(working with what you have) fall table

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Last year, I participated in the Farmhouse Holiday Series and it was such a fun blog-hop to be a part of that I agreed to participate again this year.  I like saying yes to fun things and collaborations with creative people.  But then I realized that only about 2% of my house is finished in my colors and style… And … Read More

studio transformation | part 4

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We’re almost there!  The studio is nearing completion and I am so excited to be able to start using this space now that it’s insulated, climate-controlled, and the walls are back on! Today, the wall around the mini-split went up and it looks so good!  Of course, it still needs to be painted, but that will be happening this week. … Read More

hanging the pot rack

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This kitchen still has a long way to go to make it really “mine”, but while my parents and brother were here, we were able to make a change that definitely started the ball rolling in that direction. The bones of the kitchen are really great, it’s just the finishes that I would like to change.  It’s not that they … Read More

Around the World with Balsam Hill | Harvest Sunshine

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Now that I’m living in Minnesota, the jokes about winter have already started.   My dad kept saying they were going to head back to PA the middle of August “before the pass is blocked by snow.”  I’m one of those people who actually enjoys snow and colder temperatures.  I like sweaters and boots and bundling up under blankets. But, … Read More

Cleaning behind the stove

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Every time I move something from where it’s been sitting for a long time, I realize just how gross my family (myself included) is!  You know what I’m saying?  All of those spills and crumbs and dust-bunnies that haven’t seen the light of day and then they are exposed?  Even the cleanest, tidiest house has a few dirty secrets.  And … Read More

working with your house

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Every home has a personality.  It might be quirky, conservative, playful, regal, humble, sleek…  The home brings something to the table.  While there are some homes that need to be stripped to the bones and entire reworked, most homes just need for you to cooperate with them – let them be what they are and bring out their best qualities. … Read More