$100 craigslist drafting table

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I have realized that as my work changes, my work space needs to change, too.  When I work on furniture and photoshoots, I rarely sit at a desk or work table.  I’m usually crawling around on the floor or scooting around on one of our wheely stools.  I’m in a season right now, though, where a lot of my work … Read More

what would fit in my carry on…

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I already shared that I found several pieces in New Hampshire that I would’ve bought in a heartbeat if I had my van.  But, I didn’t. And, since my suitcase was already over 50 lbs, I could only buy things that would fit into my carry on bag. Of course, that included ironstone!  I feel like I can find ironstone anywhere … Read More

deconstructed chair progress

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Sorry I was a little late getting the online sale up and running tonight!  I will be switching to another shopping cart that will allow me to schedule events, so that doesn’t happen.  Anyway, just hang in there as we’re going through a blog redesign and other updates to make things run faster, smoother, and look even prettier! Anyway, the … Read More

“I knew you were here…”

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I went shopping on Friday to get some fresh inspiration and to find some things for the online shop.  I stopped at a couple of local stores and then one of my favorite local antique malls.  When I went to the checkout, one of the vendors said, “I saw that pile on the counter and I knew you were here!” … Read More

four chairs, a pin cushion & poutine

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I totally missed announcing that I was listing some new things in my online shop tonight, but they are there!  I listed a few larger pieces as well, including the hand painted night stands that were in our master bedroom for a few years. I’m going to head out tomorrow to do some more shopping, so hopefully I’ll have some … Read More

ironstone, linen tea towels, quilts & more

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Last week, I set out to find a desk for Calvin’s room in a local antique store and, while I was out, I picked up a few things to list in the online shop. I found a bunch of ironstone – some very pretty tureens were the highlight, but I also got sugar jars, small pitchers, a set of dinner … Read More

antique haul | 8.22.16

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Late last week, I hit a wall.  I love my work, but sometimes I need to step away from my house and the studio and recharge creatively.  A day out shopping usually does that for me.  So, my mom and I hit a craft store for more watercolor and sketching supplies and we also hit one of my favorite antique … Read More

fresh finds, pretty flyswatters & studio flooring

Marian ParsonsFavorite Finds

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take a day to mill around an antique store.  There has just been too much to do at the studio and, of course, things have been off-kilter with the summer schedule, my recent trip to Atlanta, etc.  School starts in a couple of weeks and then it’ll be back into the routine. … Read More