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how to custom mat a photo | video tutorial

I've shared before that I grew up an Army brat.  Some kids really hate the instability of moving around, but I thrived on change and, despite crying when they were ripping up flower beds to work on WWII era pipes, I loved living on a military base.  We could walk everywhere and had so much freedom as kids.  There were also tons of programs to get involved in.  I did theatre, baton twirling, tap  (read more …)

styling the jelly cupboard

I've been under the weather for the past few days.  I'm getting better, but hanging out in bed doesn't make for very fun blog posts.  I checked out my draft folder to look for posts I started, but never finished or posted, usually because something more exciting comes along to write about.  As I was digging through the drafts folder, I found this one... I have written about styling before and I  (read more …)

photo styling gone wrong

I love looking at catalogs and magazines where the styling is creative and artfully done.  Of course, one I enjoy most is Anthropologie.  Their presentation is amazing and always so inspiring. When I saw the use of a hand mannequin in their gift look book, I thought it might be fun to get one to use for pictures of our milk paint and products. It's hard not to have a little fun with a hand  (read more …)

improve your photography…

I've been planning on writing this post for a while and I kept forgetting about it in favor of sharing a furniture makeover or some progress we're making in the studio, but I was reminded of it as I was shooting pictures of a home for Cottages & Bungalows last Thursday.  I've had "real camera crews" come shoot rooms in my house before, so I felt a little unimpressive showing up at  (read more …)

walls, apron hooks & a new lens

Jeff and my dad have been working for the past week or so on the rolling walls for the studio and they are turning out so well!  I wanted rolling walls for two reasons...  First of all, the studio is a big, open space and I wanted to be able to divide the space and have a "back room" for shipping, storage, office space, etc.  Second, I wanted to have walls I could use for photo backdrops, so I can  (read more …)

process of styling | part two

If you missed the first post on my styling process, you can find it HERE.   In this post, I'll talk through how we styled this hand painted piece as a buffet as well as sharing my camera settings. This is where I started with the styling... I'm shooting in my studio and I am working with a white wall as a backdrop.  I like shooting against white, but it feels a little stark without anything on  (read more …)

process of styling

I've been asked to share my thought process for styling a photo shoot, specifically with a piece of furniture, and this post is in response to those requests.  I think styling is something that is hard to teach, because it is an art in itself and is based so much on personal taste.  As I walk you through my thought process on styling this piece, you might like one of my "rejects" better than the  (read more …)

hand painted empire buffet | take two

I showed yesterday how I styled the hand painted empire buffet as a piece for a nursery or kid's room.  In this post, I'm going to show the piece styled as a buffet... Kriste and I grabbed what we had around the studio...pieces in the studio "prop stash", things waiting for tags for the Chapel Market and things that are listed in the online shop.  I'm learning how much of a "prop stash" I had  (read more …)