Christmas tree 2.0, paper whites & a blue truck

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This year, I really took my time selecting the Parsons’ family Christmas tree of 2016.  It was the perfect height, fluffy, and full…just like I wanted. I was practically giddy as I put on over 1200 lights, the garland, and ornaments.  It looked beautiful. Here is how my glorious, perfect tree looked yesterday morning… The tree was totally dried out and … Read More

Christmas Living Room 2016

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I was trying to write this post last night and my mind was just mush!  I found myself in a mid-sentence daze and I finally surrendered and went to bed. So, now that it’s a new day, here is my living room dressed for the holiday season.  The living room is probably my favorite room to decorate for Christmas.  It … Read More

Noble Fir for the Living Room

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I decided to get two Christmas trees this year. I have done just one large one the past few years, but I was really looking forward to Christmas decorating this year, so two trees seemed fitting! I got a 8.5′ Fraser fir for our family room from a local tree farm and I partnered with Green Valley Christmas Tree farm to … Read More

The cost of my living room (take two)

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This afternoon I was standing in my living room and I remembered a post I wrote three years ago about how much I spent on my living room…floor to ceiling.  The total was $758 and that included paint, refinishing the floors, the curtains, rods, lighting, furniture and accessories.  I was always pretty proud of that.  Now that I’ve been moving … Read More

the new horse

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The new horse actually arrived yesterday, but I was so busy listing things in my online shop that I didn’t even open the box.  That’s unusual for me, because most of the time the arrival of a box causes me to drop everything as I get distracted with new, fun things.  But it had to wait.  Jeff and I spent … Read More

Still playing & more for sale…

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I’m still “playing” in the living room…trying different things until I feel I’ve hit the nail on the head.  I liked the door with the painting on it, but it didn’t feel 100% right, so I thought I would try something else. I pulled the mirror out of my bedroom… …to try it between the windows. There was a time … Read More

Horse Trade

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I found this rocking horse at an antique store a couple of years ago.  I had seen it there for a long time…maybe even a couple of years and it always caught my eye, but I never took the plunge and bought it.  One day, though, I decided I couldn’t resist it anymore and I bought it with the intention … Read More

Living Room Rearranged

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When I start rearranging furniture, it’s like playing dominoes.  I move one thing and then everything else has to move.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m approaching my house in an entirely new way.  I’m trying to be intentional about every piece.  Is it functional?  Is it beautiful?  Do I really love it?  Is it perfect for the space or am … Read More