black Friday art sale & giveaway

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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I’m still taking some time off, but I wanted to share just one Black Friday sale for those who are interested.  If you missed the original art sale I had last week, I have added some of my new paintings to Society6 and they are having a Black Friday sale today!  This includes 50% off wall art!

Here are a few of the recent additions for the Black Friday art sale…

abstract landscape pear | black Friday art sale | Marian Parsons fine art | Miss mustard seed

abstract landscape pair 1/2 and 2/2

abstract seascape no. 5 | black Friday art sale | Marian Parsons fine art | Miss mustard seed

abstract seascape no. 5

nice view no 1 | black Friday art sale | Marian Parsons fine art | Miss mustard seed

nice view no. 1

nice view no. 3 | black Friday art sale | Marian Parsons fine art | Miss mustard seed

nice view no. 3

blue nose II schooner painting | black Friday art sale | Marian Parsons fine art | Miss mustard seed

…and Nice View no. 5, which is the Blue Nose II Schooner

I also added some of my older paintings for the Black Friday art sale, like the Pair of Pears and a couple of the barns.

I hope you find something you like if my paintings speak to you and you’re looking to fill up some blank walls.

At this point, I’m just selling art prints in Society6, but I’d like to expand to a few other products when I have the time to design specifically for those projects.  I’m thinking specifically of a color chart wrapping paper!  I would love to have that done in time for Christmas, but that’s not likely.  The list of things I would like to do this holiday season is pretty long…gingerbread houses, hand-painted ornaments, crocheted snowflakes, hand-painted papers.  I’m even smiling as I type this list knowing that I might not fit it all in and that’s okay.

I will be reserving some time for more painting, so I can have another original art sale soon (hopefully before Christmas.)  The support I have received from my followers when it comes to my art has been encouraged me to continue painting with intention and purpose.  I absolutely love doing, but you’re the ones who made it more than just a hobby and I am thankful to each of you for that.

Also, I have a pair of abstract landscape paintings that didn’t make it into the sale, so I thought I would offer them up as a giveaway!

The giveaway is for this pair of 5 x 7 original acrylic/mixed media landscapes…


If you’d like to enter to win, just leave a comment!  The giveaway is open to international readers and will close on Monday, November 30, 2020, at midnight PST.

Good luck!

black Friday art sale & giveaway

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391 Comments on “black Friday art sale & giveaway”

  1. I’ve just ordered the second hare painting. Very happy as I love the first one. Think you need to paint your pretty pets x

  2. These are beautiful. I love your work and started oil painting (as a beginner) with you last Spring. Hope we can do it again!!

    I’m wondering how you feel about acrylics vs oil?

    You are an inspiration!

    1. So inspiring, I’ve always loved sketching, but now trying 🎨🖌️ I love seeing everything you do..I’ve enjoyed seeing your sketch books as well, they look so neat ,plus those cool art 🖌’s you where making the other day…and all the wonderful advice you give, even the wall that you have to dry your art work, thought that was such a wonderful idea, down to your books📚 of the month recommendations, which thanks to you, I’ve brought some lol…(can’t wait for your’s!!!! ) And our new future plans are to convert our screen porch into a office/ studio 😉 hopefully one day it’ll look as beautiful as yours…🤗🙋 Thanks for always sharing💙

  3. So happy. My husband and I just purchased ‘Nice view1’. I love your landscapes with all that beautiful sky and clouds! We live near a delta and it reminds me of the marshes just a few miles away. Thank you and Society 6 for such a Black Friday deal.

  4. I have followed you forever and love the journey and growth! I would love these paintings to add to my small collection.

  5. It has been so wonderful to see you from beginning to now , on your art painting journey. You are so talented.

  6. I recently started painting–all thanks to the encouragement you give on your blog! I would love to win these!

  7. So beautiful. One of my favorite tablescapes you did had little easels with landscapes painted on them. I always loved the way you incorporate your art into life.

  8. I adore your work and hope to acquire a piece very soon as I am renovating my home. Blessings for a happy holiday seasons!

  9. Thank you for all the things you share with us, I look forward every day to seeing what you post on IG, YouTube and your blog . This year I am especially grateful for all you do. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Hello and I hope you and your family had a peaceful Thanksgiving. I would love to win these,
    Thank you,

  11. Your work is lovely. It is so nice you have shared your painting process too. Thank you also for teaching me how to crochet!

  12. Love your work. Just starting to bring some art into our home and I would love to showcase some of yours!

  13. I just love your work! These paintings are so peaceful & serene!! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  14. Hi Miss Mustard Seed loved exploring your blog and learning about your artwork they are fabulous!

  15. Oh, these are so fun and fresh! I just love the dreamy clouds! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  16. I’m enjoying the abstract turn some of your paintings have taken. Just painted our dining room light green and white. I know one of your paintings would look amazing in here!

    1. These are beautiful! Do you mind telling me what paint brand you use? Acrylic or oil? And the substrate? Thanks!

      1. Sure thing! I mostly paint with oils, but some of these are acrylics, like the pair I’m giving away. Acrylics don’t blend as well since they dry so quickly, so I get a different look with those. I use several different brands, but for oils, I use a lot of Windsor & Newton and Gamblin. I have a few colors that are Charvin and Vasari. For acrylics, I use Golden, Atelier, and Charvin.

  17. Your art is so beautiful and it would be such an honor to win pieces to hang on my walls. Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. Love following you. Watched your oil painting lessons… so wonderful to share! Thank you for all you do.

  19. Merci Marian! Enfin un concourt ouvert à l’international! J’habite la France et chaque blog que je consulte réserve ses cadeaux aux USA. J’aime beaucoup votre univers, votre palette de couleur et votre habileté en couture. Vous m’avez beaucoup aidée par vos diy. Pour la peinture, je ne suis pas du tout douée, vous êtes vraiment une artiste! Bravo et merci pour votre partage.

  20. You are such an inspiration in everything you do and then share with us!
    May God Continue to Bless You!

  21. I’ve loved watching the evolution of your painting! These abstract landscapes are becoming some of my favorite things you’ve done!

  22. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon your Instagram! I love your work and it has inspired me to paint again! I hope we can buy a house soon so I can set up my paint studio here in the Netherlands. Would love to have your art hanging in our new home! 🏡🥰

  23. Your paintings, or rather your adventure into painting as art, have inspired me to paint more and to do so proudly. Still working on my confidence but have managed to sell one large abstract. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  24. I was so lucky at your last sale~
    You are so talented and love that you share with us! ♥️Lee

  25. Thank you for your inspiration. I have recovered chairs because of you and have recently gotten into art.

    Happy Holidays!

  26. Love your paintings. Would love to win. For thanksgiving I the gelatin fruit dessert. It was a hit. I used the 1/2 cup sugar and was just right. I don’t like to use Maraschino cherries 🍒 because of the dye. Found some at our coop that doesn’t use dye. They were delicious.

  27. What a sweet giveaway, thank you! And I know the same happiness at too many fun activities and projects ahead. It’s a good problem to have!

  28. Love your art!! It’s always been difficult for me to buy things for myself, but I will definitely take a look at what is available. Sorry I missed your sale!! -Heidi

  29. I do enjoy your artwork. You are always so encouraging and calming and really help me keep perspective sometimes. Thank you for doing what you do!

  30. I love your paintings – they’re so beautiful and calming to look at. Thank you for putting so many of the recent ones on Society6 so all of us can have one in our homes.

  31. I love the blues and greens that you use in your artwork, they speak to my soul. Thank you for the chance to win some of your beautiful work!

  32. I love your art so much and have been inspired by your home and following along since the beginning. Such a pleasure watching your journey.

  33. I love all your work! You inspired me to paint during the early days of the pandemic with your classes and I am still painting now – even have a couple Christmas paintings in the works 🙂

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