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zinc-top table gets a second chance

I brought this amazing zinc-topped table a few weeks ago to sell at the Market on Chapel Hill.  I didn't have time to fix it up the way I wanted to, though, so I was sort of glad when it didn't sell.  It was great as is, but needed a little TLC. And when it comes to furniture, TLC is something I can (and often do) do. Here's how the piece looked when I brought it to the market... (If you get  (read more …)

Painting with White

When I see someone who doesn't know what color to paint something, they almost always default to white.  It's neutral.  It's easy. Right? I will admit that it is hard to go wrong with white.  I love white and mix a lot of different whites in my home.  All three of the whites from the MMS Milk Paint line are represented. Ironstone on the dining table base and chairs... Linen on the jelly  (read more …)

cleaning & sealing chipping antique pieces

Remember that awesome "cubby" I found a few weeks ago?  I spotted it when I was out shopping once, but I passed it up, because it was a little pricey.  I kept thinking about it, though, and decided if it was still there the next time I stopped in, I would buy it. Well, it was still there and I snapped it up.  (It's so funny that I get so excited about buying things I'm just going to turn around  (read more …)

Megan’s office makeover | the chalkboard wall

We are so, so close to finishing Megan's office!  Megan and her husband, JT, came to pick up the furniture from my studio over the weekend.  Moving that wardrobe was quite a job and it was even a little nail-biting seeing if they could get it in the space, but they were able to and it will provide loads of closed-door storage. They also picked up the rug, curtains, armchair, accessories, etc., so  (read more …)

Pottery Barn Inspired Rustic Paint Finish

I'm often asked by readers and customers how to recreate a specific look they like on an inspiration piece.  So, when Jeff and I built a trunk-style coffee table for, one inspired by a Pottery Barn trunk, I decided to try to replicate the finish as well. I came up with a look that's pretty darn close, so I thought I would share how I achieved it... Here's the inspiration coffee table  (read more …)

painting tips that could save you $1000

Catchy title for a post, isn't it?  You'll see why once you get to the bottom... I have done a lot of painting over the years...every wall, ceiling, piece of trim and cabinetry in my current house AND previous house.  Some rooms have been painted multiple times.  And I've helped a lot of friends and family paint their rooms. Not to mention all of the furniture... I know how to give a brush a  (read more …)

aging terra cotta pots

There are some people who like things shiny and new.  They want to be the first person to own something.  They like the smell of a car with 32 miles on it.  They want their furniture to be delivered, tags still attached. I am just not one of those people. Unless we're talking about electronics, mattresses or toilets, I want things in my home that have the patina that only comes with time. Or a  (read more …)

step-by-step dresser makeover

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback on my very first MMS Milk Paint "commercial".  It was so fun to put together and I was proud of it, but your comments were a confirmation, so thanks! The bar has been set for the second one! Today, I thought I would share more about the dresser makeover and how we made the commercial.   I was always planning to paint the dresser in Mustard  (read more …)