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a slip turned into a slip

Miss Mustard Seed-3022

I found a pretty antique petticoat a few months ago at an antique store and decided it would make a pretty pillow cover.  I would turn a slip into a pillow slip!  Two, actually. Since the ruffle was only on one side, I made it like a slip-on pillow case instead of a traditional decorative bolster cover.  It worked out perfectly, since the ruffle hangs over the sofa and it's tailored on the back  (read more …)

slipcovered ottoman

Miss Mustard Seed-2522

Last Friday I was working in the studio on some last minute pieces for the Chapel Market.  I usually leave the sewing projects until everything else is done, mainly because it's not my favorite thing to do.  I'm just dragging my feet.  I finally pulled out the old ottoman that was waiting for a slipcover and started working on it. I decided to use a piece from a cutter quilt I've been holding  (read more …)

3 minute, no-sew bolster pillow cover

Miss Mustard Seed-0580

I was working this weekend on my guest room, getting it ready for a photo shoot.  I was in a bit of a crunch, because of some unexpected delays, so I wasn't able to put this room together in a leisurely way.  The mattress was delivered and I had to put the room together in two days.  I didn't have time to shop, so it had to come together with what I had. It was like old times and I think it  (read more …)

repurposed petticoat, mini whisks & an apron

Miss Mustard Seed-0318

I moved around the furniture in my living room on Monday when the piano was moved out.  Of course, moving the furniture in one room usually impacts another room as I borrow and steal from other rooms.  Fortunately, all of my furniture is on felt sliders, so I just scoot things around until I like them and then scoot them back if something isn't working. I have learned that I need to live with new  (read more …)

My upholstery machine & “the sofa”

family room collage

With all of the slipcover and upholstery posts I've been sharing lately, I've received a lot of questions about the sewing machines I use.  I have two.  One is  $150 Kenmore machine that I've been using for about six years.  I have used and abused that poor little machine and it has done an amazing job and is still going.  I have never oiled it, never had it cleaned and have asked it to do way  (read more …)

Dining Chair Slipcover Tutorial

Miss Mustard Seed-5077

I wrote a tutorial on making dining room chair slipcovers years (and several dining sets) ago when I was a contributor to Cottages & Bungalows magazine.    It's so neat to see how far I've come in my sewing, photography, writing, styling.  I've really grown a lot.  Anyway, since I've improved in a few departments, I thought it was time to make a new tutorial as I worked on my last dining room  (read more …)

$100 Shopping Credit to Pine Cone Hill…

DSC_0272 (424x640)

I have the honor of being a guest over at Annie Selke's Blog Fresh America today.   Annie Selke is known for her flawless taste, fabrics, Dash & Albert rugs and Pine Cone Hill Bedding, so I wanted to share a project that would compliment her products.  I came up with making a slipcover for a small ottoman/foot stool out of a vintage tea towel and some trim.  The sewing is super easy and quick!  (read more …)

Better than Drop Cloths…

DSC_0291 (424x640)

My family room has been undergoing some changes over the past few months...years, really.  It's been one of those slow makeovers that has happened (and is still happening) as the money and time are available.  It started a couple of years ago when I painted the walls and cabinetry and made new curtains.  In January of this year, we installed new hardwood floors.  Since then, I've been waiting.  (read more …)