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the book

My life for the past couple of months has basically revolved around the book I'm writing.  Things are finally starting to come together.  We've edited through chapter nine (out of ten) and I just finished my last photo shoot today.  YES!!  It's been a lot of work, but very rewarding and I know I will be absolutely over the moon when I see it in print.  So, I wanted to answer a few questions I've  (read more …)

more peeks…

Well, the flurry of activity will be prolonged for a few more days...fortunately.  My original deadline for the photos has been extended.  Whew!  I was going to make it, but I was definitely going to be limping to the finish line.  I feel like with a few extra days, I can make the photos even better.  I started out the morning by moving things around in my office to make room for hanging  (read more …)

Sneak Peeks

The next ten days are going to be intense. I'm making my final push to finish the photography and projects for the book (as well as tweaking some of the tutorials.)  I did have a very productive day, so I am feeling like I'm in a pretty good place, but I do have to squeeze as much as I can into every minute.  I think I definitely will need a massage when it's all done and maybe a full day in bed  (read more …)

A Visit to Lucketts

Well, I finally crawled out of my writing-induced hermit shell yesterday and spent the day at Lucketts and running some errands.  It was mostly book-related, but it was so nice to be out and about (and out of sweatpants.)  I went to have my picture taken by the very talented Jody McKitrick.   We had never met before, but we were providentially brought together last year by my Union Jack dresser  (read more …)

blogging & writing

I've spent the last couple of weeks focused on the writing of my book and I'm finding it so difficult to write blog posts as well.  I've been locked in my room in sweat pants, just writing.  So, what am I going to share on my blog?  Yeah...this is challenging.  All of my writing and creative juices are going into the book, because I want it to be really good and fresh even to those who have read  (read more …)