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30 day watercolor challenge

Hang in there with me while I experience my own personal renaissance!   I am just having such a wonderful time allowing my creativity to spill into other mediums.  This seems to be what happens to me... Music and theatre were always my creative outlet when I was younger, but when I finished college and decided not to pursue a career in performing, I needed a new outlet.  So, I started working on  (read more …)

how tidy are your drawers?

Some of you have noticed and commented on the fact that I paint pieces while the drawers are still inside their recesses/cubbies.  (Drawer holes?)  And yes, I do leave the drawers in when I paint and I wanted to share the method to my madness. The habit of leaving the drawers in started due to a lack of space.  When I worked out of my house, every square foot needed to be used strategically and I  (read more …)

can you repaint over wax?

Yes. End of post. Okay, not really.  I will elaborate on this one. When I shared my Antiquing Wax tutorial, a reader asked if you can repaint over a waxed surface.  I have heard a lot of people say you can't paint over wax, but I've painted over wax numerous times, so let's throw the "can't" word out the window. If you paint over wax that is "wet" (even though wax isn't really wet) or hasn't  (read more …)

How to Apply Antiquing Wax

Before I get into the post today, I wanted to let everyone know I'll be listing a few new items in the online shop Thursday night (July 28) at 8:00 pm EST.  You can see the items that are "coming soon" and a few more will be added tomorrow. I am always in a blue & white mood.  I have to work to step away from that color palette, but sometimes it just needs to be done!  I've been feeling a  (read more …)

second landscape dresser | part one

Do you remember our first landscape dresser?  In case you don't (or perhaps you missed it or you're just joining us), here is a refresher... It was a collaboration between Kriste and I.  After working on it, along with the murals and other hand painted landscape elements we used in our booth for the Lucketts Spring Market, I felt inspired to do more.  I even bought a couple of canvases, which  (read more …)

the cleaning cart turned kitchen cart…

So, I was trolling craigslist one night and ran a search for "industrial" in the general "for sale" category and I spotted two of these industrial cleaning carts for sale... I closed the listing, dismissing it, and kept clicking around, but those carts stuck in my mind.  There was something about the shape of them...  AND they were dirt cheap.  Cheap enough that it was worth the gamble, even  (read more …)

oak buffet reveal & new matte Tough Coat

Unless you follow me on Instagram, you last saw this piece with the top stripped and one coat of paint.  It's in the "ugly stage" - the stage when you want to drop it on the curb and let someone else look at it.  But, that would be a mistake. It may not look like it at this point, but this buffet is almost there. The graining on the top was so beautiful and I didn't want to hide it with paint  (read more …)

oak buffet in-the-works

Last week, a reader left a comment asking for me to show more behind-the-scenes pictures.  It was a simple, polite request and it made me realize I don't do that as much as I used to.  I think I always feel like the pictures have to be pretty, "Pin-worthy" images that will be liked and shared.  Pinterest, Instagram and the infamous Facebook algorithm really changed what bloggers (on the whole)  (read more …)