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kim’s coastal bedroom | the bedskirt & built-ins

I know lots of you are eagerly awaiting the reveal of my mom's room makeover.  Trust me...she is, too!  My design services are free, but they aren't fast! We have been making some progress, though.  I mentioned before that I made a bedskirt, but I didn't have a chance to get a picture of it, until this weekend.  (...when we watched the Redskins beat the Bears.  Just throwing that out  (read more …)

fixing a dishwasher, home hacks & a $200 Lowe’s giveaway

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sugru.  It is a pretty amazing product that I thought my readers would like to know about.  All words and opinions are my own. I'm sure many of you can relate...  something breaks and you have no idea how to fix it.  You can't glue, screw, nail, tape or tie it.  It's just broken and that's that.  I've had that happen to toys, tools and, most annoyingly, my  (read more …)

Milk Paint on walls & Kriste bought a house

So, Kriste bought a house!!  Our little girl is growing up so fast. She and her husband, David, closed on a sweet 1920's craftsman bungalow just over a week ago.  Not a bad first house at all!  It has lots of charm and lots of potential as well.  (It even has a studio space for Kriste!) And this girl has been dreaming about that potential.  Here are a couple of detailed sketches she made for  (read more …)

installing a stair runner

I shared several weeks ago that I wanted to add a carpet runner to our steps.  We have 1940's stairs that are shallow, by today's standards, and entirely wood.  That combination has led to more than one topple down the steps by pretty much everyone in our family.  Adding a runner wouldn't help with how shallow the steps are, but it will at least cushion any future falls.  It also makes the pokey  (read more …)

tips on sanding floors

This is my second time refinishing floors and I learned a lot through my errors the first go-around.   Since scooting around on diaper boxes to wipe up excess stain (you can read about those antics HERE), I have learned a lot about finishing wood and have done a lot of reading on sanding and finishing floors specifically.  There are so many ways to approach it...everything from sanding an entire  (read more …)

time-saving tips for painting a room

I shared the other day that I painted three ceilings and one room in just a few hours...while the boys were at my jammies.  Truth be told, I could've painted the living room and the hallway, too, but I was getting a little sick of looking at a roller!  So, several readers asked how I get things done so fast and I thought I would share my tricks. These tips will help you get a room  (read more …)

French Style & a fabric wall

I received an e-mail a few months ago, asking if I would contribute to a new magazine, French Style.  Well, that sounds right up my alley!  Yesterday, I found the magazine in Target and snapped it up. First of all, it really is a beautiful magazine.  I loved looking through it and I felt so proud that I was a small part of it and I was very pleased with how my article and photographs turned  (read more …)

Installing the tile back splash

I woke up today, ready to get to work on the tile.  I had the tile saw (borrowed from a friend), the tile, the supplies and my dad lined up to help.  The morning was cold, but sunny.  So, I started to get everything set up and it started to sleet.  Okay.  No biggie.  We have to use the saw outside, but I'll just set up a canopy tent.  By the time I gathered the saw horses and brought the canopy to  (read more …)