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cottages & bungalows photo shoot


Last fall, I received an e-mail I wasn't expecting.  I had worked with Cottages & Bungalows for years as a contributor to their DIY essentials column, but when the editor asked me to work for them as a photographer and stylist, it was a total surprise. I felt like I could do it, but I was really, really intimidated. I have had photographers come to shoot my house before and they had so much  (read more …)

how my business began | part 4 | finding my niche


My business was only a few weeks old and, after a craft show failure, I found a shop willing to sell my hand painted ornaments and, even more exciting than that, the owner was willing to accept my painted furniture and antiques on consignment. It was the first opportunity I had at a somewhat steady income stream. I decided to take the "shotgun approach" and scoured my house for anything and  (read more …)

business, blogging & balance


In a recent comment, Cami made a request. "I for one, would love to hear you talk about balancing a blogging career with kids and family.  I'm just getting mine rolling and I feel so overwhelmed at times.  You've been going at this longer and I would love to hear your ups and downs and ways to manage it all.  Balance.  The great juggling act of life! ;)  Thanks for all your words!" Oh, Cami.  (read more …)

how my business began | part 3 | now I’m an entrepreneur…


As far as degrees go, I probably have one of the most useless degrees when it comes to preparation for the business world. I have a degree in Musical Theatre. My class schedule sort of looked like Fame.  I went from tap to private voice lessons to costume design to acting.  My backpack was filled with ballet shoes, leg warmers, scripts and a music binder. When I decided on that degree, it was  (read more …)

how my business began | part 2 | the name


If you missed part 1, read that first HERE., I had made the decision to join the ranks of the "mom-prenuers."  My mind was fixed on it and I felt a strong pull in that direction. (Jeff said that he will write a post sharing his perspective of things, but for now, I'll say that he was supportive of me, but he didn't think it would work at all.  Of course, he didn't say that at the time.  He  (read more …)

how my business began | part 1


I've shared about my business before and how it all began, but I haven't shared the entire story. ...and it's time that I do. So, let's go back to 2008.  I was a youth pastor's wife/stay-at-home mom of a 2 month old and 17 month old.  The story of my life was diapers and bottles.  And for someone who isn't a "baby person", it was really hard at times.  On top of the strain that comes with little  (read more …)

BHG Kitchen Photo Shoot


Two whole years ago, a stylist and photographer came to my home to photograph my kitchen for the Better Homes & Gardens special interest publication "Kitchen + Bath Makeovers."  I was beginning to think the shoot ended up on the cutting room floor, but then it appeared in the Spring 2015 issue! ...and now that it's out in the world, I can finally share the details of the photo shoot. It's  (read more …)

Lucketts lessons learned


Lucketts was a whole new ballgame this year.  Not only was it extended to three days, with a VIP day on Friday, but the hours were longer.  As I was preparing, I knew I needed to fill my booth like I never had before, so it wouldn't look pathetic on Saturday after the Friday shoppers hit it.  So, my preparations were more focused and intense than they had ever been. It all started back in March  (read more …)