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everyone starts somewhere

I've been asked on a few occasions to share pictures of the ornaments I painted when I first started my business three years ago. I always felt a little embarrassed to show them, so I haven't.   They're not really my style, but I decided to keep the ones I didn't sell.  I knew they were a part of the history of my business and great reminders that often times success comes out of failures  (read more …)

the mural that started it all

I am such a bad blogger.  I've been so busy on other things that I forgot to announce the winners of Miss Mustard Seed's Wuslu Pick of the Month (the small pedestal with glass cloche)   The winners are...Miss Kitty of Miss Kopy KatDeeGeeRNandMelanie, anonymous, but left an e-mail.  Congratulations!  Yasmin from Wuslu will be contacting you about your prize.About 3 1/2  (read more …)


As most of you know, I've been a busy girl lately. Today, reinforcements arrived at the Dulles Airport and I had my guest room all ready. My mom flew up to help for a few days in any way she can.  Don't you just love moms? On the drive up to PA, we stopped by Lucketts, so I could show off my space with Karen... ...and we visited Lynette at Wild Rose.   It was great  (read more …)

An Accidental Entrepreneur

When I was a little girl, I never thought, "some day, I'm going to own my own business!"  I wanted to be an actress on Broadway.  I never took a business class in my life.  I never thought of myself as having a good business sense.  Yet, here I am.  A business owner.  Dare I say entrepreneur?  I assure you, I'm an accidental one at best. I toyed for years with selling pieces in an  (read more …)

Starting a Business – The Nitty Gritty

If you missed my previous posts on Starting A Buiness, My Story and In the (Very) Beginning, make sure you check those out before you read this post. Before we get going, I want you to understand that this post is only a guide.  The process is going to be different for every state and every business, so make sure you do some of your own research as well.  Ok?  This is also just a "fly over."   (read more …)

Starting A Business – My Story

When I put up my "Ask Miss Mustard Seed" post a few weeks ago, I received tons of questions about starting and running your own business.  The time has come for me to answer those questions, share my own experience, give some practical advice, and highlight some resources.  Welcome to my new Workshop Series, Starting and Running Your Own Business, brought to you by Mustard Seed Creations and Funky  (read more …)

Lucketts Day Two

Well, the main story on day two of Lucketts was rain.  Major bummer.My feet were wet from 8:00 am until about 9 pm and I had some seriously pruney toes.  My dad was an Airborne Ranger, so he was a real trooper and kept a smile through it all (except when he was nodding off from exhaustion!)  It was pouring in the morning, so I retreated to the comforts of Molly's booth inside.   (read more …)

Where it all began

So, who is Miss Mustard Seed?  I was one of those girls who would arrange and rearrange the furniture in my doll house. I liked vacuum marks in the carpet and a smooth bedspread with fluffed pillows when I was only in 6th grade. As an adult I discovered Country Living, Country Home, and Better Homes & Gardens. I would wait eagerly each month for my new issues and joined numerous book clubs to  (read more …)