CEO lessons & january goals

Marian ParsonsBalance, my business story, Running a Business

Sunday night, I was conflicted.  We had just flown in from our trip to the Vintage Whites Market.  I had been “working” all weekend and I really wanted (and needed) to just spend Monday at home…cleaning, hitting the grocery store, unpacking, etc.  You know the drill.  I own my own business, so I can do that, right? Yes, I could. … Read More

running a creative business | making profit-based decisions

Marian Parsonsmy business story, Running a Business

I wrote a post answering a reader’s question about how I balance business and the rest of my life.  The short answer is I struggle through it.  Sometimes successfully and sometimes not.  You can read the long answer HERE. I received an e-mail from a fellow creative-business owner and blogger, Cassie from Lovely Weeds, about balancing different aspects of our … Read More

how my business began | part 5 | the blog

Marian Parsonsmy business story

In the last installment of “how my business began” I glossed over when I started my blog.  Starting the blog was like pushing over a domino, starting a chain reaction that has brought me to where I am today.  It deserves more than a gloss over, so we’re going to take a few steps back in the story and I’m … Read More

how my business began | part 4 | finding my niche

Marian Parsonsmy business story, Running a Business

My business was only a few weeks old and, after a craft show failure, I found a shop willing to sell my hand painted ornaments and, even more exciting than that, the owner was willing to accept my painted furniture and antiques on consignment. It was the first opportunity I had at a somewhat steady income stream. I decided to take the “shotgun … Read More