what I bought in Lucca

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Yesterday, I shared about our shopping trip to Lucca and today I am showing all of the goodies I bought, carefully wrapped, strategically packed, and brought home in my suitcase.  Well, and I borrowed some space in my mom’s suitcase, too! If you remember back to my post about shopping at the flea market in Paris, I shared how much I … Read More

flea market in Lucca

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I’ve been thinking about the highlights of my time in Tuscany and have concluded that it would be impossible to pick a singular favorite thing.  The places and experiences that were amazing, magical, awe-inspiring, and memorable are just too numerous.  If I was forced to pick one, though, our excursion to shop at a flea market in the walled city … Read More

thrifting in tuscany

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On our way home from lunch at a local vineyard, Dana asked if we would like to stop by a thrift store to do a bit of shopping.  Was this even a valid question to ask of a bus full of antique lovers?   The answer, of course, was an enthusiastic yes. Our bus pulled up to the thrift store, Ti … Read More

hutch makeover in tuscany

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I must admit, when we got on a plane headed to Florence, Italy, I wasn’t ready to leave Paris, yet.  I loved our time there and it was tough to pack up our belongings and leave that apartment.  I was excited about Italy, but Paris would be hard to top. Well, Tuscany was not going to be upstaged or underestimated.  … Read More

Europe shopping list

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I already know, before I even set foot off the plane, that all of the offerings in France and Italy will be overwhelming.  There will be so many yummy, tempting European goods to buy that I feel like I need to have some sort of a plan, so my head and suitcase don’t explode.  I’ve learned that it helps to … Read More

antique german wardrobe

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Before I share the wardrobe, I have to confess that I have been completely distracted by my obsession with my upcoming trip to France and Italy.  I very rarely use the word obsessed about anything, but it’s true.  I have been engrossed, consumed, and beset with all things having to do with this trip.  It’s where my daydreams drift and … Read More