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home again

I rolled into my driveway last night around 11:00 pm, after teaching an 8:00 am class in Atlanta, GA, followed by packing the car, hanging out with friends, and finally an 11 hour drive home. I spent much of today in a post-Haven-haze that wasn't helped by the fact that I've had a head cold for the past few days!  It was a great trip, though.  Busy, but great.  I'll tell you more about it in  (read more …)

never stop…

I have been in good old hot and humid Atlanta, GA for the Haven Home Blogger's Conference over the past few days.  I have a full schedule, but I find these conferences are always a good opportunity to learn and to allow others to build into me.  Sometimes we get too busy to do that, don't we?  We just go, go, go and forget that we need to stop, sit in the student chair, and be the  (read more …)

can you repaint over wax?

Yes. End of post. Okay, not really.  I will elaborate on this one. When I shared my Antiquing Wax tutorial, a reader asked if you can repaint over a waxed surface.  I have heard a lot of people say you can't paint over wax, but I've painted over wax numerous times, so let's throw the "can't" word out the window. If you paint over wax that is "wet" (even though wax isn't really wet) or hasn't  (read more …)

This post was brought to you by the letter P…

Remember that linen tea towel I started cross-stitching back in June?  When I was at the beach?  Well, I finished it when I sat outside for a few hours, watching my boys at football camp, but I just got around to ironing the "hoop impression" out of it this week. Yeah, that pretty much sums up what happens to things in my world when they just aren't a priority. Here's the pattern I created based  (read more …)

How to Apply Antiquing Wax

Before I get into the post today, I wanted to let everyone know I'll be listing a few new items in the online shop Thursday night (July 28) at 8:00 pm EST.  You can see the items that are "coming soon" and a few more will be added tomorrow. I am always in a blue & white mood.  I have to work to step away from that color palette, but sometimes it just needs to be done!  I've been feeling a  (read more …)

A & M cross-stitch patterns & Country Cottage magazine

I finally finished my "P" tea towel I started when I was at the beach.  I'll take pictures as soon as I hire the "embroidery hoop ring" out of it!  I've had grand plans to get all sorts of cross-stitching done, but I just haven't had the time.  I hope to get back to it, though!  I had a milk paint workshop today and even mentioned the idea of having a "stitching circle" workshop where I would  (read more …)

yardage for upholstery

When I share upholstery projects here on the blog, I'm often asked about yardage, so I thought I would share how many yards of fabric you need for certain upholstery projects. Before I give those estimates, I'll say that there are ways you can save on yardage.  Every detail added means more fabric.  Piping, pleating, tufting, and ruffles all add yardage, so you can cut those out if you're on a  (read more …)

second landscape dresser | part one

Do you remember our first landscape dresser?  In case you don't (or perhaps you missed it or you're just joining us), here is a refresher... It was a collaboration between Kriste and I.  After working on it, along with the murals and other hand painted landscape elements we used in our booth for the Lucketts Spring Market, I felt inspired to do more.  I even bought a couple of canvases, which  (read more …)