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guest room curtains…check

Miss Mustard Seed-3764

I tend to get a little bit aimless around the holidays.  Those aimless times are when it's hard to be your own boss.  I have long lists of things I want and need to do, but I don't have anything pressing.  (Actually, I need to finish my Christmas shopping and that's getting pretty pressing...)  When I start to feel aimless, I usually do one of two things.  One - I'll give myself a break and have  (read more …)

ottoman slipcover tutorial

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My blog was eerily quiet for a couple of days until I realized there was an error with the comments plugin!  Well, it's back up a running, so you can talk to me again. Before the Chapel Market, I made a slipcover for an ottoman I found at a second-hand shop and promised a tutorial.  The pictures were soon buried and I forgot all about it!  I was digging through the depths of my Lightroom library  (read more …)

grain sack tree skirt

Miss Mustard Seed-295

I intended to make a tutorial on how to make the grain sack tree skirt under our family room tree and it started out that way, but things went south about 1/3 of the way through.  It may surprise you (or not) to know that I don't usually have a plan when I make something.  Not a detailed plan, anyway.  I know what I want to make and I have a general idea how to make it and then I trust in my  (read more …)

a slip turned into a slip

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I found a pretty antique petticoat a few months ago at an antique store and decided it would make a pretty pillow cover.  I would turn a slip into a pillow slip!  Two, actually. Since the ruffle was only on one side, I made it like a slip-on pillow case instead of a traditional decorative bolster cover.  It worked out perfectly, since the ruffle hangs over the sofa and it's tailored on the back  (read more …)

slipcovered ottoman

Miss Mustard Seed-2522

Last Friday I was working in the studio on some last minute pieces for the Chapel Market.  I usually leave the sewing projects until everything else is done, mainly because it's not my favorite thing to do.  I'm just dragging my feet.  I finally pulled out the old ottoman that was waiting for a slipcover and started working on it. I decided to use a piece from a cutter quilt I've been holding  (read more …)

3 minute, no-sew bolster pillow cover

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I was working this weekend on my guest room, getting it ready for a photo shoot.  I was in a bit of a crunch, because of some unexpected delays, so I wasn't able to put this room together in a leisurely way.  The mattress was delivered and I had to put the room together in two days.  I didn't have time to shop, so it had to come together with what I had. It was like old times and I think it  (read more …)

repurposed petticoat, mini whisks & an apron

Miss Mustard Seed-0318

I moved around the furniture in my living room on Monday when the piano was moved out.  Of course, moving the furniture in one room usually impacts another room as I borrow and steal from other rooms.  Fortunately, all of my furniture is on felt sliders, so I just scoot things around until I like them and then scoot them back if something isn't working. I have learned that I need to live with new  (read more …)

My upholstery machine & “the sofa”

family room collage

With all of the slipcover and upholstery posts I've been sharing lately, I've received a lot of questions about the sewing machines I use.  I have two.  One is  $150 Kenmore machine that I've been using for about six years.  I have used and abused that poor little machine and it has done an amazing job and is still going.  I have never oiled it, never had it cleaned and have asked it to do way  (read more …)