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cross-stitching on linen

I have fallen in love with an old-school craft...cross-stitching. I know it has a reputation for being dated, but that has a lot more to do with the patterns and the cross-stitch kits available than it does the craft itself. So, this renewed interest in needlework came about when I noticed that my favorite antique textiles were those that were monogrammed.  And then I noticed that most of those  (read more …)

indigo dyed napkins

A few of you spotted (and asked about) the blue napkins I used in my table arrangement last week..., this post is all about them. These napkins are actually antique linen napkins from my Oma.  They look quite lovely in the picture below, but they were actually a very yellowy-cream that I never cared for... The color was so off that I never used them.  I always went to prettier white  (read more …)

milk painted ornaments

I spent most of my day wrapping presents and working on some cleaning to get ready to host Christmas.  I'm sure many of you were doing the same. I have also been insanely motivated to purge and organize.  I'm not sure what has kicked into me, but I have been in a mood.  A get-rid-of-80%-of-everything-and-organize-the-rest kind of mood.  Usually this mood hits me in January, but it is, very  (read more …)

aging terra cotta pots

There are some people who like things shiny and new.  They want to be the first person to own something.  They like the smell of a car with 32 miles on it.  They want their furniture to be delivered, tags still attached. I am just not one of those people. Unless we're talking about electronics, mattresses or toilets, I want things in my home that have the patina that only comes with time. Or a  (read more …)

how to gold leaf a frame

 When I was out shopping for the upcoming Lucketts Spring Market last week, I was looking for artwork for my living room as well.  I was really hoping for a pair of charming paintings, but I didn't have any luck.  I did find two vintage Currier & Ives prints, though.  They were sweet farmhouse scenes and I thought they would work well with a new frame and mat.  The frames they were in looked a  (read more …)

cinnamon ornaments

I've been wanting to make cinnamon ornaments for our tree for a couple of weeks and there just never seemed to be a good time to take over the kitchen counters with the endeavor.  We had a dusting of snow this morning and I had a relatively open day, so I decided to dive on in. There are a lot of different variations on this recipe, but this is the one I settled on... Start with two cups of  (read more …)

how to make yarn pom-poms

I've been using a lot of handmade wool poms in my Christmas decorating and I didn't even think about making a tutorial for them.  A tutorial was requested, though, so I thought I would oblige. I made these when I was a kid, to use on hats, hair ties, socks, slippers, etc.  I think most of the ones I made ended up as toys for our two siamese cats.  (A little wallet I crocheted out of wool yarn  (read more …)

glittered house & deer

Now that the floor sanding is behind us, I cannot wait to start decorating the house for Christmas.  I walked past live wreaths, garland, trim and tabletop trees at the store this week and was just longing to put one in my cart, but I'm waiting until Thanksgiving passes.  I don't want my live greens to be dried to a crisp by the time Christmas morning rolls around!  I've been satisfying the  (read more …)