english advertising containers…

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Sometimes the best things happen through e-mail.  I have “found” some of my best sources just because someone reached out to me.  I took a chance on ordering antique linens from a source in Hungary who e-mailed me and he’s been an awesome source for over four years.  Some of my local pickers first sent me an e-mail, sharing pictures … Read More

more Lucketts goodies…

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I thought I would share a few more goodies I acquired for Lucketts this week. Wooden spoons, more Bakelite, and lots of ironstone!  Platters, pitchers… …sweet little creamers and gravy boats… …and this very unique brush box… At least, it’s the shape of a brush box, but I’ve never seen ones with holes in the lid.  Usually, those are there … Read More

ironstone heaven

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During my 15+ year love affair with ironstone, I have come home with some pretty sweet ironstone hauls. Child’s play. Yesterday, I walked into ironstone heaven at a local thrift store.  One of my “picker” friends tipped me off on the treasure trove and I couldn’t resist making the drive to check it out. My friends, what you are looking … Read More

Arranging linens, silver and ironstone…

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As I was preparing for Christmas day, I realized what a mess the cabinets, drawers and shelves where I keep my tableware, serving pieces and linens were.  After a few years of buying, making and using things for photo shoots and then shoving them in no particular order behind a closed door, it was hard to find anything.  Linens were … Read More

Ironstone & an Ektorp Sofa Review

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I mentioned I got a new haul of ironstone last week.  Well, here it is… Not only is it a lot of ironstone, but a lot of really great pieces including this four piece tureen set with platter, lid and ladle. The details on the handles are really pretty.  I love this piece, but I already have a few tureens, … Read More

Stop the World & Ironstone Mugs

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It’s one of those times in my life when I wish I could just stop the world for about a week, so I can catch up on things that have been put on the back burner for days, weeks, months and even years.   I am on a tear to get things done. I have been organizing my way through the house … Read More

Latest Ironstone & Wooden Cheese Board

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I have a bad habit.  Ironstone is my very favorite thing to collect and I’m much better at buying it than I am selling it.  Now, if you have shopped my tent at the Lucketts Market, you know that I do get rid of a lot, but I keep a lot, too.  I recently hit one of my favorite local … Read More

Latest Ironstone Finds

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I don’t try to hide the fact at all that I love ironstone.  I spotted it about 12 years ago in a magazine and the love has remained constant.  I’ve waffled on crazy quilts, baby dresses, milk glass and silver plate, but I have never waffled on ironstone. My collection has grown to the point that I have to pick … Read More