for Christmas.  It … Read More

Noble Fir for the Living Room

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I decided to get two Christmas trees this year. I have done just one large one the past few years, but I was really looking forward to Christmas decorating this year, so two trees seemed fitting! I got a 8.5′ Fraser fir for our family room from a local tree farm and I partnered with Green Valley Christmas Tree farm to … Read More

The cost of my living room (take two)

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This afternoon I was standing in my living room and I remembered a post I wrote three years ago about how much I spent on my living room…floor to ceiling.  The total was $758 and that included paint, refinishing the floors, the curtains, rods, lighting, furniture and accessories.  I was always pretty proud of that.  Now that I’ve been moving … Read More

the new horse

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The new horse actually arrived yesterday, but I was so busy listing things in my online shop that I didn’t even open the box.  That’s unusual for me, because most of the time the arrival of a box causes me to drop everything as I get distracted with new, fun things.  But it had to wait.  Jeff and I spent … Read More

Still playing & more for sale…

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I’m still “playing” in the living room…trying different things until I feel I’ve hit the nail on the head.  I liked the door with the painting on it, but it didn’t feel 100% right, so I thought I would try something else. I pulled the mirror out of my bedroom… …to try it between the windows. There was a time … Read More

Horse Trade

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I found this rocking horse at an antique store a couple of years ago.  I had seen it there for a long time…maybe even a couple of years and it always caught my eye, but I never took the plunge and bought it.  One day, though, I decided I couldn’t resist it anymore and I bought it with the intention … Read More