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Some things about a planked ceiling…

I did the plank ceiling A.) because we had some sloppy drywall and a strange textured ceiling, B.) because I was hired to write a tutorial on how to install a planked ceiling and C.) because I love the look.  I know a lot of you have questions about the installation, but you'll have to wait for the tutorial to get most of those answered.  I will definitely link to it when it's live.  I did want to  (read more …)

laying a floating floor

You can read part one of laying a floating floor HERE.  It shows how we stripped the carpet and installed the underlayment.  Today, I'm going to talk through how we installed the actual floor.  As I said in part one, we're not professionals at this, so this isn't meant to be a comprehensive tutorial, but more of a testimony of our experience.   I was a very good blogger and took lots of  (read more …)

laying a floating floor

In my DIY career, I have installed solid hardwood floors over concrete, solid hardwood over plywood (and about 5 layers of linoleum) and refinished old hardwood floors.  This weekend, we added installing an engineered hardwood floating floor to the list.   I am not a professional when it comes to laying floors, so this isn't a full-blown tutorial, but more of a post about my experience, so you can  (read more …)

how to hang a curtain rod | made simple

When I realized I was going to have to hang four curtain rods in the family room, I came up with a solution on how to hang curtain a curtain rod to make sure they are all hung at the same height and the same distance from the window. This process in the past has involved measuring up, measuring out, using a level, repeat. Sometimes it would involve drilling multiple holes when something didn't  (read more …)

painted cabinets revealed & a video tutorial

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who bore the hardship of going to TJ Maxx to look for pillows for me.  I think they will order more of those pillows after all of the phone calls about them!  You are all such wonderful ladies and I really wish I could hang out with all of you!  Two readers found a total of five pillows.  My goal was to find four, so I am totally set and the hunt is  (read more …)

the greatest tool ever made

This post does is not about pretty pictures.  I am tearing my home apart to paint my kitchen cabinets and family room walls and ceiling after all.  I bought some pears today for my next Cottages and Bungalows photo shoot, lined them up on the window sill and snapped some photos.  I just couldn't help myself.Now that I've gotten the pretty picture show-and-tell out of my system,  (read more …)

my farm table & cabinet painting prep tips

I received a few comments about the farm table in my kitchen.  You could see peeks of it in my kitchen accessories post, so here is a full view.  (Ugh...excuse the floor!) I bought it a few months ago at an antique store with every intention of selling it.  I even put a tag on it at one point.  I set it in my living room.  It was totally the wrong size and scale for the space, but I really  (read more …)

Living Room Paint Techniques

I received a ton of e-mails, comments, requests and pleas for a tutorial on how I achieved the paint treatment used on my trumeau mirror and reupholstered French chairs.  Well, I aim to please, so here it is!For the chairs, I started off with a thin coat of Light French Grey by Behr.  For the mirror, I started off with a base of Georgian Revival Blue by Sherwin  (read more …)