1800′s Linen Dresser | before & after

1800's Linen Dresser

…in the works

...in the works

humble upholstery & an ornate frame

humble upholstery & an ornate frame

open road…

open road...

cleaning the basement & a stool for Lucketts

cleaning the basement & a stool for Lucketts

Trickery | Vaseline Resist Technique

DSC_4956 (640x424)

Well, I received another oh-crap-call from Lucketts on Saturday.  The Painted Empire dresser sold the day after I brought it in.   I guess I wasn't the only one in love with that finish!  Here's how I did it... I've heard about using Vaseline (petroleum jelly) as a paint resist for a while, but I never tried it.  On this empire dresser, I pictured layers of blue and wanted to have … [Read more...]

MMS Decor Steals Pick of the Month

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Welcome to another Decor Steals MMS Pick of the Month!  As usual, I get to pick a couple of my favorite things to use in my own home and to share them with you.  I have a little thing for service/hospitality items like linens, china, cake pedestals and the like.  It's a little ridiculous, actually, but I couldn't help but fall in love with these elegant place card holders. I like pieces like … [Read more...]

…it’s like having a birthday

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My family moved to Garmisch Partenkirchen in Germany when I finished preschool, so I started kindergarten in a new school.  I'm assuming the teacher didn't have my records yet, because on the first day of school, she asked when my birthday was.  Being a little girl who loved attention and my birthday, I didn't want to waste a good opportunity.  "It's today!" I got to wear a crown and received a … [Read more...]

Painted Empire

DSC_5000 (424x640)

I got a call a few days ago from Lucketts  It's a great call, but an "oh crap" kind of call, too.  Both of my large furniture pieces had sold, so I needed to get some furniture into my space ASAP.  I decided to sell a little wash stand I've had for a few years and I finally started working on the empire dresser I had in my basement for a while.  Here's how it turned out...  Here's the … [Read more...]

Furniture Feature Friday – Favorites & Link Party


As I look through the FFF links from the previous week, I leave open the pages of my favorites and I usually end up with about 4-5 and then I narrow them down to a top three. Well, tonight I had about 8 pages open and it was reeeally hard to narrow down to three.  There are so many gifted people (mostly ladies in this case) who are making tired pieces of furniture look gorgeous.  It's awesome to … [Read more...]

Making an “Antique” Sign

CB Sign - Step 2b (640x424)

 I must apologize!  I posted a teaser about this sign I made for Cottages & Bungalows and said I would post the tutorial after the issue was off newsstands.  Well...that was in August, so I think it's safe to say that those issues have been pulled.  So, at long last, here it is... What you’ll need: 12” wide pine board cut to desired length Acrylic craft paint (at least three … [Read more...]

Running a Creative Business | On Sutton Place

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I think that stories are a powerful thing.  I love hearing a good story about how someone got from point a to point b.  There's something encouraging about it.  If she can do it, maybe I could too.   I've asked some of my friends and fellow entrepreneurs to share their story and now it's time to hear from Ann of Sutton Place Designs.  She is one of my sponsors, but this is not a sponsored post. … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Trophies

DSC_4863 (426x640)

  I often have trouble leaving things alone.  I like to tinker, tweak and put my stamp on things.  The latest case in point - these ceramic trophies I found on clearance at Target.   I spotted them a while ago and liked the shape, but they seemed off in white ceramic.  I guess others agreed with me, because they ended up with three clearance stickers piled one on top of the … [Read more...]

new kitchen rug

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 I love it when I find the perfect thing after I've been hunting for it for weeks (sometimes months or years.)  Actually, it's sweet when I find the perfect thing right away, but I do need to practice my patience, so this was a good opportunity to do that.  Anyway, I was shopping for basic staples at Target and, as those of you who love Target know, it's difficult to leave Target with just the … [Read more...]

Upholstered Chair Reveal

Reupholstered French Chair 2 - www.missmustardseed.com

 Here she is...    Here she was...   Again, I have nothing against pink, but the pink didn't work in my home and really wanted to keep these and use them in my family room.  I've been on a quest for years to populate my family room with comfy, yet stylish (and budget friendly) chairs and these fit perfectly.  Right chair, wrong color.  So, I stripped her down and gave her a … [Read more...]

Starting a Business