the slow evolution

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I’m sure you would agree that our society as a whole suffers from “instant-itis”.  We want it all now, fast, and simple. And the expectation for a room makeover has been altered ever since Trading Spaces.  A room can be completely (debatably) finished from top to bottom in 2 days.  And, while some transformations can be quick, like changing the … Read More

kitchen layers & textures

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Since we’ve been talking a lot about the kitchen and adjoining eating area, I thought I would share a bit more about the direction I’m heading. Right now, it’s all a little one-note, but that’s intentional.  When possible, I like to start with a foundation for a room that’s classic and will have longevity for me.  Longevity doesn’t necessarily mean … Read More

Living Room & Kitchen Fabrics

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I will say, I am very optimistic when it comes to my to-do list!  I already have a bolt of fabric hanging out in the master bedroom, ready to be made into curtains and pillows, as well as a French daybed that needs miles of custom double-welting sewn. not to mention the pillows for that. But, I still ordered fabric … Read More

painting cabinets | applying the paint

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I know this series is called “painting cabinets”, but painting is just the final and probably the easiest step!  Before you break out the paint, make sure you check out the first two posts in this series… painting cabinets | prep painting cabinets | priming Now, let’s talk about the paint. For the cabinets and trim in my house, I’m … Read More

hanging the pot rack

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This kitchen still has a long way to go to make it really “mine”, but while my parents and brother were here, we were able to make a change that definitely started the ball rolling in that direction. The bones of the kitchen are really great, it’s just the finishes that I would like to change.  It’s not that they … Read More

Cleaning behind the stove

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Every time I move something from where it’s been sitting for a long time, I realize just how gross my family (myself included) is!  You know what I’m saying?  All of those spills and crumbs and dust-bunnies that haven’t seen the light of day and then they are exposed?  Even the cleanest, tidiest house has a few dirty secrets.  And … Read More

new house tour | the kitchen

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I must confess that as I looked at this big, empty house, I felt a little intimidated by it.  When we bought our PA home, there was a lot of obvious work that needed to be done.  This house, though?  It’s beautiful.  Would my chippy, crusty antiques look like junk?  Would my ironstone look completely out of place? The moment … Read More