craigslist wardrobe score

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My parents are here!  They are visiting for two weeks to help with house projects and spend time with us.  We have walls to paint, chandeliers to hang, things to fix, and two birthdays to celebrate.  It’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks. Today, we had a big to-do list, but something came up that we just needed … Read More

sketching tips & tools

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I have had such a great couple of days of recuperating from weeks of packing. Sunday, I crashed.  My head hurt, I was congested, and I just couldn’t do much of anything.  Jeff let me sleep in.  My sister-in-law pampered me with a healthy breakfast.  And everyone gave me some time to just lay in bed and rest.  By the … Read More

the bird painting

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Hello, all!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  We were able to take a break from packing to have a cookout with some friends, which was a nice diversion.  I am so ready to just have everything on the truck and be done with it!  There is still more left to do and we’re down to the nitty-gritty, … Read More

edelweiss spoons & yard sale preview

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Today, I am sharing a gift one of my sweet readers sent me a few months ago… …these beautiful, little spoons with edelweiss on the handles.  For those who don’t know, I grew up in Germany and spent the first two years in Bavaria and I remember seeing edelweiss up close and in person on a few hikes. I actually … Read More

the bird & the bee

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No, we’re not having that conversation. I’m sharing another pre-Lucketts find that I ended up “shopping” from the pile before we packed it in the truck.  It’s a really lovely original oil painting I spotted in an antique store for a bargain… less than $20. It’s a bouquet of flowers with a bird next to it… …and a bee on … Read More

a lunch pail & a print

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I shared one of my finds, that awesome birdcage, in yesterday’s post.  I thought I would share a couple more things I “bought for Lucketts” and then decided to keep at the last minute. This is a simple, little find, but one that I immediately loved.  It’s a blue and white metal picnic/lunch box with wood handles.  How cute is that? … Read More