Successful Houseplants

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As many of you know, I discovered the joy of houseplants in the spring of 2015.  I went a wee bit overboard and bought way too many plants for my house throughout the spring and summer, but it ended up being a good thing.  I was able to see which plants thrived in my house and which ones didn’t. Many … Read More

2015 gardening report card

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This was the first year I gave gardening a good effort.  I started strong and I stuck with it.  And I learned a lot along the way about what worked, what didn’t and what I could do better next season. First off, I’ve learned to move plants around to find the light they like best.  This plant was looking sad … Read More

vintage-style deck makeover

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I’ve always been what you call an “indoor girl” when it comes to home decor.  When we put our house on the market (and ended up not selling it) last spring, our realtor put an “I’m Beautiful Inside” sign above the “For Sale” sign.  That’s realtor code for “It looks better once you walk through the front door.” It’s not … Read More

aging terra cotta pots

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There are some people who like things shiny and new.  They want to be the first person to own something.  They like the smell of a car with 32 miles on it.  They want their furniture to be delivered, tags still attached. I am just not one of those people. Unless we’re talking about electronics, mattresses or toilets, I want things … Read More

the antique, hodgepodge potting bench

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Don’t you love it when projects come together perfectly? Such is the case with this hodgepodge of a potting bench. We just finished it today and it looks even better than I imagined.  It’s especially exciting, because we already had the workbench in the basement (it was free with the house) and I bought the chicken nesting box without a solid … Read More

how to make a chair cushion | deck chair makeover

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I’ve been working on my deck off and on throughout the spring and summer and it’s finally starting to come together.  I know I’m not going to break any makeover speed records with this project, but that’s life, right?  Spaces take time to come together. So, there is still more to do, but last week I jumped a big hurtle – … Read More