new house tour | the kitchen

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I must confess that as I looked at this big, empty house, I felt a little intimidated by it.  When we bought our PA home, there was a lot of obvious work that needed to be done.  This house, though?  It’s beautiful.  Would my chippy, crusty antiques look like junk?  Would my ironstone look completely out of place? The moment … Read More

the little things | wooden spoons

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I think it’s easy to be intentional when making choices about the big things you bring into your home.  The big commitment items like sofas and china hutches and statement pieces.  I don’t think it’s quite as easy to be intentional about the little things.  Things that are utilitarian and inexpensive. But, if you’re going to buy something, anything, even something little, … Read More

vintage-style barstools

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I can’t believe that I’ve had new barstools for months and haven’t shared the details until today!  I used to document every tiny change that happened in my house, but now that I work at the studio most of the time, my house is just my house, so I don’t take pictures as regularly as I used to.  So, finally…these … Read More

Christmas decorating | the kitchen

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I got out of bed this morning and was ready to do some more Christmas decorating.  I had toyed with the idea of going to the studio and doing some work there, but the kitchen was calling my name.  It needed a bit of cleaning and I really wanted to give it some festive touches.  In typical “Marian-fashion”, I got … Read More

a fresh way to organize

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I’ve been working on organization for the past year or two, off and on when I have the time.  And I’ve been getting better and more proficient at decluttering and organizing with every pass.  I started with getting rid of the obvious items.  Then, I took it further and got serious and asked myself why I had certain stuff.  I think … Read More