the counter, portraits, and color wheels

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Thanks so much for all of the feedback on my craigslist counter.  I know when I ask about painting or not painting a piece, I will always get a lot of comments and opinions!  I usually have a clear idea of what I’m going to do with a piece, but I just knew I loved this one and I would … Read More

craigslist counter

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Over my years of buying and selling furniture, I have learned to trust my instincts on pieces.  If I’m all a-flutter when I see something, I know I should jump at it.  If it elicits that response in me, it probably will in others, too. Such was the case with this antique hardware counter I spotted one night as I … Read More

Antique Crib Daybed

Marian ParsonsAntiques, Favorite Finds

Years ago, I spotted an antique crib used as a daybed in a magazine, I think Country Living or Country Home, and I was immediately in love.  I hunted for one and finally came across an antique metal hospital crib for $50 at the Old Lucketts Fair (not to be confused with the Lucketts Spring Market). Here’s some retro Miss Mustard … Read More

French Daybed

Marian ParsonsAntiques, Favorite Finds

If you’ve been coming here for a while, you’ll notice that things look a little different on my blog now!  I actually had this design created over a year ago, but it’s taken this long to get all of the technical ducks in a row to implement the new design and entirely rebuild the backend of the site for the … Read More

ironstone heaven

Marian ParsonsAntiques, Favorite Finds, Ironstone

During my 15+ year love affair with ironstone, I have come home with some pretty sweet ironstone hauls. Child’s play. Yesterday, I walked into ironstone heaven at a local thrift store.  One of my “picker” friends tipped me off on the treasure trove and I couldn’t resist making the drive to check it out. My friends, what you are looking … Read More

cleaning a grubby piece of furniture

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I have recently acquired quite a few awesome, but very dirty pieces of furniture and I’ve been asked how I clean them, so I thought I would share. I’m all for diving in with a brush and getting straight to the fun part, but grubby pieces really need to be cleaned first. (Just a note before we get started. This … Read More