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1800′s Linen Dresser | before & after

1800's Linen Dresser

…in the works the works

humble upholstery & an ornate frame

humble upholstery & an ornate frame

open road…

open road...

glittery & Sandy

DSC_4608 (424x640)

The Lucketts Holiday Open House is next weekend and it really crept up on me.  I usually start making ornaments in September, but I didn't start until last week this year.  Because of my late start, I'm just making German glass glitter ornaments and won't be making any of my sheet music ornaments.  In addition to glittered stars, words and pretty shapes, I'm making a bunch … [Read more...]

the world tour!


I'm being a bit facetious with that title.  Or perhaps hopelessly optimistic.  The amazing thing about this blog journey is that it always surprises me.  I think, "Oh, such-and-such would be pretty far-fetched, so it probably won't happen."  But then it does in some unexpected and amazing way.  So, will my book end up taking me on a world tour?  Who knows.  Probably not, but I'm getting an updated … [Read more...]

writing a book | how it happened

054cropped copy copy

Despite the fact that I just wrote a book I feel like I'm totally the wrong person to give advice to an aspiring author on how to get published.  I thought it might be helpful, though, or at least interesting, for me to share my experience and the process.  So, here we go... I've shared before that I've never thought of myself as a writer.  I was never good in English at school, disliked writing … [Read more...]

MMS Decor Steals Pick of the Month & Giveaway

DSC_4589 (640x426)

Welcome to another Decor Steals MMS Pick of the Month!  I'm sort of getting geared up for the holidays and when I spotted this beautiful Frenchy crown, I immediately saw it fitting in with some evergreen branches and sparkly ornaments.  It's subtle enough, though, that it can be used as a decorative piece year round.   I will say, I'm sometimes disappointed with pieces from wholesale … [Read more...]

Furniture Feature Friday – Favorites & Link Party


Good evening everyone!  I actually had time this week to look through your entries from last week and I was, as always, impressed by all of the beautiful pieces.  You always make it tough to pick favorites.  Here are three that stood out at me... Natty from Natty By Design gave this dated, but beautifully shaped chest a fresh coat of white paint and it made such a huge difference.  I also love … [Read more...]

French Chair Makeover & Video Tutorial

DSC_4566 (424x640)

Before I show these chairs, I am letting you know that I am selling them.  Yes, they are cane chairs and they are beautifully Frenchy, but I've recently made room for two pairs of French chairs and I just can't make room for a third.  Now it's out there and you can hold me to it!  (It's tough for me.)   This pair of chairs have a beautiful shape, but a finish that wasn't quite right for … [Read more...]

two most FAQs

Eulalie Gallery

The two things I'm asked the most about are my blue & white curtains and my cow painting (Eulalie.)  First, the curtains. I made them a couple of years ago out of Sun-n-Shade fabric by Waverly called Tucker Resist Chambray with $5 white twin sheets as lining.  Confession - I've never hemmed them and I'm at peace with that.  In fact, I have a bad habit of not hemming my drapes.  Anyway, I … [Read more...]

French Cane Chairs

DSC_4554 (424x640)

I will admit it.  I am a total sucker for French cane chairs.  I get all fluttery over them, they're very hard for me to sell.  That's why I have a plethora of them in my house and I will shuffle furniture around to make room for another cane chair.  It's getting a little out of hand. I, Marian Parsons, promise I will start selling the French cane chairs I buy like a good antique's … [Read more...]

shop & shop for inspiration


I know that Lucketts isn't a chain store, so unless you live within a comfortable driving distance of the DC metro area, you probably weren't able to make it to the October Design House.  Well, if not, you can check out some of the items featured in that beautifully decorated farmhouse at Shop Lucketts.  I have only bought a few small things from the Design House, but I go in for a look anytime I … [Read more...]

Milk Painted Wardrobe Reveal

DSC_4517 (424x640)

Here it is...   This is the piece I've been walking you through as I paint and finish it.  You can check out the first post about painting it HERE and the second post about distressing and waxing it HERE.  I purchased this wardrobe from an antique furniture store and it was beautiful to begin with, but it felt very dark and heavy.  The wood was also not in the greatest condition, so I … [Read more...]

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