design ramblings | decorating with vintage linens

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When I was first married, I meandered into an antique store that was tucked behind a grocery store in the town where we lived.  I had never been in an antique store as an adult, buying things for my home.  I realized within minutes that I had found my kind of place.  The very first thing I bought was an antique piece … Read More

design ramblings |episode 18 | succulents

Marian ParsonsDecorating, Design Ramblings

I turned the camera on and pressed record before Kriste and I even knew what we were going to talk about.  Kriste suggested something spring-related.  Something about flowers…  I chimed in, “Let’s talk about succulents.” So, that’s what we rambled about this week… (In case you haven’t been watching to the end of the videos, I’ve been putting the “bloopers” … Read More

design ramblings | episode 17 | jessica’s canopy bed

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In this episode of Design Ramblings, Kriste and I decided to answer a viewer’s question about her space.  Specifically, she’s stumped with what to hang on the wall behind her canopy bed. (At the end of the video, in the bloopers, I’m doing an impression of my friend Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect.  Just an FYI.) As I was editing the … Read More

design ramblings | transitioning styles

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In this episode of Design Ramblings, Kriste and I talked about transitioning decorating styles.  More specifically, we were answering a reader’s e-mail, asking how to transition from primitive to farm house style.  I felt immediately drawn to that e-mail, because I really love primitive pieces and am buying them more often and putting my spin on them. I think they are … Read More

design ramblings | decorating a small space

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I just finished putting up the wallpaper in our upstairs bath, which is teeny-tiny, so decorating small spaces has been on my mind.  When I selected the mural from Anthropologie, I know I was breaking a “decorating rule”.  The one that says, “you shouldn’t use busy patterns in a small space.”  The funny thing about decorating rules is that amazing, … Read More

design ramblings | selecting creamy white paint

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In this week’s Design Ramblings, Kriste and I answered another e-mail from one of our fans, Laura.  She asked how to select the perfect paint color, specifically a creamy white.   Here’s what we had to say on that subject… A few of you suggested showing our bloopers at the end of each video, so we did that in this one. … Read More

design ramblings | claw foot & garden tubs

Marian ParsonsDecorating, Design Ramblings

In this week’s design ramblings, Kriste and I talk about the bathrooms of two of our viewers who sent in pictures. The first space, belonging to Brooke, is lovely!  Both Kriste and I gasped over the claw foot tub.  It’s a beautiful space, but the tub, that should be the feature, gets a little lost against the white walls. The … Read More