100 meadows project | 81-100

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Well, the 100 meadows project has come to an end!  When I first started, I didn’t think there was any way I would make it to 100.  It’s not that I doubted my ability to discipline myself to do it, but I know that I can be easily distracted by other things that are more interesting or exciting to me … Read More

100 meadows project | 61-80

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When I made the half-hearted commitment to paint 100 meadows, I didn’t think I would make it this far.  I was planning on not making it this far.  But, this challenge has been a surprise and a gift.  I never expected to see this much progress or to experience this much growth.  I didn’t know I would start to feel … Read More

100 meadows project | no. 41-60

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I can’t believe I’ve made it over the halfway mark in the #100meadows project!  When I started, I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t even make it this far, but now it looks like I will easily reach 100 and beyond.  I’m already thinking about what my next art challenge will be! I still have a lot to learn, but … Read More

100 meadows project | 21-40

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Well, I’ve been sticking with the 100 meadows project and I do believe that I will make it to 100!  I am almost halfway there and I found myself getting emotional when I completed #40.  I have grown so much and learned so much.  This has been such a worthwhile artistic undertaking on so many levels and it has pushed … Read More

100 Meadows Project | No. 1-20

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If you’ve been following me through my Instagram Stories, you have seen my progression as I’ve been working my way through painting 100 meadows in oil.  The project was created by Michelle Wooderson, someone who has been a constant source of inspiration for me artistically.  After taking a hiatus during my move, I wanted to start painting again.  This was … Read More

100 meadows

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Even though I’m still relatively new to “fine art” painting, I feel a pull to it on a regular basis.  I love the creative muscles I can flex when I’m working on my home, but there is something different about putting something on a blank canvas or piece of paper.  I hope to one day create a lot of art … Read More

100 oil stills | no 1-20

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If you follow my on Instagram, you know I have started my next art challenge!  I am much more focused when I have a challenge before me, so when the 100 meadows project ended, I needed a new one.  I initially thought I would paint faces/portraits, but I realized I would be painting off of photographs again and, after painting … Read More