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Q: I am interested in starting a business like yours!  Where do I start?

A: Oh, I wish we could go out for lunch together and chat about your dreams and goals and I can share everything I have learned along the way and answer all of your questions.  I love supporting and encouraging creative entreprenuers.  Since I don’t have time to do that with everyone who asks, I have written a ton of posts about business stuff.  I don’t have it all figured out, but I can share what I have done in the hopes it will inspire you!

You can read my business story HERE and posts about starting & running a creative business HERE.



Q: Where can I buy Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint?

A: I’m so glad you want to try the paint that is my very favorite in the entire world!  We have retailers in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Dubai.  You can find a full list of brick & mortar retailers HERE and a list of online retailers HERE.  You can also find our products on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon.



Q: What is the difference between milk paint & chalk-type paints?

A: In a nutshell, they are both great paints, but are very different.  You can read all about those differences HERE.



Q: Ah!  I want to buy something and I can’t find your online shop!  

A: Just click right HERE.  It gets emptied out pretty quickly, so if nothing is listed, just keeping checking back!




Q: Where did you get the cow painting in your dining room?

A: Her name is Eulalie and she is an original oil painting by a very talented artist – Cindy Austin.  And Eulalie always steals the show, so I get asked about her a lot!  You can buy a giclee print of Eulalie in Cindy’s Esty Shop.


Q: What are the paint colors you used in your house?  

A: First of all, I always buy the highest quality matte latex paint for my walls.  It is so worth it!  The paint goes on better, wears better, and looks better.

Family Room & Kitchen – Glass Slipper by Benjamin Moore

Home Office, 1/2 Bath & Hallway – Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

Living & Dining Rooms – Pearly White by Sherwin Williams

Guest Room/Calvin’s Room – Mascarpone by Sherwin Williams

Marshall’s Room – Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Master Suite – Simply White by Benjamin Moore

All of the trim is painted in bright white satin paint, right out of the can.  Again, I use quality latex paints.



Q: Is your studio open to the public?  

A: Yes.  It’s not a shop, it’s a studio, but it is open by chance or by appointment.  If you’d like to stop in to buy milk paint or just want to say hello (hugs and photos are permitted), you are welcome!  Just send me an e-mail to make an appointment ([email protected]).  It is located in Biglerville, PA.



Q: Can I hire you to upholster or slipcover a piece of furniture?

A: I’m sorry, but no.  I can make slipcovers and do upholstery, but I only use those skills on my own pieces or ones I sell.  I have made several tutorials on slipcovers & upholstery, though, if you have the DIY gumption to give it a try!

You can find my upholstery tutorials HERE and slipcover tutorials HERE.