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Thursday of last week was the last day the boys were in sports camp, so I had the house to myself to work uninterrupted.  The butler’s pantry was done and I allowed it to dry for a couple of days before loading it up.  “Playing” with all of the accessories was the best part.  Not only did I arrange and style, but I also cleaned out and organized the drawers and cabinets as well as the closed storage in the dining room and some in the kitchen.  Things were still pretty jumbled from when we moved it and it felt so good to get it all properly organized.  Even though I didn’t purge anything (I did that pretty extensively before our move), I ended up with lots of empty space just because it was all sorted and organized and random things were moved to a permanent “home” with other like items.

Anyway, I know you’ve been patiently waiting for it, so here is how the butler’s pantry turned out…

Here is how it looked before…

I cannot express how much I love how this turned out!  It is the perfect bridge between the kitchen and the dining room and, even though it’s just stock cabinetry filling an otherwise awkward niche, it looks a little more worthy of being called a butler’s pantry now!

Many of my readers and instagram followers commented that the green would really feature my white ironstone collection and it definitely does.

The bead board adds some great texture and charm, too.  I thought it might get lost if it was all painted green, but the shadows settle in the grooves, accentuating the beaded detail.

I styled the piece almost exclusively with white ironstone pieces, but I also included some linens, an old scale, and antique utensils to add a little more interest for the eye.

As I was working on styling this piece, I ended up shuffling ironstone between the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the butler’s pantry to find the best combination for each shelf.  I’m sure I’ll continue to move things around as the mood strikes, but I played with it enough that I feel like I landed in a good place.

One thing is for sure – these spaces are pretty well stocked with ironstone!

One of my favorite views of the butler’s pantry is from the dining room.  It just ties in with the mural so beautifully.  I’ve learned over the years that being mindful of the view through each doorway really helps with the flow of a home.  There is a welcome pull from one room to the next.

Here is how the butler’s pantry looked before…

…and now…


The color of the butler’s pantry relates to the mural in the dining room and, of course, the island in the kitchen beautifully.

And, I know it’s hard to see in pictures alone, but it also ties into a couple of green antique pieces in the adjacent living room – the antique chest at the back of the sofa…

…and this green side table…

And, you may have noticed that it brings out all of the live greenery in the space.  The plants just pop now!

I am hoping to find some fabric with some greens in it to thread it together even more.  I haven’t found just the right one, so I might even hand paint my own!

I’ll share the color formula for the “Boxwood” green match and more details about the glass pulls in another post.  Until then, I am basking in the glow of the butler’s pantry makeover…


  1. Julie Bennett

    It’s really lovely – just perfect! 😊

    • Susan Lipkin

      Marion , your style evolves with every project…I look forward to your posts with eager anticipation! You are so widely talented and passionate about
      your “ART” ❤️

  2. Marty Oravetz

    Wow, it looks amazing

  3. Connie

    Could not be any prettier, Boxwood is the perfect shade of green! And speaking of perfect, I spy the beautiful new gold mirror over the dining room buffet too; have so enjoyed following the magic that is happening in your new home!

  4. Deedra

    I have to agree with the previous poster. It could not be any more beautiful or perfect. You truly inspire me!

  5. Michelle Bentz

    Really gorgeous! I love how you are transforming your home – inspiring as ever!

  6. B Folk

    Oh, yes! Before, the Butler’s Pantry was just “there”, but, now, it stands out without drawing undue attention away from any other connecting space, how’s that possible?
    Very nicely done, Marian.

  7. Maria

    It’s gorgeous! And I love the way you styled it. It really shows off your beautiful ironstone pieces.

  8. Debbie wilson

    My favorite – but unexpected- touch is the stack of linens! Perfect addition! Love it alll!

  9. Linda Folster

    It is truly perfect in every way and just right to show off all your beautiful ironstone………and I love the way it looks from the other rooms too………….as usual your instincts were right on the mark, Marian!!

  10. Brenda

    I have to say my favorite things I’ve seen you do so far ( And I love a lot of what you do! ) is the dining room mural and the butlers pantry. They are lovely! But I will admit I am a green girl. Well done!

  11. Kathy

    The butlers pantry is beyond perfect now! I’m one of those who voted to paint all of it green. That ironstone really pops (and yes I wish I owned more). That boxwood on the island is dreamy, too. I didn’t realize I could like green this much! That exquisite mural dining room changed everything.
    Your pot rack doesn’t seem to photograph well, or is there something a little off about it?

    • Marian Parsons

      I have learned that the pot rack is one of those love it or hate it things. I have several readers who have suggested I remove it (from this house and my last one.) I love the pot rack and I do actually use those pots and pans daily. It’s completely a personal taste thing.

  12. Jordan

    What a beautiful thing to see as you walk down your stairs and start your day! Great job!

    • Marian Parsons

      It is! I really enjoy seeing it each morning.

  13. Amy

    I just love how it turned out! Please come move mountains in my home! 🙂

  14. Gabriel

    LoveLoveLove the green paint on the butler’s pantry and the kitchen island! It complements your ironstone perfectly. As much as I like the glass pulls/handles on the kitchen cabinets, I think they look out of place and a bit overpowering on the pantry. Just my opinion and it probably doesn’t look as big and noticeable in person. Beautiful kitchen and pantry!

    • Marian Parsons

      Yeah, the handles do pick up a little more on camera than they do in person. I had a tough time, because I didn’t find many options that bridge the traditional style of the home and my love of antiques AND fit the narrow space on the drawers. (Bin cup pulls, for example, are too tall.) I felt like this did the trick, but maybe there’s something better out there…

      • Gin

        I agree. The handles seem wrong to me but I absolutely LOVE that green!

      • Patricia

        I Like the pulls. They look like you and don’t they go with the pulls in the kitchen?
        I’d have an awful time taking down glass doors- I just put a bunch up! But it’s more your style and the end product is great. Maybe you’ll reuse the doors one day.

        • Marian Parsons

          Yes, I kept the doors and glass shelves, so things can always be changed down the road either by us or the next owners.

      • Denise P

        How opinions vary! I was thinking as I viewed your photos how much better those Lucite handles look against the green cabinets than they do the white. They disappear on the white (which is great if that’s what you’re going for). I put Lucite knobs on my new natural maple cabinets to give them a softer look; they stand out but aren’t so bold that they smack one in the face.
        However, I’m not a fan of the green on the island. For me it relates to nothing else in the space and works against the marble backsplash. But that’s just me. Good thing we all like different things or the world would be boring. 🙂

      • Addie

        I LOVE it all!!! The first thing I thought was, “Oh!!! those glass handles just make it all perfect!!! I even thought too bad they don’t show as well (at least in pictures) on the white cabinets. Please don’t change them!!!
        LOVE it all and glad you are throwing green into the mix. Too much blue/white can get to be a bit boring.
        Adding a third color to the mix…livens it up and keeps it interesting.
        So glad you didn’t leave the bead board white. My vote was for green to show cast the dishes.
        Love it all….can I move in???

  15. Kim P

    Just perfect, so nice. I’m amazed at how you have brought green into these rooms and it looks great.

    • Elizabeth St

      The butler’s pantry turned out so well, Marian, you deserve a butler to go with it. I do agree with my fellow readers who suggested rethinking the pulls. You were right to go with what felt best. But I won’t be surprised if you come up with something better. You did such a beautiful job of giving the pantry a vintage feel, you might like it even better if the hardware contributed to that vibe.

      Excellent point about the views from other rooms. You nailed it. Your mural in the dining room is amazing. Now, as guests see the results, I predict you’ll get lots of practice finessing your explanation of why you don’t have time to go out and paint murals in everyone else’s dining rooms. Maybe you can give them the push they need to try it for themselves. You should be very proud of your accomplishment.

  16. Janet in Kansas City

    Love that you are incorporating greens! The butlers pantry looks very rich and warm now. Beautiful.

  17. Kim

    Your instincts were 100% correct. It looks beautiful styled with the ironstone. The connection of all the rooms is really apparent.

  18. Angie Boughton

    As always, you have hit it out of the park! The pantry looks amazing and really ties your dining room, kitchen and family room together. The dining room mural is amazing! BTW, I really missed seeing you at Lucketts Market this past May! 🙁

  19. Janie

    I have been torn between using blue or green in an upcoming renovation. You are showing me how to use both. Thanks

  20. Arli

    Boxwood is such a beautiful shade of green and the perfect choice for the pantry and island. I’m loving all the recent changes. So beautiful and cohesive.

  21. Meredith

    It looks stunning!! You must just sit on your sofa and stare with heart eyes… I love when a project is complete and you love it even more than you thought you might. Look how much you have done in only a year! I am really enjoying watching your transformation!

  22. Deborah Raney

    I was thinking what Meredith said: Look how much you have done in only a year! This turned out just beautiful, and like someone else said, your instincts were right (even though I voted for white, you WERE right. The ironstone would have gotten lost on white…and it would have been a bit choppy. This is just perfect!)

  23. Sue

    Marian, wow,wow,wow. I love your decorating style. Boxwood is absolutely,positively the most beautiful green in the entire wold.

  24. Rachel Mora

    Wow wow wow!!!! Probably my favorite thing you’ve done in your new house so far!!! It looks absolutely perfect!!!! Your home is really coming together now! You’ll be on cruise control in no time!!

  25. Robbie Zeller

    You have the best eye for things. Your new home is completely cozy and wonderful. Christmas touches on the hutch shelves will be special!

  26. Heidi S

    I’m one who doesn’t really “see” the pot rack. I’ve got one waiting to be hung one of these days!

    I do notice the pulls on the green island and pantry. Don’t dislike them. Do wonder if there’s something else out there-probably custom-that match but can be painted the same green. Or can you paint the ones you have? Just a thought at nearly 2AM! Love the change to green!

    And, I too, love the new mirror.

  27. Carla

    It looks amazing! Fantastic job!

  28. Inga

    Fantastic! I wonder were do you get those old scales from – they fit in so nicely…

  29. Victoria

    Love the colour, the handles and the beadboard backing! Not as convinced about all of the stuff on the surface as it doesn’t seem a usable space. Will you be treating it solely as storage and display?

    It does fit beautifully with the others spaces.

  30. karen

    When you walk down the stairs you must just sigh….ahh. Stunning

  31. Shelly

    Marian your Butlers Pantry looks great! I am so glad you painted it all green. When you first posted about doing it I could also envision it !
    Your home is coming together so nicely and really starting to look like your style. Bravo!
    And your dining room is beautiful. You are one talented lady!

  32. Annie

    I’m in love with your new butlers pantry. The color boxwood is perfect and really unifies ithe area between the dining room mural and kitchen island. In the before pictures the butlers pantry looked like a set of upper and lower builder grade cabinets were thrown up as an afterthought. Now the butlers pantry appears to house a custom cabinet. I also appreciate that you didn’t reinstall the cabinet doors. The doors looked too “heavy” for that small space.
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  33. Michelle

    Beautiful! I love the green!

  34. Mary

    You’ve opened my mind to green decor! This butler’s pantry is stunning and it definitely showcases the white ironstone. This is at the top of the list of all-time greatest DIY’s by Miss Mustard Seed.

  35. Sage

    This is so beautiful! I have a question, though. Every time I’ve painted a piece of wood furniture, even after letting it dry before putting things in it, it seems like it remains eternally “sticky”. It isn’t sticky to the touch, but if you set anything on it then when you come back to remove it it requires a tug to get it off. Do you know what causes that? I used regular home improvement store paint (not oil based). Do you have this problem with your paints? Also, your butlers pantry has a nice sheen to it. Does your paint have that sheen or did you put something else over it?

  36. amy joanne mogish

    I can see why you are basking in the glow….so amazing…everything!

  37. Nancy

    What a lovely color. It appears that green is now on trend. Many other bloggers are choosing green to update their rooms. But you do it best. I agree with some of the other comments about those handles. They overwhelm the piece and seem out of character for you. You are an inspiration for anyone who wants to use paint to update furniture and rooms. I enjoy your posts and look forward to each creative project.

  38. Angela

    Just beautiful. The transformation of the house you bought into your home is just stunning. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  39. Nancy

    Just a thought. Your kitchen countertops are fabulous. The butler’s pantry might become a more functional counter space for parties if it had a quartz countertop to match.

  40. Lisa

    This is beautiful. Love everything about it. I like the glass handles in the kitchen & on the butler’s pantry. They add touch of sparkle.

  41. Heidi Dallas

    Wonderful ! Looks great !
    -Heidi from Ohio

  42. Isobel

    Love the green. I am looking forward to your reveal on how to create the boxwood shade. I love the sofa. Can you please share who the manufacturer was?

  43. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    I love how it turned out!

  44. Lisa

    Ummmmm… yessss! Perfect. Seriously.🙌🙌🙌

  45. Finch Furnishings

    Is it just me or did this like totally make this house finally feel Miss Mustardseed-ish? I’ve loved every one of your updates, but this one really feels like the missing piece! Beautiful!

  46. Kate

    The green is beautiful, especially with the ironstone. The only thing that looks a bit off to me is the hardware. The glass handles look to “bulky” and modern compared to the delicate lines of the ironstone. I think you need hardware that has some curve. I wonder if ceramic would complement the ironstone better?

  47. Terri

    Absolutely beautiful!

  48. Pamela

    GASP! It is perfection.

  49. Betsy

    Just beautiful and it just looks so lovely next to the dinning room. I know I’m jumping the gun but I am picturing some holly in the cabinet at Christmas.

  50. Cherie

    Marian, your pantry and island are stunning! While blue and white are gorgeous, adding another color to the palette make them sing in harmony. Love the shade of green and love your mural.

  51. Kellie

    I was one who voted for the bead board to stay white, but only because I was having trouble visualizing the section between the two pieces painted green without anything on the sides besides the corbels (so I guess my issue was more that I wouldn’t have installed that bottom section of bead board). BUT I’m so glad you went with your instincts, because it is just perfect, especially how you’ve styled it. Green is my favorite color and is an accent color in just about every room in my house too, so these pictures just make me smile.

  52. Kim

    Absolutely GORGEOUS. LOVE the beadboard addition.

  53. Joy in Alabama

    Love.it. It really looks like a piece of furniture now instead of misplaced kitchen cabinets!

  54. Kelly

    I love the green! And I’m not normally a green color person. I can’t wait to see the formula for this color. I might have to paint a cabinet in my kitchen green to tie with the blues in my house!

  55. Tracie

    The Butler’s Pantry turned out so beautiful! Adding the bead board and corbels really gave it that finished touch. And the view from the Dining room!! Everytime I see a picture of your mural, I am just so amazed that you did it so quickly.
    The mirror–exquisite!! No wonder you are happy beyond words. 😀

  56. Jill

    I love love love this! It’s so fun to see how “you” are coming through in this new house. Same colors and returning your mom heal roots, but re-imagined and fitting for this new home. It’s coming together beautifully! Thank you for being you!

  57. Melanie

    I was one of those that voted for the white. I couldn’t have been more wrong!! This is stunning!!

  58. Sherri Mailes

    Perfect choice of color and the backdrop green as well. Ironstone pops now, where with the white backdrop – not so much. It looks wonderful!!!!

  59. Laurie

    Color at last!
    Glad you changed the pulls!

  60. CONNIE in GA

    I. JUST. LOVE. IT!!!!! I was a green voter and I’m glad to see that “we” were spot on – LOL. The view from the dining room makes my eyes happy and the mural is so relaxing to the soul.

  61. graham

    Perfection! I agree with Cherie, the addition of green made the blue and white so much better. Everything just two colors seems a bit “sleepy” to me. Now you have pop! Your mural is the bee’s knees. I just love it. It enlarges the room so much- why do they make dining rooms so small?

  62. Cynthia

    Beautiful! It looks like a freestanding piece of furniture now.

  63. Lori

    It’s beautiful!!!

  64. Linda

    Love the color of butlers pantry. I agree with other comments that the pulls aren’t quite right. Since you’re wanting the butlers pantry to seem/ feel like a piece of furniture the pulls shouldn’t match the ones in the kitchen . Too matchy matchy in my opinion.

  65. Sharon

    I love it! Excellent, every additions just makes your home fabulous!

  66. Karen

    Love to see the addition of green into your rooms. Much better than just blue/white!

  67. Sue

    To design this to look like a piece of furniture was brilliant and something that a lot of us could do, the color is like adding another layer to your design making the space look like it was collected over time. In my humble opinion it needs just one more thing… a piece of your art nestled in amongst the ironstone. Keep creating!

  68. Patti

    Just beautiful…but I agrees with one of the other comments, the handles look a little out of place.

  69. Sandra Haymart

    Love, Love, Love! So glad to see the move beyond White, White, White, blue, White. lol The green gives your home that “comfy cozy feel. It adds the warmth of love.

  70. Dianne

    What a lovely transition . . .

  71. Suzanne

    I also think this is stunning! I usually can envision things, but your idea to remove the doors, add the beadboard and replace the glass shelves completely transforms this area into the look of a custom/ vintage piece! Not sure i would’ve gotten there. I also collect ironstone and would love a beautiful spot like that to display it where it really has some impact. Hmmmm…..the “desk”area in our kitchen is kinda useless….i have a space that is easily five feet wide.
    We used “crystal knobs” on our island, which is an espresso color and I love them. Our cabinets are creamy white and have brushed nickel “bin” style pulls. Wanna come to my house in NC? Maybe in March, when winter starts to feel endless. 😉

  72. Sandra B

    Such a stunning difference. Its so right. Why anyone would prefer the construction grade to a beautiful painted piece is beyond me. Bravo Missy.

  73. Deb

    Two words…. GORGEOUS & AMAZING! Love it! 🙂

    Deb 🙂 🙂

  74. Joan

    HI Marian, WOWWWW, the green really looks good with EVERYTHING! way to go!
    I LOVE IT! Beautiful work, a job well done ONCE MORE!

  75. Carole

    The butler’s pantry is stunning! I love the headboard, the corbels, and the glass handles. It ties in perfectly with your island. This should be featured in a magazine! Can’t wait to see how you decorate your home for the fall and winter.

  76. Carole

    Beadboard. Not headboard.

  77. Pam

    You perfectly achieved your goal Marian! It looks like a piece of furniture now for sure! I love how the green works so beautifully with the blues in your home. This project is a great one to show how to take newer home features and add your own personal flair to them.

  78. Krista

    Wow! Stunning! I love how the touch of green in each of the rooms is so complimentary to each other. You never cease to amaze me! In addition to ironstone storage, it would also work nicely as a coffee bar.

  79. penny gharst

    Really liked the color instead of the wood. And it flows so nice into the dining area. Beautiful.

  80. Olivia

    I love how it looks like a piece of furniture now instead of a built in. Best part for me would be the electric plug on the side by the bottom shelf. I own a lot of light up Christmas pieces. I know you decorate with natural greens for Christmas but some twinkle lights would be pretty.

  81. Marcia Yochum

    Those glass handles, though. Perfect ❤️

  82. Karen K. from Buffalo

    I never would have thought the green paint would mix well with your surroundings, especially your blue & white collection! You were right & it all ties together beautifully!! I’m a lover of natural wood & am re-thinking this with regards to an antique desk that I have. I just don’t know what color to go with!!

  83. Kathy Thompson

    I just love that green!

  84. Catherine

    Gorgeous! I love it.

  85. Chris Moore of Seattle

    I love how it compliments the mural. Can you not bring ‘bits’ of the mural to either wall next to the piece? And to the ‘light switch’ wall? Too Much? I am in the minority, but I think the pulls look fine. And I particularly love the dentil trim. I was afraid you were going to remove it. It’s my fave trim. Nice job!!

  86. Jeannie

    Altho there are times when I like green, I’m not a green-loving lady. But this is AWESOME. Love the way the green flows without taking away from your blue & white.
    If I had just half your energy… You’re a regular energizer bunny!
    It’s all gorgeous.

  87. Sue in Northern Iowa

    Boxwood has been my favorite of your paint colors, and the butler’s pantry only reinforces that! It is truly stunning and just what that space needed. I love it!!!

  88. Lori Riggs

    First I love it all….love how you decorate anyway but being able to watch as your new home comes to life is amazing!

    I read you were thinking about painting your own fabric for drapes in your living room…how about adding green to your existing drapes with paint. Just a thought to consider.


  89. MaryLisa Noyes

    You nailed it! Ties in so well to all the rooms. I see the journey evolving from a love of blue towards green which is very nice. Do you use any protection under your ironstone pieces so they don’t scratch the wood surface? I use felt dots because sometimes the ironstone is a bit rough on the bottom.

  90. Debbie Westbrooks

    Perfect! Your house is starting to look like “your” home!!

  91. Kate Riley

    I LOVE all the green that you have throughout your home! The Butler’s Pantry is AMAZING!!!

  92. anne

    Love, love … inspired as well! Especially with the thot of being mindful of “the view through each doorway”. Something to ponder in my home and in my heart ❤️

  93. Patti Ewart

    Love the transformation! What is the bone handled cutlery called? I love them too!

  94. Marilyn shannon

    It could not be any better. Love the new mirror in the dining room!

  95. Deb Henry

    One word: EPIC!

  96. Jo

    Hi, Marian, I’m one of the people who voted for the white. But I knew whatever you decided would be the right thing. And it is! I love how it turned out. It really looks cohesive being all green. I like the pulls too. I thought you might put the doors back on, but love it without them. And love the mural in the dining room. I watched the video of you painting it. It’s lovely! Best to you!

  97. PattiC

    LOVE the green! Great job!

  98. Pat Mays

    Inside your head must be lovely. And to see it happen amazing.

  99. Vickie White

    I cannot believe you have created yet another amazing space from a ho-hum area. Your talents never end! I love the warmth and depth of that green. It’s rich and organic and textural….well done!!!

  100. Cynthia Johnson

    Aren’t you just tickled pink! It’s beautiful and your ironstone looks amazing too. It’s such fun to see your favorite things living a new life. You give me such inspiration ~ take care until next time!


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