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design ramblings | mixing fabric patterns

Once Lucketts was over, Kriste and I turned our attention to the finishing details of my house.   We have a big shoot coming up and I really wanted all of the half-done and 3/4-done and almost-done projects to finally be DONE.  I'm really enjoying having my house as just my house (now that we have the studio) and it's helped me settle down a bit.  I'm not changing things up or moving  (read more …)

the chairs with the ticking skirts

Sewing slipcovers is not my very favorite thing to do, so I saved these until the very end.  I kept looking at them, debating if I should just upholster them, which would be much faster or if I should push through and sew the slipcovers.  I had a vision for them from the very beginning...ticking slipcovers with ties and ruffled skirts.  I knew if I did anything different than that, they would look  (read more …)

Sailrite Sewing Machine Giveaway

I have a really, really awesome giveaway today...just so you know. But, let me start from the beginning.  A couple of years ago, I was upholstering a channel back chair and I found the end of my rope with my $150 run-of-the-mill sewing machine.  Don't get me wrong.  That inexpensive machine has served me so well (and it still does), but I was just asking too much of it and it was starting to  (read more …)

wing chair drop cloth slipcovers

I try not to get too engrossed in my blog analytics and all of the numbers, but it's interesting sometimes to check them out...see what's popular and what is most often pinned.  One trend I've noticed is that my readers loved my drop cloth projects.  I still get questions about which ones I use and how I bleached them.  Well, I thought I would give an update on my pair of wing chairs that I  (read more …)

guest room curtains…check

I tend to get a little bit aimless around the holidays.  Those aimless times are when it's hard to be your own boss.  I have long lists of things I want and need to do, but I don't have anything pressing.  (Actually, I need to finish my Christmas shopping and that's getting pretty pressing...)  When I start to feel aimless, I usually do one of two things.  One - I'll give myself a break and have  (read more …)

ottoman slipcover tutorial

My blog was eerily quiet for a couple of days until I realized there was an error with the comments plugin!  Well, it's back up a running, so you can talk to me again. Before the Chapel Market, I made a slipcover for an ottoman I found at a second-hand shop and promised a tutorial.  The pictures were soon buried and I forgot all about it!  I was digging through the depths of my Lightroom library  (read more …)

grain sack tree skirt

I intended to make a tutorial on how to make the grain sack tree skirt under our family room tree and it started out that way, but things went south about 1/3 of the way through.  It may surprise you (or not) to know that I don't usually have a plan when I make something.  Not a detailed plan, anyway.  I know what I want to make and I have a general idea how to make it and then I trust in my  (read more …)

a slip turned into a slip

I found a pretty antique petticoat a few months ago at an antique store and decided it would make a pretty pillow cover.  I would turn a slip into a pillow slip!  Two, actually. Since the ruffle was only on one side, I made it like a slip-on pillow case instead of a traditional decorative bolster cover.  It worked out perfectly, since the ruffle hangs over the sofa and it's tailored on the back  (read more …)