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adding storage to a tiny bathroom

Remember the upstairs bathroom that I worked on last year?  It is just the sweetest bathroom and I smile every time I walk past it...even with toothpaste globbed in the sink and splattered on the mirror. The only downside is that it is really tiny and doesn't have any storage.  None at all.  Not a cabinet or shelf or hooks or anything.  And, with a pedestal sink, there aren't many places to set  (read more …)

evolution of my home | part 7 | the three bathrooms

And now it's time for part seven of the history-of-my-home tour when we look at all three bathrooms in my house. Let's start with the upstairs bathroom... This is the bathroom that's next to the boys' room and guest room and it's in the original 1940's part of our home.  It is teeny-tiny by todays standards.  I think there's no more than about 6" between the toilet and the tub and you can  (read more …)

latest tutorials…

I've been cramming a lot of work into just a few weeks and I've only shared a part of it here on the blog.  It's just the way deadlines, events, trips and things in my schedule stacked up, but I have one more big thing to get through and then my schedule opens up a bit.  Of course, I'm already planning to schedule more workshops and there are a few new projects I'd like to get off the ground, but  (read more …)

a quilt, a step stool & a trip

We had a beautiful sunny weekend that was warm with a cool breeze and it put me in the mood to freshen up a few things around the house.  (I would've loved to go on a hike or have a picnic at a playground, but the Parsons' boys were all sick, so my "playtime" had to be around the house.)  Anyway, I don't really decorate for the seasons, but I do like changing around accessories and decor to suit  (read more …)

upstairs bath progress

I finished the wall paper mural in the upstairs bath last week and I've been bursting to take a picture of it to share!  I've just been really busy and didn't have the chance until yesterday afternoon.  The bathroom still isn't done, but it's far enough along that you can get the idea. This bathroom is teeny tiny, so I decided to take some risks.  HGTV asked if I would write a tutorial on hanging  (read more …)

wood lovers, eat your hearts out

Thanks for all of the great comments on the family gallery I am working on and wrote about yesterday.  My mom and I worked on hanging the pictures tonight, so I'll share photos of that soon. I also will write/film a tutorial on how I cut mats. Today, I have a treat for wood lovers.  I know some of you out there take issue with certain pieces I paint, but the thing is, I'm a wood lover, too!  I  (read more …)

the upstairs bathroom…

Before we step into the tiny upstairs 1940's bathroom, I thought I would answer a question that several readers asked -  Why haven't you painted the doors in your house?   When we first moved in, all of the trim and doors in the house were glossy, orange pine.  It was too dark and too much for me, so I mustered up the courage and painted it all white. It made a huge difference and I'm so  (read more …)