what would fit in my carry on…

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I already shared that I found several pieces in New Hampshire that I would’ve bought in a heartbeat if I had my van.  But, I didn’t. And, since my suitcase was already over 50 lbs, I could only buy things that would fit into my carry on bag. Of course, that included ironstone!  I feel like I can find ironstone anywhere … Read More

antique haul | 6.27.16

Marian ParsonsAntiques, Favorite Finds, Ironstone

Last week, I acquired a few fun things.  One of my “pickers” brought me a load of ironstone (plus I brought in some pieces from my house) and I found some goodies at a local antique shop. Here’s a video showing everything… This is the small blue & white pitcher I mentioned in the video… Isn’t it so sweet? After … Read More

ironstone brush boxes & grandma Shoemaker’s pitcher

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It’s no secret that I love ironstone.  It’s my favorite thing to collect and I am totally honed in on it when I’m out shopping for antiques. I get excited at just about any piece of ironstone, but uncommon pieces especially get my heart pumping just a little faster.  Such is the case with brush boxes.  I own a couple and … Read More

more farmhouse finds

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I know May is months away, but I have learned that I can be pickier if I shop well in advance of an event.  The Lucketts Spring Market in this case.  Pickier means better goodies and better prices for my customers. So, I set out on Thursday of last week to do some shopping and I found some really great things … Read More

teacup & pedestal advent wreath

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Last year, I made an advent wreath out of an ironstone ring mold.  I was planning to do the same this year, but my ring mold was at the studio when I was in the heat of the decorating moment, so I shifted gears.  (Of course, I could’ve hopped in the car and made the two minute drive to the … Read More

the transferware jackpot

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I know this is going to be an incredible shock to some of you, but I love ironstone and blue transferware.  I would say it’s out of hand, but I do sell far more than I keep, so it’s not totally out of hand.  You can tell the minute you step in my house, though, that it’s a soft spot. … Read More