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1800′s Linen Dresser | before & after

1800's Linen Dresser

…in the works the works

humble upholstery & an ornate frame

humble upholstery & an ornate frame

open road…

open road...

Photo Shoot Pics


Thanks so much for all of the prayers and well wishes.  I am feeling sooooo much better today.  I was back in bed yesterday, but felt like myself today.  I still have to stop speaking when my eye twitches and a sneeze is building up and I'm going through tissues at a pretty impressive rate, but I feel better.  My mom and I spent the day shopping for supplies for some upcoming freelance projects … [Read more...]

FURNITURE FEATURE FRIDAY favorites & link pary


Good evening friends!  Here we are on time and ready to go this week for FFF.  Hopefully all of the technical issues are a thing of the past.  One of my furniture-loving blog friends picked favorites for me tonight, which worked out well, since I'm still feeling under the weather.  And she picked some good ones.  Here's Jessica from Dear Emmeline... Hello all!  Jessica here again, picking … [Read more...]

Family Room Wainscoting


I spent all day in bed yesterday...down and out with a virus or something.  I was still dragging this morning, but was feeling well enough this afternoon to get my photo shoots done.  Unfortunately, a photo shoot is much more involved than just snapping a few pictures.  I had to finish some details in the room, clean and then style.  I just chipped away at it slowly to get it done. Get ready for … [Read more...]

Show Business | part 4 : pricing & negotiating


As I've been posting this series about being a vendor at antique shows, I've been asked a few questions.  Some of them involved pricing and negotiating, so I thought I would chat on those topics. I was a shopper at these events long before I was a vendor and that helped me with the decisions made about the kind of vendor I wanted to be.  I wanted to be the kind of vendor I like to shop from... … [Read more...]

photo shoot, a fever & finds


We had less than half of the trim completed in the family room and I had a photo shoot coming up, so today, Jeff and I were determined to finish it.  Part of it was the deadline, but another part of it was putting ourselves out of our miserly.  Having a half-finished DIY project hanging over your head gets old.   So, today we worked on getting it done.  I woke up with a stuffy head and … [Read more...]

original art | #imbornto curate


There was a time when I didn't care very much about original art. I actually went to a fine arts college, so I had the chance to attend galleries regularly.  I think it was even required, actually...  I'd stroll around the room, looking for a few minutes and then I'd find my friends and we'd go off to chat in a corner.  I just never appreciated it...until I owned my very first original oil … [Read more...]

Butcher Block Counters


A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about my dream for our kitchen.  I wanted to do a little something like this... Now, I fully acknowledged then (and now) that there wasn't a darn thing wrong with that kitchen.  The cabinets were a pretty hickory and the laminate counters were in great condition, the layout is awesome and even the linoleum floors were very nice.  It just wasn't my taste.  I … [Read more...]

FURNITURE FEATURE FRIDAY favorites & link party


Hey, everyone!  I am so sorry for all of the technical trouble we've had with this link party.  We've been trying different link party tools and, it's quite an involved story, but last week the code kept disappearing.  My "people" are working on it, so we can have this running smoothly each week.  For this week, you will have to click on the inLinkz logo to get to the party.  Just hang in there as … [Read more...]

updated kitchen pictures


Before we dive into the pictures, I had to share something funny.  My mom read my post from yesterday and immediately got her painting clothes ready.  You see, she helps me on Wednesday nights when the boys are at Awana and she knew after reading the post that we would be painting my guest room!  She knows me so well and was, of course, right.  We painted most of the guest room tonight.  I still … [Read more...]

Guest Room & Ironstone


Last night I asked Jeff if I could leave early for handbell practice, so I could pick up some paint on the way.  He gave me a look.  "What do you need paint for?"  I answered casually, "The guest room."  Usually me buying paint isn't a questionable event, but I have a lot on my plate right now and painting the guest room doesn't really need to be on that plate. It can be served with the cheese … [Read more...]

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