Decorating Dilemma | Marie – Hélène’s Kitchen

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Remember Marie-Hélène?  (Look! I figured out how to do the accent marks above her name.  That actually came about compliments of my broken E key.  I had to hold it down to coax it and realized that other E options would pop up!)  Anyway, I featured her family room in a Decorating Dilemma post just before Christmas.   I received an … Read More

Finding & Embracing Your Style

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This post is about style.  Your style.  Great style.  And how to figure out which is which.  Do you find that you love transitional  beach modern French bohemian country shabby chic log cabin Edwardian cottage junk style?  Do you get your home set in one style and then a magazine or blog will sway you in an entirely different direction?  … Read More

Resetting a Room

Marian ParsonsDecorating, decorating dilemmas, home improvement, My House, Tutorials

Have you been working on a room and you’re feeling stuck or it’s not looking the way you envisioned?  If so, it’s time to press the reset button and here’s how I do it.  I’ve been working on my living room for a few months, now.  When I was looking at it the other day, I realized it’s not turning out … Read More