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lavender, Anthro inspiration & indigo

If you can't tell by the title, this post is a total hodgepodge.  That's how the last few days have been, though.  Christmas freelance photoshoots, finishing details for Lucketts, gardening...I'm a little all over the place.  (Which isn't totally unusual for me!) For the sake of starting somewhere, let's start with lavender. On a whim, I bought some of these lavender topiaries last year just a  (read more …)

a calico, a black sheep & gwendolyn

On Thursday, Kriste, Katie and I all worked together to finish up the second 9 x 20' mural backdrop for Lucketts. I painted a second coat on the lettering and Kriste added the grommets on the sides, top and bottom, which we'll use to tie it to the tent poles.  (Someone asked how we're going hang it and that's how!)    And all three of us worked together to add the finishing touches.  Well, we  (read more …)

bed foundation, the other mural & a slipped wing chair

As I was putting together the low profile foundation we used on the full-sized antique iron bed, I had a fleeting thought that I should take pictures of the process.  My thought that no one would really be interested in the foundation was totally wrong!  Most of the comments I received on the bed were asking about the foundation, so I thought I would share a bit more about it. I have worked with  (read more …)

shoe cart reproduction

In case you missed them over the weekend, I listed a few more antique hemp sheets in the online shop!   So, remember this antique shoe cart I found and sold last fall?   It was such a neat piece and so functional to use for retail display.  It's lightweight, the shelves are removable (and can be configured in a variety of ways), and it can easily nestle over a dresser, so it doesn't take a up  (read more …)

controlling the studio chaos…

As you may have guessed from all of the furniture reveal posts lately (and there are still more to come), the studio is getting pretty full!  We have a lot of space (about 2500 square feet), but we have "areas" for different tasks...shipping, storage, sewing, a counter and our desks, workshop area, and a work/staging/photography area. I just realized as I'm typing this out that I should do a  (read more …)

building a mobile shop counter

A few of you noticed the counter in the background of the cleaning cart turned kitchen cart post... It is actually a counter I designed and Jeff built for me!  I wanted a counter that had a vintage look and feel, but would be mobile and reasonably lightweight to take to the Lucketts Spring Market and any other future events.  While I would love another large, antique counter, they are usually  (read more …)

oak buffet in-the-works

Last week, a reader left a comment asking for me to show more behind-the-scenes pictures.  It was a simple, polite request and it made me realize I don't do that as much as I used to.  I think I always feel like the pictures have to be pretty, "Pin-worthy" images that will be liked and shared.  Pinterest, Instagram and the infamous Facebook algorithm really changed what bloggers (on the whole)  (read more …)

the studio is full of possibilities

  I was down to just a few things in my to-do stash and that lasted for about two minutes. Kriste and I went shopping on Monday and brought home some great pieces AND my dad scored a few things on craigslist AND I received a few shipments.  You know when you get home from the grocery store and dump all of your bags on the kitchen floor?  Now, imagine that with furniture and boxes and bags of  (read more …)