Finds, Bread Boards & Mittens

Finds, Bread Boards & Mittens

FURNITURE FEATURE FRIDAY | favorites & link pary


1800′s Linen Dresser | before & after

1800's Linen Dresser

…in the works the works

humble upholstery & an ornate frame

humble upholstery & an ornate frame

Guest Room & Ironstone


Last night I asked Jeff if I could leave early for handbell practice, so I could pick up some paint on the way.  He gave me a look.  "What do you need paint for?"  I answered casually, "The guest room."  Usually me buying paint isn't a questionable event, but I have a lot on my plate right now and painting the guest room doesn't really need to be on that plate. It can be served with the cheese … [Read more...]

Show Business | part 3 : inventory, checkout & promotion


I've really enjoyed writing this series, I just have to say!  Sometimes it helps me a lot to talk through my own process.  Sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed with all of the stuff on my plate, it's fun to look through the pictures of the past and see how far this little business has come.  It's been quite an amazing journey. Anyway, this is part three of the series.  If you missed one and … [Read more...]

French chairs & the master bath


A few months ago, I curated some collections on eBay and shared them on my blog.  Now, I'm refreshing the ones that were the post popular...adding even more inspirational goodness and, this time, including vintage and antique finds that are similar to those I use in my home.  I found a set of French cane chairs almost exactly like the ones in my dining room... ...a similar stool and the exact … [Read more...]

installing a flagpole


About a year ago, we lost our flagpole in a may have even been during Hurricane Sandy.   The flagpole bracket was plastic and a strong wind finally snapped it off.  With everything else going on, it wasn't a priority to put up a new flagpole bracket, but finally, when it was 18 degrees outside, we decided to do it.  It's one of those 10 minute projects that often gets put on the back … [Read more...]

show business | part 2 : tagging & space planning


Today I'm continuing the series on "show business", aka being a vendor at an antique show/fair/market.  If you missed part one, you can check it out HERE.  In part two, we're going to talk about tagging (branding) and planning the space. If you haven't noticed, I'm a little in love with my tag.  There's something very exciting about seeing my logo and name on a tag, hanging from a piece I curated … [Read more...]

show business | part 1


As I've mentioned how I'm getting ready for the Luckett's Spring Market, I've received several e-mails asking various questions about my process, so I thought I would share the answers with "the group" in the way of a series.  I think we're overdo for some information-heavy posts, anyway!  So, here we go... If you're happily selling in an antique mall, on Etsy, eBay or maybe just occasionally … [Read more...]

FURNITURE FEATURE FRIDAY | favorites & link pary


Tonight is my 15 year anniversary, so I'm taking the night off!  I handed the "picking of the favorites" off to Abbe, our primary educator for Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.  She's all-around awesome and a lover of furniture as well, so I knew the picks were in good hands.  Here she is... Hi Friends! Abbe' here, I have the honor of picking out our features from last weeks FFF! Being a … [Read more...]

more finds & the holy grail


I unpacked and tagged some more of my finds from Friday.  The contents of the box I unpacked were wrapped in a padded, bluish-green plastic.  As soon as I unwrapped the first piece, I realized what they were - disposable, absorbent pads.  Also know as "wee pads."  As I was opening everything, I couldn't help but think of Tim Gunn on Project Runway begging the contestants to not be so unoriginal as … [Read more...]

fun finds & help wanted


I don't know about you, but the whole "sping forward" thing messes me up for a week each year.  This morning I could hardly keep my eyes open as I made lunches for the boys.  Jeff took them to school and I crawled back in bed.  By the time I dozed, did my workout, showered and ate breakfast, half of the day was gone!  I still managed to get a lot done, but I've got to get back on a normal … [Read more...]

Antique Textile Junkie


I remember the first time I browsed through an antique store, I left with two things.  One was an aqua mason jar with a zinc lid and the other was a delicate cream child's bonnet, obviously old and handmade.  I was drawn to the yellowed patina on the fabric, the dreams that may have been poured into every stitch and the small piece of history I could now hold in my hand. I've been an antique … [Read more...]

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