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Room Refresh & Renew with Birch Lane

I have shared in the past that rugs are my nemesis when it comes to decorating.  It's just so hard to find a rug that works with everything happening in a room.  I threw in the towel and had pretty much all jute and seagrass rugs in the house.  I love the look of them and I have found certain styles that feel comfortable underfoot, but the one that was in our bedroom was not one of those.  It was  (read more …)

Christmas Master Bedroom 2016

Friday was a productive day working at home.  I had a lot of little things I needed to catch up on and check off the to-do list and I wanted to get some more Christmas decorating done.  So, I bounced between doing things I needed to do and things I wanted to do and was able to make some nice progress in both categories. One thing I completed was the Christmas decorating in our bedroom.  I used to  (read more …)

master bedroom nightstands

I don't show a ton of the goings-on in my house these days largely because there's not a lot happening as far as home improvements or decorating changes are concerned.  We are transitioning the guest room to Calvin's room, but other than that, things have pretty much stayed the same. We are changing a few things up, though, and I must say that it's been refreshing for me.  I love making tweaks  (read more …)

master bedroom Christmas decorating

I don't decorate every single room in the house for Christmas, but our master bedroom is right off the family room, so I like to bring a few festive touches in the room. I decorated the room pretty much as I did last year.  I don't feel like I have to keep things the same, but I also don't feel like I have to change what looked really pretty the previous year. My dress form is wearing an  (read more …)

the most popular horse in blogland

You know when you're out shopping and you find a little gem?  Something that screams out at you to buy it.  It speaks to you. Well, I was rummaging around in the somewhat ransacked Christmas section of TJ Maxx and I spotted this sweet wooden horse, just one, with a red bridle and saddle and the sweetest shape.  I think it was $25.  I grabbed it up without hesitation and immediately imagined it  (read more …)

room reset challenge | part 3 | making lists

In part two of the room reset, we were playing with our stuff.  Like our room is one in a dollhouse and we're moving around the pieces until we like it.  Adding some things, taking away others, assessing the space and trying to think outside of the box.  This is about using as much of what you have to make this room what you want it to be. Now, it's time for part three.  Making lists.  I  (read more …)

hanging plates & swapping chairs

Today, I was supposed to be taking out the toilet in the upstairs bathroom with my dad in order to get things ready for the floor to be tiled.  Well, if you're in the northeast, you know that it's been brutally cold and there was some snow to boot, so the tiling had to be delayed until the temperature at least flirting with going above freezing. So, the toilet stayed put and I needed to shift  (read more …)

Christmas decorating | master bedroom

I bought some greenery over the weekend (and clipped some from obliging trees as well) and we picked up the Parsons' family Christmas tree yesterday.  The intention was to have it all decorated by the evening, but that didn't happen.  As soon as we got the tree in the room, I realized it was the largest tree we've ever had.  The diameter at the base is almost six feet and it is very full!  We had  (read more …)