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While I’ve been healing from my surgery, people have been so generous to us.  We’ve been brought meals and I’ve received notes, cards, and gift cards to get takeout.  It’s all been such a blessing.  It’s just an arm, but it was major surgery and requires lots of time and rest in the first few weeks.  I’ve still just been working part-time, but I’ve been up and about more…going on short walks, out to run errands, to church, to small group, and to the climbing gym to watch the boys lead climb for the first time.

My mom left on Saturday and it was hard to let her go.  She’s been a tremendous help!  She’s taken care of Sebastian, ran me to appointments and on errands.  She did dishes, cooked, picked the boys up from school, and helped me blow dry & style my hair.  Friday, she spent the day doing laundry and some cleaning before she left.  She also made sure we had a stocked fridge, made us banana bread, chicken and wild rice soup, and a container of jello.  I’ve been eating a lot of soft foods because, in addition to feeling nauseous the first week, I ended up with an infection in my mouth the third week!  It’s totally unrelated to my shoulder, but I started having pain in my jaw that got pretty intense, so I went to the dentist to have it checked out.  I have extra bone in my mouth and I somehow cut or burned one place on the excess bone and it got infected and caused inflammation under a tooth, right on a nerve.  Thankfully, everything was okay with my teeth and I just needed to be on antibiotics.  The pain is gone and I’m now able to chew normally.  It was such a flukey thing.

Anyway, I’m healing well.

Before my mom left, we were planning to make some apple pie together and my antiquing buddy, Cheri, brought some apples from her tree for just that purpose.  My mom and I ran out of time and didn’t make the pie,  but I have loved having the apples sitting out in a bowl.

Cheri said they aren’t pretty like grocery store apples and I know what she means, but I think they are lovely.  I’ve been growing weary of a sense of sameness and I appreciated the lack of uniformity in these apples.  So, I’m enjoying them as a bit of fall decor before I make them into a pie. (Or I’ll talk Jeff and the boys through making a pie!  I usually peel and cut my apples by hand, but I’m going to buy a crank peeler, corer, cutter in order to get the job done easier.)

I also received a box from my Instagram friend Liz Marie Galvan containing her new book, Cozy White Cottage, and a couple of other gifts – a wood trivet and a Warm Caramel Crumble candle.  If you follow Liz Marie on Instagram and love her feed, you’ll enjoy this book.  It’s filled with well-styled vignettes, beautifully collected spaces, and lots of ideas.

Just like with the bouquet of flowers I received a couple of weeks ago, these items stirred my creativity.  I arranged them on our kitchen island, a manageable, simple fall display.

Let me tell you what… taking these pictures with my left hand was a feat!  My camera is full-frame, so it is heavy!  My left hand was shaking as I was trying to push the shutter button with my pinky.  I ended up with far more blurry, crooked photos than good ones.  I’m going to have to figure out a better solution until I can hold my camera again!  Taking pictures is pretty important in my line of work.

Anyway, since Liz Marie sent me a copy of her book and I already owned one, I’m going to give away one copy of Cozy White Cottage along with a $100 Target gift card.

To enter the giveaway, just subscribe to my blog and leave a comment letting me know you have (or already do!)  The giveaway will end Friday, November 1, 2019, at midnight PST.

Good luck!

apples, gifts & cozy white cottage giveaway

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952 Comments on “apples, gifts & cozy white cottage giveaway”

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Hope you continue to heal and get back to normality soon!! 😊

  1. I have subscribed and ready your newsletter every day. Thank you for all the inspiration and offering the giveaway.

  2. I am a fairly new subscriber. I love you blog and especially anything having to do with what I can “environmental aesthetics”. You have a wonderful eye and great taste. I’ve totally enjoyed the posts on your European trip. I’ve already requested that my public library purchase the Cozy White Cottage book but would love to have my own copy.

  3. I enjoy your blog and have followed it for years! Love your creativity with painting and decorating.

  4. I have been subscriber for a long, long time! 🙂 I enjoy reading your blog & getting inspired. I also follow Liz Marie & live in West Michigan (near her). Thank you for sharing a little peek of your life with us all.

  5. LOVE hearing all about your trip, seeing the sights and your purchases! How envious I am!
    I enjoy Liz Marie’s blog as well, you both have such great style! Thank you for welcoming us into your world. I feel like it’s a daily stop in to see an old friend. Only from Maine…


  6. I would love to win the book and gift card! But if I don’t that’s OK! Love, love, love your blog and style! Feel better soon.

  7. Have been a long time subscriber. It is hard when you aren’t able to use your dominant hand.

  8. I love traveling with you (not actually, but through your blog)! We always seem to be attracted to the same antiques!

  9. It is always a treat to see what you have to share. Your blog is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing…your love for God and all he had given us shines through you. Trish

  10. I would love to win both items, but regardless I love your blog and style! Take care of yourself and always look forward to what subject you’ll cover next!

  11. Oh, her book is on my Christmas list! I love your blog! I have followed your posts for what seems like forever. I was even able to participate in a painting workshop in Sun Prairie WI You truly inspire us. Get better soon!

  12. I have been following your blog for a long time and I was very excited to hear you moved to Rochester. Our family lived there for 11 years and we still call it home though we now live in Florida, I actually miss the snow. Hope you get better soon!

  13. I would love to win ad no store sells her book in my town. I’m not a big online shopper. Hope you feel better soon

  14. Your DIY blogs have inspired me many times to try new things! I have also been a subscriber for quite some time- hope you have a speedy recovery.

  15. Subscribed 👍 have enjoyed your blog since i stumbled across it over a year ago. Keep up the good work 🙂

  16. I have subscribed for a long time, and enjoy it so much! Sending healing thoughts for a speedy recovery!

  17. I am currently subscribed to your blog…I use your milk paint and have your books. I really enjoy all the fun things you share. I painted my dresser, nightstand and 4 poster bed with your linen paint. Turned out perfect. I love the all white decorating styles. So cozy!!!! And soothing!!! You inspire me to plan a trip to France. I want to go to Provence and see all the lavender farms. Have you ever wanted to do that?

  18. I follow you on FB, IG and also subscribe to your gorgeous blog! You’re such an inspiration. Please take care of yourself and heal well.

  19. I’m a rather new subscriber love your style and furniture refinishing ( I’m always sanding, staining painting or repurposing a piece) !
    Prayers for a fast recovery.

  20. I’ve been a long time subscriber to your blog….lovely items you purchased in Europe, and am as always, enjoying the telling of your trip!

  21. Such pretty “ugly” apples! I’m enjoying some honey crisp apples from my tree; I’ve got a small wood crate full on my counter that I’m looking at and eating. 🍎


  22. I’ve been a subscriber for years! Big fan of your blog- look forward to reading each and every post. 😊

  23. I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now and especially love how you’ve been covering your European travels! So enjoyable to see your visits to Lucca and purchases there photographed so creatively! I long remember my own visit there some eight years ago. I would return in a heartbeat!
    (And winning the contest would definitely make my mark skip a beat or two!) …

  24. Just noticed my oops comment!
    Should read “And winning the contest would definitely make my heart skip a beat or two! “ …

  25. I love your blog Marian. Subscribed years ago and will never unsubscribe : )
    I hope you feel better and get well soon!

  26. I’ve been following your blog for a few years but just now subscribed. I live near Lucketts, and my teen has T1D.. feel a connection to you. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  27. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your new decorating ideas. Thank you for your inspiration!

  28. I have been a subscriber for a few years now 🙂 I”m happy to hear you are recovering so well. Take care – Best, Susan

  29. I’ve followed you for years and love your milkpaint 😊 and I got the privilege of meeting you briefly at a market in Colorado!

  30. New subscriber here, but have read your blog for years! Love your blog and genuine personality that shines through! Hoping your shoulder heals quickly!

  31. Marion,
    I subscribed to Liz Marie’s site based on your recommendation, and went to my local target to purchase her book and they are soldout!!!
    More recently however, you have been on my mind. I was in Rochester for a conference and imagined myself strolling through some of your same “haunts”. (No pun intended!) I so wanted to find a beautiful wall clock similar to the one you discovered. Or perhaps some other gem you are so proficient in discovering!
    This is the 5th time I have typed this comment on my tiny phone and keep getting redirected by the lateral arrows. So, I believe I too am an old soul!!! LOL!!

  32. New subscriber to the blog, but have followed you for awhile. Your creativity is truly inspiring and I love using your milk paints! Happy healing!

  33. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years now. I just love the colors you choose, and how you’re willing to tackle any project. You are an inspiration.

  34. I have enjoyed your blog since inception. Thank you for sharing your talents and for the creative inspiration.

  35. I have subscribed for several years and always enjoy your posts. Sending good wishes from Hanover, PA!

  36. Hi, Marian,
    I am a subscriber already, and love the postings. How about a tripod for the camera? Please enter me in the drawing, and thanks for being so generous.
    Heal well!

  37. I’ve been a subscriber for many years! I’ve even visited your spaces at Lucketts before your move to Minnesota. Love your blog and love LizMarie too!

  38. I just discovered your blog a week ago. Where have I been! I have now subscribed and looking forward to being inspired and to learning something new.

  39. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years and I enjoy reading it. It’s very interesting and I’ve learned a lot.

  40. Marian,
    I’m sorry you have been through so much pain and suffering lately…but it can be good for us because the Lord works like that. I pray you are all healed up soon. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and inspiring us!

    New Hampshire

  41. I love your blogsite and all of the various topics and photos you include. I had a wonderful time on your and your mom’s recent trip and I didn’t have any jetlag! You’re doing more with one arm than I’ve been doing with 2! It’s always sad when Mom leaves, isn’t it? Healing from a surgery that impacts your daily living is hard, but soon this will be in the rearview mirror for you.

  42. I love your blog and have followed it for years! I’ve always look forward to opening your email! Praying for you a fast recovery.

  43. Already a subscriber! I love reading your blog and have especially enjoyed your trips to Italy since I’m planning a trip a couple of years out.

  44. Have followed and admired your journey for many years. First notice was introduction to your marvelous paints. Do take time to heal and achieve complete rehabilitation.

  45. I have been reading your blog forever!!! Love all that you post. Inspiring, creative, reflective, and refreshing! Thank-you!

  46. Hello Marian,
    Been around for years!!!….with no plans of EVER leaving!!!!
    You HAVE to paint those apples…..simply must. They are so beautiful.
    Hope your recovery is going good….you are in my prayers.

  47. Have subscribed for years. Cut way back on the blogs I follow, but never considered stopping yours!

  48. It’s coming up on a year since I subscribed I think. I look forward to your posts and always read them first before my other subscriptions. If I only have time for one, it’s always yours.

  49. I’ve been a subscriber for a very long time; I may go through my mail daily, but MMS I always take time out to read…Thanks for a well versed blog!

  50. Oh, Marian, sorry you got a “double whammy” with having a mouth infection during your convalescence from surgery! I’ve had a similar thing the past few months (“tennis elbow” in both arms, and a two-prescription run with a sinus infection). It’s so hard for many of us to basically do “nothing” while healing, but it is necessary if we want to heal fully and permanently (how do I know this?). Please don’t rush your healing!
    Subscribed after many years of “just” reading you every day:) Liz Marie’s is one of my other favorite blogs… Thanks for the Personal Retreat Guide download, too! God bless you.

  51. I have been reading and loving your blog for many years…so happy that your recovery is going well, except for that infection in your mouth! My daughter had the same surgery as you last year, and she stayed with me for two weeks while recovering, so I know what you have been going through. Thank goodness for Mom’s, right?
    The good news is that she did very well, and has been pain free ever since her surgery. I am sure you will do just as well, fingers crossed.

  52. Hi! I have been your fan for years! Love your creativity. Prayers for healing for your shoulder.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  53. I’ve subscribed for several years and have enjoyed your blog. You put a fresh spin on transforming a house into a home.
    All the best.

  54. Hoping that each brings you closer to a complete recovery. So enjoy your blog, Facebook, and Instagram… good to see you in my inbox, too!

  55. I have been a subscriber for several years. Thank you for sharing so much of what you do and for this opportunity!

  56. I’ve been following your blog since the beginning. I remember when you were making all those glitter ornaments! It’s been fun to watch your mustard seed grow.
    Prayers for healing.

  57. I have just subscribed, though I’ve read your blog from the beginning. Thank you for the opportunity to win these gifts.

  58. Thanks for deciding to do this giveaway. It’s very good of you .
    I’ve enjoyed your blogs & your unique style. Hope you continue to heal well & no more random strange illnesses! Thanks also for keeping it real🎃

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