latest furniture haul

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First of all, thank you so much for the amazing feedback on our latest video project!  Just like the “yellow dress and the dresser” video, it literally popped in my head and then happened so organically.  I am very much someone who does their best work out of inspiration, not on demand!  I imagine most of us are that way … Read More

antique haul | 6.27.16

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Last week, I acquired a few fun things.  One of my “pickers” brought me a load of ironstone (plus I brought in some pieces from my house) and I found some goodies at a local antique shop. Here’s a video showing everything… This is the small blue & white pitcher I mentioned in the video… Isn’t it so sweet? After … Read More

white splint basket

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If you’ve been reading my posts over the past few weeks, you know that I have a new-found love for baskets.  I collected a lot of them to sell at Lucketts and I enjoyed using them as props around the studio.  During one of my shopping trips, though, I bought a basket for myself. It’s this beautiful, antique splint basket … Read More

my favorite things lately

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I have found that there is an ebb and flow to the things that catch my eye.  Of course, there are constants, ironstone being the most obvious, but there are pieces that I have found a new or renewed interest in… baskets  Baskets is one that has been the most surprising to me.  I haven’t paid much attention to baskets and … Read More

utilitarian beauties

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I think that owning stuff you love is underrated. Do you get what I mean by that? I think we often times settle for something we don’t really love, just because it’s utilitarian.  And, sometimes there is just no getting around that. But, sometimes you can have something that checks the box in both the beauty and function categories. When I … Read More

Lucketts leftover sale this week

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I have received a bunch of e-mails and comments asking about the fate of the leftovers from Lucketts.  As we did last year, we will list them all in the online shop, so readers who aren’t local and have a crack at purchasing some of the pieces I’ve shared on my blog over the past few weeks. So, what’s left? … Read More

on the truck to Lucketts | the smalls & littles

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Thanks for all of the encouragement in your comments on yesterday’s post.  As I’m in the heat of last minute details, it was really uplifting. So, yesterday I shared the furniture.  Today, I’m sharing the smalls & littles.  I’ve shared a few times that these are the pieces that bring life to a space, whether it’s your home, a styled photoshoot, or … Read More