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Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Magnolia Pearl.  I am over-the-moon to be partnering with such a unique and amazing brand.  As always, all words and opinions are my own.

I think it was my second year selling as a vendor at the Lucketts Spring Market and a couple of other vendors scurrying around the event, setting up their spaces and coordinating other vendors, caught my eye.  They were wearing ruffled pantaloons and layered under linen dresses with beautiful details, finished off with lace-up leather boots.  It was different and slightly eccentric, but I loved it.  Not only did I love the easy, feminine style of it, but I loved that these ladies weren’t wearing what the trends told them to wear.  They were wearing something that spoke to their personal aesthetic and it worked.

And, I have to admit, the theatre-girl and antique-lover in me both love clothing that speaks to the past and has a little flair.  Leather wing-tip shoes, petticoats, and linen dresses.  I even love hoop skirts, but that would be taking things a little too far!  So, this look and the attitude behind it appealed to me.

I later came to learn that the clothes they were wearing were Magnolia Pearl.

Many of you have asked and Magnolia Pearl is the maker of the dress in my new profile picture.  THIS is the stunning dress I’m wearing.

Now, if you’ve never heard of Magnolia Pearl, I need to tell you a few things before you click over!

#1 – The detail on each piece is just incredible.  The pictures can’t even do them justice.  They are made with high-quality materials, like European linens and custom-made fabrics, with lots of details added by hand.  And the prices reflect that level of craftsmanship and design.  These aren’t typical off-the-rack clothes.  As I’ve gotten older, though, I prefer to splurge on one fantastic piece of clothing instead of buying several that I feel lukewarm about.  (And, as you can see, this blue and white dress is a showstopper!)

#2 – Magnolia Pearl’s look isn’t for everyone.  “Imperfection is our aesthetic” is the way they put it.  As in the case of chippy paint on furniture, if you get it, you love it!  You’ll love the frayed edges, distressed fabrics, and patches.  If you don’t get it… well, you don’t.  And that’s okay.  That’s what makes the world go round.

The other interesting thing about their clothes is they are sold in one size.  I must admit that, as I browsed their site, looking at all of the gorgeous pieces, the sizing made me nervous about placing an order.  What would look good on my body shape or would it would even fit?  (I’ll answer this question in a minute.)

Magnolia Pearl has a great option for those who can’t make it into their flagship store in Fredericksburg, TX or one of their retail partners.  You can order a PICK BOX online.

Here’s how it works…

They will send a box full of clothing that you pick (and they usually add a few pieces that coordinate your picks to the BOX). You get to keep the BOX for a week. During that time you can try on and wear the pieces while deciding which ones to keep. If you buy two items out of the BOX, Magnolia Pearl pays for shipping both ways.
If you’re interested in ordering a PICK BOX, you can contact Red directly at RED@magnoliapearl.com or call 918-850-8544.
The PICK BOX gives you a chance to interact with the clothes and try pieces without commitment.  I picked several pieces for my box and then Red (who I met a few years ago in Arkansas) picked a few more pieces for me.  Opening the box was such a delight.  Not only were the fabrics and details even more exquisite in person, but it was so fun to see the pieces Red had picked for me.
I tried on this black printed cotton twill dress first.  I liked this piece because you can wear it either way – buttons in the front or the back!  It’s also a length that can be worn as a dress or as a tunic.  So, it offers lots of versatility.
(Everybody was joining me for my modeling session!)
And I love that it looks like it was made out of 1930’s fabric.
It’s a simple dress, but it has subtle details that make it special.  The edges of the sleeves are just slightly worn…
And the snaps and buttons are all in keeping with the easy, vintage feel of the dress.
And, maybe the best part, the fit was great!  In fact, all of the clothes fit well.  Even the pants had adjustable buttons and a place to cinch the waist in the back.
I typically wear a 12-14, so I would guess most of these clothes would fit up to a size 16.
Aside from each piece being stunning to look at, they were all very comfortable, easy to wear, and a variety of looks could be achieved based on how the pieces were styled.

I tried on several of their tops and adored this linen embroidered babydoll shirt.

The embroidered detail on it reminds me of an antique christening gown.

It’s so pretty and delicate…

And, I also immediately loved this oversized blue and white polka-dotted scarf.  I don’t know if I’ve ever felt softer brushed cotton.

It’s another versatile piece that can be used as a scarf or a wrap.

Now, for the giveaway!  Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl wrote a book – …and the stars go with you and I have FIVE copies and TWO t-shirts to give away to my readers!

Here’s my stack of giveaway goodies…

Let me tell you a little bit about the book first…

As with their clothing, it is a feast for the eyes.  It’s a huge book (about an inch thick) filled with beautiful images…

…with yummy textiles, textures, and contrasts.

It is also filled with encouragement and inspiring quotes.

It’s the kind of book that feeds the creative soul in a peripheral way.  It isn’t literal inspiration, but it is a springboard.  It isn’t giving you an itemized to-do list for your home or wardrobe.  This book shares the best of what Magnolia Pearl does and it lets you take what you want from it.

For me, it’s a book I’ll go back to again and again when I’m feeling stuck or when I feel like everyone is doing the same thing.  Magnolia Pearl’s delightfully quirky creativity and unapologetic uniqueness will be a respite from that.

If you’d like to win, here’s how to enter…

Just leave a comment on this blog post letting me know one thing you found on the Magnolia Pearl site that you love.  It can be a piece of clothing, an image, something that inspired you, etc.

There will be FIVE winners.  TWO will win the t-shirt and the book and THREE will win the book.  The giveaway will close Friday, December 13, at midnight PST and I’ll announce the winners the following week. I want to get these books and t-shirts to the winners by Christmas!

Good luck, everyone!

…and the stars go with you | magnolia pearl giveaway

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427 Comments on “…and the stars go with you | magnolia pearl giveaway”

  1. I’ve followed Magnolia Pearl for years and it’s SO hard to pick just one thing I love most! Since I have to chose, I’d say the eyelet cotton dresses – So perfect for layering! 😍 The book looks amazing too!! I just love everything about their raw vintage style.. ❤

  2. This book looks amazing. I have not seen Magnolia Pearl before, but the clothes look beautiful. I love the cream top you had on in one of the pictures.

  3. I am familiar with Magnolia Pearl…have seen them at various craft fairs…love their clothing – a feast for the eyes! It’s hard to choose my favorite, but maybe the black printed cotton dress because it is so versatile.

  4. Love your black/gray dot tunic — looks so fun. Also the book would so great to read. Thank You.

  5. I have also followed Magnolia Pearl for years….Hard to wait to see the newest styles each year…I love the blue dress you have on and the star scarf….I am an avid lover of indigo…I also love her decorating style so much fun to look at , I’m liking your idea of buying one quality piece instead of some that are ho hum. I bought the where women create magazine with her on it, and admire her optimistic quotes etc….I would love a copy of her book, I’m sure I would look at it over and over……l

  6. The book cover is my favorite picture. I also love the cream dress/kimono in the last picture. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I loved the textiles in the book. Also loved the details of the blouses; they are just sweet. Would love to be the winner of one of the books. Thanks for introducing me to Magnolia Pearl.

  8. Love their clothing and I ADORE your models with you…how special for them to be included…they seem to have enjoyed it too! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  9. I have to admit that I love the look and all of the clothes, but not sure I would be brave enough to wear most of them. But I do love the blue tunic you wear in your new picture and the sweet white top you were modeling. I actually think the white top I could wear. I grew up in an old house similar to their shop and I love that old tattered look because most of what we had back then was old and tattered. Thanks for sharing and hope I win one of those awesome books.

  10. European cotton Sofia.
    This is my aesthetic! I have had that picture of the woman on the staircase saved on my phone for awhile! Layered, soft, imperfection! Love them!

  11. I love the COTTON JERSEY MOON PHASE PAZ A LINE TANK WITH DISTRESSING AND FADING, MAGNOLIA PEARL, perfect for Texas summers or layering over a long sleeve shirt!

  12. I love the blue dress you’re wearing!! And I love everything Robin creates. Her store Magnolia Pearl is a feast for the eyes too. You look great in all her designs.

  13. I was not aware of Magnolia Pearl until seeing them on your site. I love their quirkiness. I think everyone should have a little bit of quirkiness; it makes life more interesting. I like the comment you made about going back to the book when you feel stuck. I recently started writing on Medium.com and I am always looking for inspiration and ways to make my writing interesting and just a little quirky too.

  14. I have not seen Magnolia Pearl before but I love this style. So much inspiration here. I think my first purchase would be a pair of the miner denims or the Van Gogh clog. The box idea is an especially great service!

  15. OH wow, I’ve never seen anything like this, and I adore it all! If I have to chose, I would love to wear the Hi Lo Francis Pullover (Top 604), and I might need to own the Vincent Van Gogh Art Satchel to complete me (I mean, the look, LOL!) What a great company and generous giveaway. Thanks Marian!

  16. Thanks for pointing me to Magnolia Pearl! Beautiful clothing…my favorite is the Livia Eyelet slip dress and the Neela crush hand printed scarf! Love to be able to layer clothing – dd

  17. Thank you for sharing this unique company. I had never heard of them. I love how your posts always enlighten me

  18. I love Magnolia Pearl also. I sew a little and love their aesthetic. Just looking at their clothing makes me want to make something. I like their Tahlula Artist Blouse, for one. Of course I could pick a number of other pieces. The book looks inspiring. Your babydoll blouse is adorable!

  19. Good Morning and thank you for introducing me to Magnolia Pearl. I love the COTTON TWILL LANI CALLAWAY DRESS. My style in furniture and clothes are similar. Love the idea of layering this dress with scarves, jeans, boots, etc.
    I recently turned a bedroom into my studio and would absolutely be thrilled to have this book to look at when thinking about my projects and what direction I want to go. Thank you for your inspiration! Patrica 🙂

  20. I found the store pictures appealing and the photo shoot location had wonderful light. Definitely a place to stop in while in TX.

  21. I have been a fan of MP for many years but I don’t own a piece of her clothing. What is wrong with me! I love so much of her pieces but dress #545 stopped me in my tracks. Glad you found her you wear it well.

  22. Love, love, LOVE ALL the clothes, especially 691 and 698 💕💕💕. And I’m dreaming of savoring every single page of their book along with a cup of hot tea (or maybe hot chocolate 😉). Thank you for introducing them!

  23. Love the Coronado and the Calico Dress but favorite is your profile pic. These clothes are quirky and fun and reflect that bohemian side of me screaming to come out:)

  24. Oh my gosh. I’m going to Fredericksburg after Christmas. Now I really can’t wait to go. I have a feeling I’m going to be leaving Magnolia Pearl with a few things. Love love the baby doll top!

  25. I love Magnolia Pearl though I could never quite picture myself wearing the clothes. Seeing you in them makes me think I could pull it off! Everything looks great on you. Loved looking through the book section on the site. Would love to see more.

  26. I have never heard of Magnolia Pearl, but have now and I might be in trouble. The site is a feast for my eyes, but one thing I loved was the Moonlight top. I could see this with shorts or jeans and just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. This is a great giveaway to whomever wins. Happy Holidays 🎄

  27. I am fortunate to live in Texas near Fredericksburg and have been to the Magnolia Pearl store. It is a visual feast! The building itself will thrill any vintage /antique lover! I adore the lived in, distressed nature of the pieces they make. My personal favorite right now is the Kombu jacket. I love, love, love polka dots!
    Living in Texas, you see this style being appreciated a lot especially with a heavy focus on antique shows. My daughter and I make a twice yearly trip to Roundtop to shop the fields for antiques. Like you, we see many ladies adorned in this adorable clothing there!
    I will definitely be making another trip out to the store and hopefully pick up one of the fun jackets!

  28. wowza!!! Item # 4837,,the vintage lampshade,, and the style this CO has is like none other,, I’m impressed and would love a book for inspiration,, Merry Christmas !!

  29. Wow! Thank you for the introduction to this unique line of beautiful clothing. Everything looks exquisite, especially modeled by you and kitty, and I’m having a very hard time choosing just one. However, a committed and head-over-heels scarf gal, I must say it’s the blue and white polka dotted scarf. Yummy.
    Thanks for your blog, the ideas and for being you. What a gift you are.

  30. Such beautiful clothes! I love the Linen Ramie Anna Grace Embroidered Roses Dress with Lace Details and Gathered Hem. Love your blog!

  31. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for sharing such a unique company. All of their creations are beautiful, I would love to have one of their tops.

  32. One of the saddest stories(lol) of my life involves Magnolia Pearl! On a road trip out West several years ago, on our way to see something before closing time, after a day’s long tiring drive, and with a husband who has an aversion to shopping, I spotted the charming location of Magnolia Pearl just outside Fredericksburg, Texas. It beckoned though I knew nothing about what was in the shop yet I insisted we turn back. Although I was enamored with that beautiful building and surrounds, I didn’t want to push to go inside, but took many photos of everything outside. Regrets forever! What an inspiring, romantic, creative force this company is. The 502 Threadgood dress and the blue and white dress you’re wearing Marian, both look so versatile and dreamy. The book would be an everyday inspiration.

  33. I had the honor of meeting Robin and her partner at the Fredericksburg flea market at Sunday
    Farms Texas, Several times in 2003-05. As a dealer there, she used to buy my jewelery for her bags she made then. One of the nicest gals I’ve ever met. Would be thrilled to win her book/tee shirt. Thank you for reminding me of those days. ❤️❤️❤️ The blue top and new hair are beautiful on you. Makes you look like you are in your 20’s.

  34. Thanks for sharing! Love the Coyocan Scarf 005 and the top 691! The store and book look amazing as well! Thank you!

  35. So I have to pick just one, huh?! This is such a fun company! I’ve never heard of them. I really like the bluebird check dress. It screams summer on a farm to me. I’d love to shop in the store someday…

  36. I have not heard of Magnolia Pearl until now but I love the romantic, vintage look of the clothes and images…I loved the music…After I browsed through the sight, I stayed there for awhile just to listen to the music…beautiful.

  37. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway! I’m in love with all the clothing! My current favorite is what you have on in your profile pic and it’s blue 💙

  38. I have always received the Magnolia Pearl email with all the incredible photos they take for their catalog……they are definitely one of a kind pieces and I would love to win anything from Magnolia Pearl ………thank you so much for this giveaway!

  39. That dress really allows your personality to shine through! The Otha Lea linen blouse is calling my name, along with the Colette eyelet dress. Such eye candy! I have sewn almost all my life, so I really appreciate all the amazing details and fabrics. I know the book would also inspire me daily. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  40. Oh Marian!1 I have been living under a rock because i have never seen anything like this and now i’m in love! you look adorable in all the things! I to am around a size 10-12 but i’m short, 5’1. so I would definetly love the western shirt that is distressed and has paint on it. I could paint in it!1 I love their T-shirts, they look so vintage and soft and I am a hat girl. Love a good hat. Thank you for the chance to win one of these awesome books. What a great coffee table book!

  41. I liked the raw, old-fashioned look of all the pics on the website. The clothing isn’t my style, but I would enjoy flipping through that book! What I really wanted to say was how cute your little kitty is. I have one that looks a lot like her. Her name is Sadie. She’s our baby. 🙂

  42. European Cotton Talulah Artist Smock Blouse with Raw Hem, Snaps at Neck and Side Pockets, Magnolia Pearl , i just love it. i can see me wearing that a lot!

  43. The clothes are fun and incredibly well made, but for me the one thing that made me laugh out loud was the taxidermy goose! I love how he, or she, kept showing up unexpectedly!

  44. I love everything about Magnolia Pearl, the casual yet beautiful neutral colors and the jeans look comfortable enough to sleep in. The old furniture is so my style. I have an old, big red, chair with big square arms that reminds me of something they would have in their pages. It is my favorite place to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book.

  45. Love the cuffs! Great idea to add under a sweater/long sleeved top to add one of a kind style. Thanks for the giveaway and all your inspiration.

  46. This is the kind of book that is lovely for drinking deeply of earthy and somehow at the same time ethereal images. As an artist, I imagine the inspiration that would be ignited for creating works of all kinds – fiber art, watercolor and the list goes on. So, that is my thing – a book of inspiration. And as a bonus, I enjoy the theatrical appeal of how the clothing and all is displayed vignette by vignette.

  47. I’m late to this party! Dang! ( gone for a few days and no internet) I LOVE Magnolia Pearl, The book is on my Christmas list…… a gift list to myself from myself… I have so much trouble finding clothing that is comfortable to wear but still looks good. I have fibromyalgia and require soft, almost formless clothing against my skin. I’m a book lover and collector and the images in this book spoke to my soul. I first learned about Magnolia Pearl from you, you’d mentioned them in a long ago post. I would love, love to win this book and tees. Even if I don’t, thank you for bringing this company to the attention of your readers.

  48. I think I would choose the pink Lila dot scarf or the blue and white dotted scarf you have on in your blog post. The scarves are just about perfect!
    Eager to have a look at And the Stars go with you.
    Thank you for the giveaway. Enjoying your blog so much.

  49. I’d never heard of Magnolia Pearl before, but I really liked how unique and unusual their designs are. The book looks amazing.

  50. I am swooning over Dress #432 – Lilac Water, a gorgeous French embroidered silk rhone dress…sigh. I also love Mocassins #057 – Flint, Sueded all leather with gorgeous hand aging and beading. I went to their website the first time you mentioned and have spent hours looking and being in their world. It’s so beautiful to me.♥ Thanks again.

  51. I love the Linen Ramie Embroidered Savanna Blouse. I lived in Europe for years and it reminds me of all of the lovely textiles I would see at the flea markets there. Magnolia Pearl has such beautiful, unique things.

  52. Wow I love the linen embroidered babydoll shirt. The detail on this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  53. I love the Linen Ford Tux Shirt with Button Placket and Pintuck Bib! I swoon over pintucks. Robin Brown has been an inspiration to me for many years – I love the look and I love combing through thrift stores to find the pieces that have all the detail from days gone by. Thank you for sharing!

  54. I don’t even know where to start! The entire website is awesome! And the music!!!! Going to buy the book for my sister for Christmas. She is an incredible artist and musician and would wear those clothes so well! I love the Empathy quote! So true!

  55. Absolutely everything I see on the Magnolia Pearl website is beautiful and dreamy. I wish my budget would allow me to buy it all! Also, seeing peeks of the book has piqued my interest. It definitely looks like a good book to snuggle up with on a cold snowy day.

  56. I love so many of the things, but the embroidery on many of the items might be my favorite! I love the feminine vibe these items have.

    1. I am over the moon with the attention to detail ! Thoughtful lines of yesteryear and tomorrow so beautifully woven together to create one brilliant label! Dress 576 , a pure delight of eyelet . One I would wear with total delight
      To curl up with a sweet mug of tea and read the inspirations bound between the covers of Magnolia Pearls book, and the stars go with you , well does it get any better?

  57. Nice clothes and all comfortable looking, but the site’s music was the thing for me. What a soundtrack over there at Magnolia; eclectic, stylish, cool – like the fashion. Loved it.

  58. Love the photography in all her shoots. And the store is beautiful. If only Texas wasn’t so far away…

    thank you for sharing.

  59. Magnolia Pearl is new to me but so inspiring to see the creativity and craftsmanship. I love the details of the clothing that obviously demonstrates a vintage passion. I would love to read her book. Thanks for sharing…and that blue dress is so you:-)

  60. I love the polka dotted scarf because I am a huge fan of polka dots. It looks so fantastic on you.

  61. Oh My!! How fabulous and generous of you and Magnolia Pearl! Choosing is definitely the hard part …I would love to wear the Demy-One Size Top, Cotton Linen Jersey Birch Henley with Distressing, Four Button Placket, Three Quarter Sleeves by Magnolia Pearl …just so many styling options …love it! The book looks so inspiring too. Really like your new photo XO

    That’s just one of many I would love to have.

  63. To choose one thing might be impossible. I LOVE all the lace. My sister and I host tea parties, and the lacy tops and dresses would be perfect attire!

  64. I LOVE THE DRESS THAT YOU ARE WEARING! By far my favorite of theirs. I am visiting Texas next week so I may stop by!

  65. I LOVE the Magnolia Pearl style. I found Robin Brown several years ago, and her story of how she began to design and create is inspirational – beauty from ashes. The cotton denim coronado dress is my favorite. You have great taste. 🙂

  66. Oh there are so many items, picking one isn’t easy! But the Molly Jacket cotton floral hand embroidered kimono would be right there at the top! Perfect to wear so many different ways depending on your mood!

  67. The photography is so whimsical and ethereal. It makes me feel I am a young girl again exploring my Grandparent’s old farmhouse in Kentucky. It was a much sweeter, kinder time.

    These photos are truly pieces of art. They are conjuring emotions and and for me that is what art is all about.

  68. Wow! I just love the look of everything on the Magnolia Pearl Site! I especially loved the Cotton Silk Full Bloom Garden Dress…it has a lovely flapper shape and the details are just amazing. I’d love to own the book, as well…looks like it’s right up my alley!

  69. I agree with all Linda said in her comment … the photos took me back to my childhood also in Kentucky and when I found my Great-Great Grandmothers trunk of clothes that she saved from when she performed for years for the Ziegfeld Follies . I fell in love with all her clothes and have patterned my wardrobe from that trunk since …Thank You for introducing me to Magnolia Pearl …I have my eye on item #004

  70. WOW! So, so hard to choose when Magnolia Pearl is has such a vast and unique collection. I was smitten with top #716 – it is very similar to one my great, great aunt gave me when I turned 16. Thanks so much for the introduction; I hadn’t heard of Magnolia Pearl before.

  71. Thank you for sharing the Magnolia Pearl line of clothing/accessories, I was not familiar with them before reading your post. I usually gravitate to the scarves and accessories, but the cotton and print dresses are so dreamy & fabulous! Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  72. So many beautiful items from Magnolia Pearl – and Fredericksburg is such a cute town to have their flagship store in. . The Isadora blouse is beautiful, as in their kimonos.

  73. Wow Magnolia pearl is such a beautiful aesthetic! I just love the vibe it’s like the 20’s and 30’s coming to life. Makes me want to jump inside these photo’s.

  74. OH Marion , this giveaway is The best. I have several things from the site on my wishlist , zingy dress, french girl slip dress, would squeal with delete delight at velvet cut away that’s on the the book cover , sadly not for sale. This store is on my someday shop list. Merry Christmas!

  75. I love everything on their site so it’s hard to choose! I especially like their white and lace items…..stunning and sweet at the same time.

  76. Merry Christmas. This is a wonderful giveaway and this book would be a welcome read over the upcoming cold and snowy days ahead. I truly enjoyed the Magnolia Pearl fashion show you shared with us. I also loved the scarves.

  77. Wow Wow Wow…
    There is so much to love! The cotton T baby doll dress is a favorite but then again so many others caught my eye! Even the shoes! You are a lucky girl Marion!

    I have raised my family and now it’s on to the 16 grandchildren I’m loving! From 16 to 4 months! I have watched most of them while their parents worked! I’m now watching the almost two year old and the four month old girls! This is it! It’s me time after the last is in pre k!

    You are an inspiration to me! I can get lost in your blog. Thanks for sharing and being a little selfish I would love to win!

  78. Awesome Sauce!!! I have been following Robin Brown since her first book with Country Living; A bit of Velvet & A Dash of Lace. She gives such Inspiration & Love! I would love anything to have anything by her. Her place to visit is on my bucket list along with meeting you! Thank you for sharing love at this special time of year. God Bless

  79. So much prettiness to choose from! I think I’d go for the black printed cotton twill dress you tried on. I like it’s versatility! I had never heard of Magnolia Pearl up til 2 years ago. Kirk and I were in TX and happened to drive by the store. HE suggested we stop to see what it was! It is an amazingly beautiful place!

  80. I’m in love with their sloppy but stunningly put together style! I live the linen dresses and fun tops! But I really love all their dramatic and moody photography/styles!

  81. I think my favorite item is the book. It looks awesome. But I love the clothing and always have. My absolute favorite is the French Opulence Jacket. I would love that. Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. I love all the different ways lace is used! It’s just so inspiring. A lot of it reminds me of things my Grandma made. Thank you for such a nice giveaway 🙂

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